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Cannot decide if I love or hate the new Glee character.

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And yeah. That's my life in the past little while.
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also, caught up, and omg they killed Kenny Misha Charlie Sheen whut.

The most I have been writing lately is RPG stuff. Maybe more on that latter. Mostly I have been annoyed by RL things like medical problems, especially my keratoconus which has been particularly aggravating lately like agh, EYES WHY WON'T YOU WORK. Watching TV and playing Xbox is more fun than reading and writing at the moment. And continuing indefinitely, until, you know, cornea transplants or something. Stupid keratoconus. I hate it.
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My birthday is next Monday. I am tempted to do like [ profile] roque_clasique and make a commentfic meme in my own honor. Hmm. Maybe I'll just list some prompts for anyone who feels like making me a present. I'm in a self-indulgent mood.

Not really looking forward to it IRL. I miss being a little kid when every birthday was wonderful and the days were counted down from weeks ahead of time. Now I'm just like, "What? Oh, it's already in the twenties of June. Birthday coming, what ho." I'll be twenty-seven.

I would sort of like to take the day off and try to cook something with those wonderfully fragrant vanilla bean pods I found. Mmm. They smell so good. I ♥ vanilla. Other than that, I couldn't think of anything to tell my dad when he asked what I wanted for my birthday. I know I can't have what I really want (Bartleby and Leo back from the dead, or at the very least replacement rodents), so...yeah. I'm pathetic enough that I bought a couple of Zhu Zhu pets and cuddled them last night while watching Netflix.

At least Taffy is more willing to cuddle with me now that I don't smell of rats anymore. She's sleeping on my bed again. Which means, yay, getting smothered by cat fur sometimes. She's still a cranky old thing who doesn't like to be petted. I'm glad she's comfortable with me, though.

Being in a family of eight children does take some of the shine off birthdays, I think. We used to make more of a big deal of them than we do now. Now most of the kids are teenagers or older, so not as many toys for presents, and sometimes the birthday kid will be gone on the day itself, as [ profile] dickensgirl will be this year. (Last year I wrote her a fic, and I probably will again. She wants something with strawberries this time. And also Sam, of course, because she loves Sam. She won't see it till she gets back from her weekend camp though.)

This year we kind of missed Hope's birthday, or things didn't work out on the day of, so she ended up having several celebrations. I'm not sure how many cakes we ended up making for her on different weekends. It got to be kind of a running joke. "Hey, Hope, what kind of cake do you want for your birthday this time?" "I don't want another cake!" Hope is the gloomiest, least cheerful kid in our family, and nothing quite pleases her, not even multiple cakes. Yes, Hope is a pessimist. Ironic, I know.

Wow, this post is random.

Anyway. I like jello cake. I'll probably ending up making my own again, as I have for several years in a row. Doesn't bother me.

So, flist, list of prompts or a whole meme just for me?

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not guilty

Jun. 19th, 2010 11:58 am
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Rambly Disclaimer: I have seen this come up in multiple places, so this post is not aimed at any single person and please don't think that it is. If I don't comment to a lot of posts, sometimes it means that I've been reading and listening more than I've been talking or responding, because sometimes that's how I need to let my brain work. I've been reading a LOT over the past few days and not commenting much at all, so I apologize if I appear to have been silent anywhere, if you saw me on your My Guest list and I didn't say something about your serious post, anything like that. A lot of times when I go through these periods of listening and thinking I end up writing a post like this in order to articulate my thoughts in general, instead of responding to particular ideas and thoughts elsewhere. And sometimes I don't even post, but just keep thinking and cogitating and trying to understand.

But I do want to make this clear. None of what I have said in my journal or elsewhere has been motivated by guilt. Unless, of course, I am apologizing for a specific offense that I have made, I don't post or comment or speak out on these issues out of any sense of guilt.

When I apologized to my flist for the offense my favorite show gave in the episode "Hammer of the Gods", I did not feel guilty. I was not the one who wrote that episode, produced it, acted it, aired it. There was no reason for me to feel guilty. I was sorry that some of my friends had been hurt and offended by my show. I was sorry that I was in a privileged position where I did not feel offended, because privilege is a problem that we all have to deal with, whether we have it or not. I regretted that my friends were hurt and insulted. But I did not feel guilty.

