Mice win!

Nov. 8th, 2009 03:05 pm
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Awww, The Tale of Teenie Weenie Deanie won a fic award!


Dean totally looks big enough to be a chinchilla, but look how adorable! Awwwww. Banner links to fic, if you can't remember which one it is or you've never read it.


Oct. 27th, 2009 05:13 pm
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Bebe meece piccies!

They're so gorgeous! Oh, I miss having mice.


Aug. 22nd, 2009 01:29 pm
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Darn it, I think I'm getting sicker. I've had an ear infection for too long and I finally went to the clinic and got a prescription and I've been on it for a whole day now, four doses (generic keflex, good stuff), and yet today I feel WORSE. Headache, sore throat, dizziness...wtf, me?

So anyway. From the lovely [livejournal.com profile] pdragon76:

1. Leave me a comment saying anything random, like your favorite lyric to your current favorite song.
2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

her questions here )
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Teenie Deanie, Wee!Sam, and Mini!Cas. For your viewing pleasure, I even managed to capture Dean laying across Castiel at one point. ♥ At the end of the vid was a nice shot of Dean showing off his mousie harbls, but for some reason YouTube cut that off. :(

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It's just, awww, poor bebe. I checked on Mini!Cas this morning and he's still fine, but wow, that poor little eye is all swollen shut, and those are definitely bruises on his teeny tiny face. It's sort of adorable and heartbreaking at the same time...I don't even know how that works. ::melts:: He looks like a little bitty survivor of domestic abuse. And yes, Teenie Deanie has been cuddling with him rather a lot, even laying on top of him in what is clearly a protective mousy way.

And now I feel a strange compulsion to read a fic where Castiel has a black eye and Dean gets all upset and angry and "Who did that to you?!" and growly mad, and that doesn't even make sense.


Feb. 18th, 2009 10:28 pm
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Well, against all odds, it looks like Mini!Cas is going to be just fine. He has, like, a mousie black eye, and some bruises on that side of his face, but he's active and eating and has been running on his wheel, even, so I think he's okay. Pretty light, considering he could have had a broken neck, poor baby.

He's currently snuggling with Teenie Deanie in their wee house. (It has two stories and a red roof, for the curious.)


Feb. 18th, 2009 01:36 pm
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I accidentally stepped on one of my pet mice today. AGH.

I have these three little boys, right, brothers, born after my obsession with SPN started, two brown and one white, so their names are Teenie Deanie, Wee!Sam, and Mini!Cas. Mini!Cas has deformed feet, probably from a birth defect, so he has a little trouble moving around and can't grip and climb the way the others can. He's such a sweetie though, really enjoys being held, bruxes all the time when he gets attention.

I was working in my kitchen and had the three of them on my shoulders, as I sometimes like holding some of my mice while I'm working, and I heard this little thump right before I took a step back and then felt something warm and small under my foot...

And OHNOES, man, I stepped on Mini!Cas. D: D: D:

I don't know how, but he might actually be okay, I'm not sure. There wasn't any blood and he's moving around, so no spinal injuries, and he bruxed a bunch when I picked him up, but he's not moving very much. I don't know, I don't know. Maybe he just needs to rest. But I feel so awful. And there's no way I can afford a vet right now, even if they would be able to help. Mice are so tiny that sometimes there's just nothing you can do.

Poor tiny Castiel. Gah.
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I can now post annoying crappy videos of my pets WHENEVER I WANT.

::cackles some more::

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Stuff has been happening, and oh, I could tell you stories, but I've been much too busy writing my surprise!epic kidfic to blog about daily things. So just:

I have changed my layout to be more snow-like. I have yet to find a layout that suits me really well, and I'm too lazy to figure out how to customize. Le sigh. So yes, I change my layout every now and again.

I am almost done with holiday shopping.

I spent a significant amount of time with my family on Sunday--and at my CHURCH, TOO--and did not explode, though I did get antsy and skip out early because I am a wuss.

