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My sister Hope taught my cat Murphy to play dead for a bit of meat.

It usually takes him much longer to do it, but he must have been hungry. He'll do this for any kind of meat. We give him bits of chicken, pork steak, beef... Just so happened I had a hot dog handy. Yes, I'm sure hot dogs aren't good for cats.


May. 7th, 2011 01:34 pm
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We put Taffy down today. It was my decision. I feel like a monster.

She was old, so old, and she hasn't been doing well. Hasn't been doing well for a long time. She was probably in pain every waking moment. It was time to let her go.

I still feel horrible. And at the same time, relieved. Which just makes it worse. I don't have to worry about her anymore and... That's good? I don't know. I'm crying right now.

Stupid cat.
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I'm leaving! I will be gone until Sunday. I know I have also been somewhat absent lately. There's a still a story on my birthday meme that I haven't finished reading yet and that's sad. :( I spent the past few days writing my mini-bang, then sleeping a lot. Also gnashing my teeth about the Airbender movie. I want to post about that, and I will when I get back.

For now, have some kitty pics! Murphy has gotten SO MUCH fatter since we got him. (This is a good thing.)

Who's my roly poly puddin'? MURPHY. )
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He REAAAALLY likes sitting on my shoulders.


Jun. 29th, 2010 10:33 pm
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I'm sorry, you guys. I really need to do a proper thank you post for all the wonderful birthday things that have happened to me. There are amazing new ficlets posted on my birthday meme that I need to read and reply to, and I need to update the master list, and tell you about what I did last night because it was awesome, but.

Our internet here at home is being infuriatingly slow. Also. I have a new kitten.

His name is Murphy and he is tiny and clingy and as I type this he is lounging over my shoulder purring his heart out.

Apparently telling my parents multiple times that I really can't think of anything I want for my birthday makes them go "kitten" somehow. Whoda thunk.

So yeah. There will be pictures and posts later.
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Food? Do you have food? Do you have candy? Do you have chocolate? Let me lick you! Let me lick you everywhere! Yes, yes, rub my ears, RUBBBB THEEMMMMMM. Yessssss.

Do you have food?


Nov. 19th, 2009 12:11 pm
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This squeaky hamster is making me oh so happy today. ♥
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Me: *is holding a bowl with some traces of caramel sauce, Sebastian-rattie sitting on my shoulder*
Sebastian: *stares at interesting wall, turns in nervous circle with claws digging into tender girl skin. Does not sit still*
Me: Would you like some caramel, Sebastian-rattie? *tips bowl toward him*
Sebastian: *descends to lap, waddling like geriatric little fattie he is*
Me: *offers caramel bowl*
Sebastian: *sneezes*
Me: Sebastian! I just offered you a gift of caramel, and you sneezed! That is no way to respond to the gift of caramel! It is nothing to sneeze at!
Sebastian: *stares at interesting wall*
Me: Here, try it. *gets some caramel on finger and holds before pink rattie nose*
Sebastian: *noms*
Me: That's what I thought.
Sebastian: *stares at interesting wall, then lumbers away to harass Taffy-cat*
Taffy: *hisses, goes back to sleep*
Me: I miss my mice. They would just fall asleep on my shoulder and be all sweet and nice and cute. You have sharp claws, my rattie. And Taffy bites me all the frickin' time.
Sebastian: *ignores*
Taffy: *ignores*
Me: *sighs*
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boring life stuff )

Oh and also, I haven't been reading as much lately as I would like to. My flist has been posting all kinds of goodies that I really, really want to read, and I will get to them, I will, I really want to. But in the meantime, there is one WIP that I am following with great eagerness, always delighted at every. single. update. I know I've gotten kind of a reputation in the SPN fandom for being a purveyor of all things cute and fluffy (which I don't mind, really, even though I tend to write all kinds of darkfic in my head), but srsly, you guys, this is better.

It's The Wellspring by [ profile] scourgeofeurope, a Dark Angel/Supernatural crossover in which Dean and Sam come across a tiny smartass in a barn happens, is the best explanation. I adore this fic with every bone in my body, including the tiny ones in my ears that have nothing to do with reading fanfiction.

So yeah, if you get sick of waiting for an update on Mouths? Go read that. It's worth it. And the fact of its WIPness is actually sort of a delight, because you know you have something awesome to look forward to, and she also updates pretty regularly, so you know, that's good.