It's funny how the idea of guilt often comes up in discussions like these. People speak disparagingly of "white guilt," as if that is all that is motivating white people to talk about racism. And I guess I could see the reason for that, if guilt really was the only motivation. Guilt implies a focus on self, that the "guilty" parties feel bad about themselves for whatever reason and are only speaking or posting or commenting in an effort to make themselves feel better, to get "cookies," approval, pats on the head. I can see how that would be off-putting, and I'm sure it happens. I can't see into anyone's hearts, though, so I can't say who is speaking out of guilt or not. I know you can't see into my heart, either.

So again, let me make this very, very clear. I have not chosen to talk about racism on my Livejournal because I feel guilty. I am aware of my privilege now in ways that I never was before, and I despise what it does to my nation, my community, my friends. But I do not feel guilty and this is not about me.

I also have not chosen to talk about this here because I enjoy making a fuss--nothing of the sort. I hate conflict in real life and everywhere--it literally makes me sick to my stomach. I spent most of yesterday feeling sick and dizzy over my last post, though I don't regret making it, and the comments there were polite and civilized. I just hate conflict THAT MUCH. From the time I first started posting here on Livejournal, this was meant to be my happy place. I've never been a wanker and I never wanted to bring that here.

This is not wank. Wank is silly and inconsequential and often hilarious to those who don't have my problems with conflict. (Even wank makes me sick to my stomach sometimes.) Wank is people complaining about the D/C Big Bang or going on ad nauseum about how Sam is better than Dean (or vice versa) or constructing ludicrous theories about how Castiel is ruining everything, everywhere, forever. This is not wank. This is serious business. It's deeply unfunny and not the least bit entertaining and it isn't fun at all.

So when I choose to bring SRS BSNS to this journal, it's because it's something that I feel very, very strongly about. When I ranted about the doctor who made me feel worthless for being fat. When I ranted about how victims of sexual assault should not be forced to break their anonymity. When I apologized for "Hammer of the Gods," even though it was not really my place to apologize. When I reposted comments about how the feelings of victims of racism deserve more consideration and respect than the feelings of people who commit an act of racism. All of these things are important to me and I felt like I HAD to say them.

Perhaps...perhaps I would have felt guilty if I had not said these things. Because if I had not spoken up on an issue that concerned me, that roused my emotions, that forced me to use my voice usually kept so quiet in the dark, I would have been denying a part of myself and my beliefs. And I have never done that here. But as it is, I feel no guilt.

Thank you for reading this. It's important to me and I felt a need to say it, and I'm always glad to know that someone is listening.
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For the interested, [ profile] jujuberry136 has good thoughts about those Season 6 Criminal Minds casting spoilers. Well, more like good rants. But I found them very articulate and thought-provoking and I agree with everything she said.

In her extremely excellent link round-up on the recent unfunny business, [ profile] amazonziti said something in this thread (which is also an excellent example of derailment) that really impressed me, and I felt compelled to share it here.

This incident is nothing like the first of its kind. These things tend to follow a pattern. A white person is racist -- usually unintentionally, but always hurtfully. A person of color points this out. The white person tries to shrug off personal responsibility. The person of color doesn't like that. And then all the bystanders take the white person's side -- certainly she was racist, but think about how she feels!

The idea that a white perpetrator of racism deserves as much empathy and consideration from me as a PoC victim of racism is absolutely preposterous, especially because there is never just one person of color who is harmed by an incident of racism. My attention and energy and feeling belong to the people who have been hurt, not the person who did the hurting and now wants comforting for how badly they feel.

The idea that I, as a person of color, am obliged to respond to hurtful, shocking, angering incidents of racism with patience and politeness is also preposterous. And offensive. All this sympathy you have for this racist white person who didn't mean to hurt anybody is sympathy wasted. What I hear you saying is that the hurt a person experiences as a consequence of being called out as racist is equivalent to, or trumps, the hurt a person experiences as a victim of racism.