There was an ice storm on my city. Many people are without power, and may continue to be without power until as late as this Friday. Suckitude, man. I was lucky and did not lose power once, but I feel bad for those who did.

Little Holly and Ivy are INCREDIBLY TAME after only a few days of holding them rather a lot. I am somewhat shocked. Pet store mice almost never get this tame, and it happened with these two almost immediately. ::snuggles them carefully:: Also, I am slowly training my Wallace rat to be a snuggler. He resists, but I am firm. YOU MUST BE A SNUGGLER, LITTLE RAT. I DEMAND IT. It's got to the point where he'll just sit in my hands and brux and groom me for a few minutes at a time, but I'm working up to longer.

Also, yes, the end of Entertaining Angels is upon us, and I can hardly think about anything else. I think the last chapter and epilogue will be written today, and then there will be an alternate ending posted tomorrow, so I can have another 'verse. Because I both need and want this to be a 'verse, and it appears that at least five other people want it, too. And then I will start working on those commentfics I promised, so yeah, those will probably be New Year's gifts instead of Christmas gifts.

I'm going to have to catch up on comments somewhat later, sorry.
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So hey, I will complain about the weather too.

Well, more like I will complain about the storm yesterday afternoon, which dumped several inches of snow and ice on my stupid city. The problem is, you see, that we dummies here in northern Indiana are used to there being snow, and then a thaw, and then some more snow, and then another thaw, on and on and on. It's the way it usually goes, since we're right under the Gulf Stream and all. But this also means that people are lazy and don't take time to figure out how to deal with snow and stuff because hey, it'll be gone next week, right? So our snow removal services are far from the best, and people go kind of nuts at stuff that would have people in Michigan, just an hour north, going, "Huh. Looks like it's that time again, eh chaps?" "Righto." And then dropping salt bombs or something. Whatever.

MOAR WHINING (and also new pets YAY) )
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1. I have now beaten Guitar Hero World Tour with my primary band (Baby Face McGee) on both guitar and bass at medium difficulty. And Muse's "Assassin" on bass 100% on the first try, beetchez! 617 note streak! w00t! \o/ I ROCK! Guitar Hero told me so and Guitar Hero doesn't lie.

Now I need to unpack that freaking intimidating drum kit and learn how to play it.

2. I am SO glad that I wrote that story about peanut butter sandwiches, because one of the commenters turned me on to the possibilities of cherry preserves with creamy peanut butter, and it is UNBELIEVABLY good. Nom nom nom nom nom. I not quite sure why it never occurred to me to buy more different kinds of jam than just strawberry, raspberry and apricot, but it hadn't. That was what we always had growing up, so I was used to them and thought them delicious (still do, of course). But now, with all of the many things people pointed out to me, and because I buy my own groceries now, I have been branching out.


3. Both of my D&D groups are awesome. My Monday night group is starting to do official-type stuff so we can play with leveled characters at cons and such, so I made a new halfling rogue for a Forgotten Realms campaign. Her name is Tufi Fernwild (I think this is the bestest halfling name evar) and she got a little crazy when telling a story about a glass bunny on Monday night. I have decided that she is very excitable and her voice goes high-pitched sometimes, so this will be very fun to play. My Thursday night group, which I DM, continues to be very good at coming up with creative ways to avoid encounters that I had planned for them. :D Perfectly in character and very clever, of course, so they get massive story XP. ::hugs them all::

4. Those four baby mice I mentioned having a while back? Three are boys, two brown and a white, and one of the brown is a slightly lighter brown color than the other. So their names are, of course, Dean, Sam, and Castiel. YES! I have my very own teenie Deanie, Sammy mouse, and mini!Cas. They are adorable and fluffy and I really need to get a camera so I can post pictures.

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Here are a couple of pics of Teenie Weenie Deanie in Jenny's hand. :)

Look at that pretty brown fur! )
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Ack, I am being spammy again. But what are weekends for, right? Anyway, three things that I am absolutely in love with right at this moment.