May. 23rd, 2009 08:05 am
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1. Ah, so I totally lied about not doing anything with my new twitter account. I've been posting there every day. Random stuff, mostly, but I find it amusing. It's a good outlet for those little bursts of frustration or glee that don't merit an actual blog post. F'r instance:

about 10 hours ago from web

about 10 hours ago from web

I understand now why people like it.

2. Still pondering what to do in the next chapter of Mouths. It could go a number of ways. Also have at least two other stories that I want to write. But yeah, the computer problems have not gone away. Typing is still kind of a pain. I've just been watching a lot of TV on my computer, mostly. Criminal Minds, right now. How did I not know how awesome this show is?

3. Saw the new Terminator, and I desperately want a teen!Kyle of my own. As well as a Spencer Reid. (OMG, would that work as a crossover of any kind???)

4. Bartleby will NOT stop eating Taffy's cat food. Silly rat. I tried to shut him up in his cage (usually let him run around) and he figured a way out, and now he is just sitting there by the food bowl, eating and staring at me with his adorable face as if to say "HA HA YOU CAN'T STOP ME." And Taffy is just sitting there staring at him, of course, because she's a big wuss and was even afraid of my pet MICE, never mind my rats. Oh, pets.

5. When I got home from my morning job just now, had a short chat with my parents. My dad just finished reading the fourth Harry Potter book and he was trying to tell me about that scene where Mrs. Weasley was comforting Harry, being the closest thing he ever had to a mother, and my dad, aww, he was getting all choked up and wibbly and it was so sweet. Dad does NOT get emotional about fiction very often. But yes, I agree, Harry so richly deserves a family, and that part was lovely, and also with Bill and Charlie being like older brothers to him and him giving the gold to Fred and George and... Ah, cripes, I'm getting choked up now myself. Totally bawled when I read that the first time.

Despite the issues I have with HP, there's some really good stuff in there, and the value of relationships is one.
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Via [ profile] tahirire, there's a bill up before congress in just a few days that will restrict the sale, breeding, and transportation of virtually all pets (the "non-native" ones) except for cats, dogs, and goldfish, until each species is "investigated" and put on a "safe" list. It's utterly ridiculous.

This includes hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, just about all aquarium fish, most birds and snakes. And, I mean, even pet rats (Norway rats, most of 'em) aren't native. (Though maybe mice will be okay? I don't know.) AGH. Yeah, maybe some of this needs to be controlled and investigated, but this is NOT THE WAY TO DO IT. As I write this my dear little Bartleby is sleeping pressed up against the small of my back, and just...WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO TAKE THAT AWAY?

This is why I'm libertarian.

Check out tahirire's post for more information and links where you can protest.

Stupid gubmint.
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So hey, I will complain about the weather too.

Well, more like I will complain about the storm yesterday afternoon, which dumped several inches of snow and ice on my stupid city. The problem is, you see, that we dummies here in northern Indiana are used to there being snow, and then a thaw, and then some more snow, and then another thaw, on and on and on. It's the way it usually goes, since we're right under the Gulf Stream and all. But this also means that people are lazy and don't take time to figure out how to deal with snow and stuff because hey, it'll be gone next week, right? So our snow removal services are far from the best, and people go kind of nuts at stuff that would have people in Michigan, just an hour north, going, "Huh. Looks like it's that time again, eh chaps?" "Righto." And then dropping salt bombs or something. Whatever.

MOAR WHINING (and also new pets YAY) )
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So yeah, that little MouseHunt fic I posted a little while ago? Totally won the writing competition I wrote it for, and I indeed got some phat lootz. Yes, it is virtual gold in a virtual game (and virtual cheese...LOTS of virtual cheese), but it's my virtual gold in my virtual game, and I am ridiculously pleased.

I have also promised to write more, because apparently now I have fans.

Why can't I sell my original fic, when my fanfic always goes over so well, even stuff that I only spent like fifteen minutes on? Oh, it's a mystery.

In other news, my Wallace rat has just chased my Taffy cat off the couch. He just slowly approached her, and she reared up a little and stared for a bit, then lightly hopped away, as if to say (with her butt), "You don't scare me, you really don't--I'm only leaving because I want to. Really."
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I'm putting this here because they are named after SGA characters. That's the only reason. It has nothing to do with writing, but I suppose it is a measure of my fannishness. (Also, I named a mouse Shiny when I was heavily into Firefly. But she is. Shiny, I mean.)

Embedding objects doesn't seem to work here, so I give you a link, which you can follow if you so desire.

If you were wondering, Kavanagh is the one who picks on the other two. Only off camera, though. He's quite sweet in person, and never questions my authority or decision-making process.

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