I, as an anti-racist person of color, am not in fact obliged to spend my life making racist white people feel better about themselves. Nor am I obliged to guide them gently and inoffensively through a sanitized education on racism, anti-racism and white privilege. If you would like to spend your time doing this, rather than crying at me about how hard it is to be privileged, white and racist, you are more than welcome. I myself will be putting my energy into making people of color feel better about themselves, and making the internet safer for them.

Please take your tone argument and leave.

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I have spent the last two days stewing about the finale and making a fanmix, because that's what I do when I'm too depressed/upset/blocked to write, I guess. I know for sure now that I really don't like the finale, at least the ending, but I'm not sure I can explain why even to myself. There might be a post on that later.

However: fanmix. The theme is "driving around the USA". I had to find sixteen songs to get over the forty-five minute mark, which is what I consider to be long enough to be a real fanmix/album and not just a collection of songs. I was wondering if one of the artists on my flist would be interested in making a cover? I was thinking the Impala, superimposed over a map of the lower forty-eight, with the title of the mix. Right now I'm thinking the title should be "I've Been Everywhere" or something like that, but maybe one of the other songs or lyrics is better? I might switch out the CAKE song. For a different CAKE song. Could go with "Satan Is My Motor" or "Wheels." (Not "Going the Distance," though, this is about traveling, not racing, and I already used "Stick Shifts and Safetybelts" in another mix. Wow, CAKE has a lot of car songs.)

Track List:

I've Been Everywhere - Johnny Cash
Rather Be Dead - W's
Pittsburgh Makes Me Drunk - Ceann
Race Car Ya-Yas - CAKE
Graceland - Paul Simon
Ramblin' Man - Allman Brothers Band
See the USA in Your Chevrolet - Dinah Shore
This Land Is Your Land - Woody Guthrie
Route 66 - The Rolling Stones
California Girls - The Beach Boys
Travelin' Man - Rick Nelson
48 States - Smalltown Poets
Lodi - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Ramble On - Led Zeppelin
Poor Wayfaring Stranger - Jed Marum
500 Miles - Peter, Paul & Mary
Gravity - Alison Krauss & Union Station
America - Simon & Garfunkel
It Was Beautiful - Five Iron Frenzy
America the Beautiful - Ray Charles

Edited to add songs. It's an hour long now, so that's probably good. Have a new title, too. "Like the Sky the Road Never Ends."
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Contains language of the non-wholesome sort.

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Been thinking about this for a long time. There have been various metas on comments, on giving and receiving them, what's polite, what isn't, whether authors ought to respond to every single one, whether readers should make a compliment sandwich for any constructive feedback, and so on and so forth.

So, here's my policy: If you want to comment, comment. If you don't want to comment, don't.

There, that was easy.

To clarify--I love comments. Holy doooooolllly do I love comments. I am an insecure feedback hoor and I treasure every single comment I get, even the ones that are nothing but a smiley face or WRITE MOAR PLZ. (Though of course long, detailed feedback is even better, and no YOU CANNOT WRITE TOO MUCH.) There's no such thing as too much love.

But, you know, if you don't have time to comment, or don't have anything particular to say, or you just forgot, that's okay. I forgive you without reservation. (I didn't even know it was you, anyway.) In fact, forgiveness is totally unnecessary, because there was no obligation.

I'm not sure how it happened, but I tend to get quite a few comments, at least for someone who writes nothing but gen. Sometimes it kind of freaks me out, how much attention I get, and I'm not sure how it happened. (THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD STOP, THOUGH.) Sometimes I love responding to all my comments, and sometimes I get a little overwhelmed and have to hide for awhile, and then I forget, because I'm a bad person and have been an awful, awful procrastinator since I was a teeny tiny girl. Also shy, even on the internet.

If there is any possibility at all that it might offend you if I happen to not ever reply to your comment (which is possible, though hopefully unlikely), don't comment. I don't want to hurt your feelings with my lack of thanks.


If you need to criticize me, do it. In a comment, in a PM, with or without a compliment sandwich. I will cry about these criticisms in my ice cream while watching Pixar movies and forcing one of my ratties to cuddle with me for pure comfort value (having ice cream nearby, even somewhat salted with tears, makes it pretty easy to force rats to cuddle with you), but I forgive easily, as already established, and I will seriously consider all critical feedback whether it's polite or not.