1. Frozen strawberries that have melted and then re-frozen so that they are all in this giant bar out of the bag that takes a long time to suck and chew and savor and...nom nom nom nom. Best Saturday supper ever. My ratties also went nuts over some frozen strawberry bits, though the mice seem unamused.

2. This song: http://www.imeem.com/neverneverland/music/gkAyWw39/the_real_tuesday_weld_i_believe/. Did I mention that I also like zydeco music? I have broad tastes.

3. Dexter. I have the first season and I am slowly working my way through it, and...I am bowled over. Oh my word. The plots. The characters. The intersecting relationships, the slow, leisurely revelations that cast everything in new light. No one truly evil, no one truly good, just people, and I love them all. And by everything that's holy, the CINEMATOGRAPHY. The lighting, the detail, the richness, the Miaminess of it all. I feel like I know what it is to live in that city now, the heat and color and culture, the wonder and the sleaziness and the danger. ::shivers:: Beyond beautiful.


Oct. 22nd, 2008 07:52 pm
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My DVDs have arrived! ::gloats over them, stroking the shiny, shiny covers with a single finger:: Now I have Season 1, and Season 2, and Season 3. ::gloats some more:: I have many, many vid ideas, including one for a JACKNDEAN! crossover vid. It will be very cool, but I need to watch a bunch of SG-1 to find good Jack clips. Such a hardship. I'll deal, somehow.

Bought more icon space, so I've been scampering around the internet like a giggly child, finding more shinies. I love my Xlormp quote icons. What's great though is that now when I see an awesome icon, I don't have to think about what I have to get rid of in order to make room for it, and then sorrowfully decide that I just can't make room. I can just grab it and add it! ::glee:: And I intend to do it quite slowly, so I will ALWAYS have more space. Yes, I am aware that this plan is destined for failure.

Bebe mice are very, very tame. While watching TV or reading long fics I will put my hand in their cage, conveniently near the couch, and let it rest palm-up on the litter, and in seconds I'll have a handful of little mice crawling all over my hand, sniffing my fingers, trying to groom me. Even the older mice are quite tame, but the babies are amazing. They're just so teeny, they feel like nothing at all when they walk on me. Like bitty warm snowflakes. ::is a pile of mush::

I am writing things, including a humor piece and more JacknDean stories, but I don't know when they'll be done. I've been reading a lot of big bang fics lately. I also need to make another author rec post, because I've found some awesome ones.
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Eyes are open now! ::bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce::

They look pretty much exactly like the second picture on this webpage: http://thefunmouse.com/fun/cute.cfm

And also quite a bit like the mice in this video, just a smidge younger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MHwEQm1AfY

Except that they are very, very, very tame, and will sit in my hand and sleep all curled up and groom themselves while sitting on my finger. (Mice grooming while they sit on you is a good indication that they are very friendly and comfortable with you.)

So yes! My baby mice are awesome.
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Just came back from a wonderful evening with friends. We had ribs and played D&D and were very very random, as usual. And I drank three cans of soda, including one with caffeine, which I almost never do, so I'm a little wired right now.

Also! I sorta kinda cleaned my car a little, and found one of my amazon.com gift certificates. (I get them for using my credit card.) And I already had another one in a drawer, waiting for a good use. So, fifty bucks! YAY. I finally ordered those DVDs I've been wanting. You know the ones. :)

Also, I have four little baby mice! SO HAPPY. They are not quite two weeks old, so they're a little smaller than the babies in my icon, there. Fully furred, but their eyes aren't open yet. I've been holding them a lot so they'll be tame, and they're ridiculously cute. I mean, RIDICULOUSLY. Two white and two brown, and it looks they might all be boys, but that's okay. I have a bunch of empty cages since I've lost so many mice in the past few months, so there's room for all. They're already at the popcorn stage, hopping around and exploring, nuzzling with their weeny noses and cleaning their faces with their teeny little paws and wiggling around to find warm spots and scritching their wee bellies with their tiny back feet and just... d'awwww. They kill me.