I just don't want anyone to be unhappy, okay? There, that's my policy.

So, once more, let me sum up:

If you want to comment, comment. If you don't want to comment, don't.

♥ and kisses,
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I wrote a lot of fanfic this year. It kept me sane in a lot of ways. Sixty-one posts marked fanfic on this journal, and I have at least a couple of commentfics that I never reposted here, plus some collaborations from the [ profile] spnwriterlounge Writer Olympics thing that I'm not sure how to quantify. I'm also not counting the bits of fic in my google documents that I wrote but never posted--have at least three partially finished stories in there.


And now the fic meme, amalgamated from several sources because I'm self-indulgent like that.

This gets long )

I'm in a very introspective and thinky mood right now, so I'll open this up for questions. If you've ever wondered something about my writing process, ask away. Or if you have questions about specific fics and 'verses, where they came from, where I think they're going, what changed along the way... Anything like that. Be prepared for a lot of vague mumbling and meandering explanations, though. I love writing and I can go on for a really, really long time if you get me started.

Like I said. Self-indulgent.
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Now that Big Bang is finally posted and that load is off my mind and I have a few hours free from my work, I'm, like, bouncing off the metaphorical walls. WHAT TO DOOO??? There are a bunch of Big Bangs I want to read, but which do I start with? [ profile] bellatemple's cracky masterpiece? [ profile] tahirire's SRSLY COOL one? [ profile] july_july_july's amazing-looking mythological one? Oh dear. And there are a bunch of things I need to write, but should I flip out on crack and fluff for a little as an antidote from the angsty, angsty Big Bang, or work on Sweet Charity or spn_summergen? WHAT WHAT WHAT.

I am slightly tempted to post a poll. But you know, it's kinda nice having options and no stress. For the moment.

I suppose I could always answer comments.
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Thanks to everyone who gave me wishes and sent me encouraging messages and bought me virtual gifts! You made turning twenty-six a delightful experience and I can't thank you enough. ♥ I don't even know if I could list them all, I got so many.

I'm not quite where I thought I would be at this point in my life. I didn't think I'd (still, again) be living in my parents' basement, struggling to pay my bills. I always hoped I would be a published novelist by now. At times I even flirted with the idea of possibly being married by now, but that obviously hasn't happened. Still, all around I have a lot of good things in my life, supportive family and wonderful friends, a hobby that brings me endless joy, plenty of talent if only I knew what to do with it. I've got rhythm, I've got music, I've got my SamnDeannImpalanCastiel, who could ask for anything more, right?

Good day with family. Went and saw Up, which is a beautiful movie in every way. It made me cry. Twice. That just doesn't happen. It made me a laugh a lot, too, which is always good. Then we had a great birthday supper with bratwurst (my favorite summer food) and jello cake and frozen custard for dessert, and my family had gotten me a Wii Fit. It's pretty fun so far, though I'm doing my best to ignore the outdated science and the obnoxious comments the game makes. I don't really care if I lose weight, but I DO want to be more fit, so I'm focusing on that. DDR makes me sweat more, though. I'm just sayin'. And it's less frustrating, though maybe I'll get better at the WF with practice.

And I got this awesome, awesome autographed picture of Meeeesha from [ profile] mymuseandi, which makes me very, very happy. (Okay, she sent it to me like weeks ago, but I only went and picked it up at the post office this week, so I'm totally counting it as a birthday present.)

pic here )
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I have been going back and reading all of my flisties' reactions to 4.19. (And I had to skip back 120! WTF? When did my flist get so big and so talkative? O.O) But anyway, I find them all faaaascinating, for reasons that my Big Bang betas will know. I didn't take the time to comment on anybody, but I just want to let you all know that you are amazing and I love your thinkinesses. ::group smish::

I NEED TO GET CAUGHT UP ON COMMENTS. More than 500 messages in my inbox. How did that happen? ::dies:: As soon as I finish Big Bang, I swear.

Because YES, I have finally gotten back into writing my BB. I was having some sort of mental block about it, I don't know. I was up to about seventeen thousand words a month and a half ago, and then I just sort of let it drop. Got distracted or busy or scared of what was coming next, I don't know. But I really need to get myself in gear now. It's hard, but I'm trying to make myself NOT go out and research every random question that occurs to me. And I'm also having to deny my compulsion to reread everything I write a dozen million times. It's part of what made me a good proofreader, but it's not useful right now. And yeah, I'm still afraid of failing, but I need to put on my big girl panties and get on with it. (A phrase that someone once used to sneer at me and tell me to get over being molested as a child and STOP BEING OFFENDED BY RAPE JOKES YOU HUMORLESS TWAT OMG. [paraphrased] And yeah, I was so done with that conversation then. It's still a good phrase, though.) But anyway. Onward and upward.

Oh, and I remembered something this morning. A long time ago someone private messaged me and asked me to beta for them, and I never answered, which I feel bad about. (And now I can't remember who it was and yeah, buried in the inbox.) I kept meaning to reply, but couldn't quite figure out how to say it or something. Cuz, see, I really don't think people should trust me as a beta. I've tried to do it in the past and failed completely at being responsible and all that stuff. I'm a good proofreader, yeah, but somehow I seem to freeze up when given someone's story. I don't know. So I'm sorry, I really do appreciate that you think I'd be a good beta, but I just don't trust myself to do it regularly. I can do it on occasion for a friend, when it's a one-off and something that I know I'd be good at, like a crossover where I'm familiar with both canons. But just...yeah. Don't trust me. I'm sorry.

And now, back to the story. I'm finally making some headway and I really need to keep up the momentum. Giving myself pep talks helps. One thing I keep telling myself is just how good it's going to feel to be finished, to not have this hanging over me anymore. A least three of my flisties have announced their victory over the 20,000 words in the past week, and it makes me awfully jealous. I just have to keep telling myself not to get bogged down. (NO, MAY, YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW WHICH WILDFLOWERS BLOOM IN AUGUST IN A CERTAIN MIDWEST STATE. CHECK IT LATER.)



Jan. 13th, 2009 05:01 pm
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GUYS. Google Docs is so awesome. Fo reals!

See, sometimes, I start thinking, with all this techy news I read for my work, about this or that development and marketing and business and everything. And I thought, you know, with the internet so ubiquitous, and since I have a good connection both at work and at home, it would be cool if I could just keep my fanfic WIPs in something like email, so I could work on it both at work and at home and not have to constantly email it to myself and copy and paste between processors, because that gets annoying and sometimes I forget to hit the send button. But keeping it just as a saved draft in an email box is inconvenient, because it doesn't have all the tools I need, not like a word processor. And while we're at it, if it's on the internet, it would be cool if I could have, like, a password, so if I wanted someone to beta it I could give them the password and they could come read it on the internet and leave comments and then I could check it later. That would be awesome. Or, if I didn't want them leaving comments, they could get, like, a read-only password, so they could see it but not touch. This would be good if I decide to do Big Bang, because I would like to have people read along and keep me enthusiastic, because without feedback I will probably start to second-guess absolutely everything I do, because I'm an insecure feedback whore. So that would be nice. I wonder what it would take to make something like that?

Well, you know what?


I'm so going to be using this forever now. Farewell, Microsoft Word! Your time has passed.
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I really like analyzing myself and my own writing, and I probably do it too much, but whatever. So when I see people on my flist doing it, that JUST ENCOURAGES me. So yeah.


More musing! )


Nov. 30th, 2008 09:26 am
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Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow!

Not even December yet and we're getting a lovely snow! It's coming down like rain outside, fast and small and numerous. There were a couple of other little snows earlier this fall, but they were light and didn't last. This one looks like it will stick. I wish I had a camera so I could show you guys a picture. It's all white and brown and beautiful outside.