These are not Cookie's babies, like I'd been hoping--she seems to be infertile, which makes me sad. Little Juliet is the mother, which I was totally not expecting--she's so permanently small that I figured she was the one who was infertile, so I had put her in with an older buck to keep him company. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that her teeny little tummy was starting to swell. (Not that I was upset, at all. HAPPY ACCIDENT.) I was worried that she would have problems carrying a litter, being so little herself, but it seems to have gone fine. She's in with Cassandra, a bigger female who is helping nurse the babies. There was at least one runt who didn't make it, but these four are going strong. It makes me all kinds of happy. (The only real problem is that I keep forgetting Juliet's name and calling her "Tiny Mama" instead, because I get all gibbery when I look at her, seeming barely bigger than her babes.)

BABY MICE! They are sooooooo cute.
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My sweet little baby Chai died sometime between last night and this morning. She's the white mouse in the icon there, sleeping with her buddy, Shiny. I'm not sure how old Chai was, since I got her at a pet store, but it was old. More than two years, for sure. Toward the end she was just so terribly thin and shaky, and I knew that her time was coming. I held her tiny, bony body in my hands and tried to offer some comfort, but Chai was always uncomfortable with humans, so she seemed happier with her cagemate. And yeah, this morning I found her cold little body, curled up in her box. At least she went in her sleep.

I've lost a bunch of my older mice in the past few weeks. Not long ago I had thirteen. Now I have seven. This is okay, it's life, and I have younger mice to love, and my ratties, and I'm planning on breeding Cornelius and Cookie. (They will have gorgeous, friendly little brown babes, I have no doubt. It's been a long time since I've had babies and I miss them.)

But yeah. Chai was my oldest. I had her back when I still lived with my parents. The mice I have now, almost all of them were born in my apartment. Just another tie severed, it feels like.

Sleep well, Chai. You and Astara and Shiny have fun, wherever you are.
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Discovered something else about rats--like kittens, they will play with dangly string. I first found this out when I wore a shirt that had a little leather lacing at the neck that you could pull and loosen. Soon as I took Wallace out of his cage that night, he went straight for the dangly string and pulled it just as tight as he could, then tried to run away with it back to his hidey place. Since then I have lured him with ribbons and other things. He is a doof. Sebastian is not quite as eager to play, but he does seem mildly intrigued by the floaty things I wiggle in front of his little face.

Also, Wallace has figured out that he can hop down from the couch to the floor with very little trouble, and then go exploring while I make exasperated noises and beg him to come back. I wouldn't mind that he free ranges, really--I'm just a little worried about him chewing on electric cords. I have many of these snaking about my living room--three from the laptop, half a dozen around the TV, more on the Verizon wireless thingy.... And I imagine they'd be rather expensive to replace.

I need to find some way of containing him. Mice are easy--they don't like mint, so if I have a mouse who likes to try on a teeny weeny Steve McQueen hat, all I have to do is sprinkle some peppermint extract in strategic places, and it won't try to get away. Is there something that affects rats like that? I wonder...

I do have a foolproof method of catching Wallace, though. All I have to do is lay down in my bed and turn off the lights, and not long after, I'll hear the pitter patter of tiny feet, followed swiftly by Wallace climbing under my chin and trying to nibble my face off. He is incorrigible.

And lovely. Did I mention lovely? He's sitting on my shoulder as I type this, having climbed up there of his own accord, and is now surveying his domain with the self-assurance of a bitty rodent king. Oh, Wally, Wally, you leave me speechless with adoration.
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Well, I went and upgraded to a Paid Account, and now I need to make/find/request some icons, because I am a geek. I made the above icon, and a Remy one, from internet pics, but for some reason LJ won't let me make one from one of my favorite photos of my own mice:


I also need some good Supernatural, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Battlestar Galactica, and, um, I dunno. All of a sudden my brain doesn't know where to go. I'm probably going to end up ganking a bunch from nomadicwriter, because I really like his/her style (and sense of humor).

Any pointers on where to find some good icons? I did a few google searches, but they all seemed rather haphazard.

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