The apartments where I live are situated around a pond, oblong and vaguely kidney-shaped, with a fountain at each end, and that's been frozen over long enough for it all to be a sheet of white now under the snow. The tree right outside my third-floor balcony still has leaves clinging, dark reddish brown, some branches even crouched over my railing like gossiping neighbors, and now the leaves all are draped with snow, too, like frosted cookies (though sadly inedible), the dark gray trunk behind and the clear white sky beyond it. The colors are all very harmonious and soothing. I could fall asleep looking at it. Everything is quiet and hushed. It hardly feels like a city at all. Oh, snowy Sunday morning, you are a lovely, lovely thing.

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So, ummmmm. I woke up at five am this morning and couldn't go back to sleep no matter how hard I tried, because there was this fic in me like burning, so I finally just got up and wrote it. "Dust Between," down there on the page. ::points:: Clicky clicky! I always think of CS Lewis's Till We Have Faces when I feel like this, how the protag (can't remember her name) really wanted to write her story down, and she felt like she was pregnant with book, and it just all fell out of her. I was pregnant with fic this morning.

So I wrote it, over three thousand words in just over four hours, and I was all proud and on a fic high for the rest of the day, and then I made myself a mojito, because I have rum and mojito mix. I dunno quite what I did, but I am definitely tipsy now, as well as punchy on lack of sleep. I tried to nap this morning after finishing the fic, but I couldn't do it, and I can't seem to do it now, either, even though my eyes are all blurry and I can't quite watch the rest of the Arrested Development I have in my DVD player from Netflix because the faces are kinda, you know, two of them all over.

Eegh, I'm tired but can't sleep. So this is just, like, a warning, that if my comments tonight are weird, that's why. Also the K on this laptop will noT STOP STICING and it's driving me mad, so perhaps sometimes I will miss a K, too. Seriously, I could have finished that fic faster if my eyboard was better.

Ummmm. I think that's all I have to say, really. Except that this really weird. Am I drunk? Maybe a little. I've only ever been drunk once, and that was on purpose, because I wanted to see what it was like. Soon after I got my apartment, it was. I bought this cheapo bottle of wine and Walmart and drank it all over the course of a couple of hours. I ended up just playing my guitar and singing loud and drunken folk songs to my mice. Then I tried to watch TV, because I thought it would maybe be funnier if I watched something while I was drunk, but I just fell asleep on the couch. And woke up a few hours later and went to bed and slept till morning. And that was my one grand experience with being drunk.

This one may be slightly more interesting, since I seem to have the internet at my disposal. HELLO INTERNETZ! You are very shiny todya. GIVE ME A GOOD FIC.

See ya later.

Yeah, I'm not even gonna bother reading this for typos. YOU WILL HAVE TO DEAL.

ETA: I bought the wine AT Wal-mart, not AND Wal-mart. Ahahahaha! That would be awesome, though. I would have so much fun with my own Wal-mart.
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I have trouble listening to the news lately, because every time they talk about Tropical Storms, I don't think about dangerous winds and flooding and stuff. To me, that sounds like a delicious drink. Like a pineapple-mango smoothie with a strawberry stuck on the edge of the glass. And I just get all thirsty.

And then they talk about hurricanes, and that's scary, yeah. But then they get "downgraded" to Tropical Storms again, cuz I guess they lost their RAM? And I feel a strong urge to go to Dairy Queen.

Dubya Tee Eff, brain.

D: D: D:

Aug. 22nd, 2008 02:07 pm
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OH PEAS! I just had this glorious awful wonderful idea of a fic with retired!Jack O'Neill and Dean right after his father dumps him out separately hunting this thing in the woods that Jack thinks is probably something with a cloaking device and Dean thinks is probably a spirit and then they run into each other and snark ensues and then they start getting along and hunt it down together and crepes with chocolate it would be such an awesome story and Jack would be all "I'm too old for this" grumpy and Dean would have problems with authority figures but would recognize Jack's obvious awesomeness because really who wouldn't and there would be guns and knives and dang I really want to write this but it's a bad idea I have so many WIPs!


Stop me!
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And here is my other entry in the "Obi dreams" challenge. I posted it under a sock over there, (Lundlemuffin), and never revealed myself. I thought I would use that for other nutty stuff and see how long it took for people to catch on that it was me, but I never did. So I guess this is me outing myself, too.

This fic requires no previous knowledge of Star Wars to enjoy it. It's also, well... you'll see.

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