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Book 3 is done. It's 25,000 words. (The first Coming Down on a Sunny Day big bang was 34k words total.) I have outlines for two interludes. Book 4 is building itself in my head.

And, as I usually do when about halfway through a project, I made a soundtrack to listen to while I work.

I'm so excited, y'all. I can see that the SPN fandom has died down a bit on Livejournal, but I love this story and I'm very excited about sharing it with you.

Sorry I haven't been responding to comments. I do appreciate all your support and kind wishes regarding my eyes. I'm still recovering, and I seem to get tired easily. Expending a lot of energy on writing, which is very fun.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the playlist. There's a lot of music from the 90s, because Book 3 happens in 1997, when Jimmy is 23, Dean is 18, and Sammy is 14.
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I've been writing a lot lately. Mostly original, because I want to re-form my life into the life I want--one where I can live off my writing. But I miss fanfiction, I miss Dean and Sam and Cas. Funny thing about writing is that once you get going, you don't run out--you just find more inside you.

So while I'm editing some original stuff, taking a break from writing that particular project, I'm trying to keep up the writing streak. So here's what's coming out.

It's not ready. At all. I'm thinking I'd actually like to treat it like a Big Bang, finish it, maybe find someone to do a little artwork, make a soundtrack--but yeah. I've missed fanfiction. So here's what just poured out of me, unedited, and maybe it looks like fun.

Coming Down again )
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We, we, we, we so excited!

It hsa been such a long week. But now, I'ma work on my FANMIX.
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[Poll #1514354]

I checked my package tracking over at amazon and my new netbook has been delivered to my local post office!


No more power issues! No more broken screen! Longer battery life! And because I bought a wireless router recently, I'll be able to use it anywhere in the house!


No more being chained to this huge CRT monitor and wiggling the power cord around and holding it down with bricks to keep it in the socket! No more periodically ordering new power cords because the issue isn't the cord, it's the computer itself!


No more broken keys! No more weird shift key placement! No more accidentally typing double letters (I hope)! No more being afraid to even type on this thing because the slightest jostle could make the power cord come out!


Um, so yeah. In celebration, I think I'ma do a picture review of an older S5 eppy that I loved. Like perhaps 5.04, what with all the unmitigated awesome. Ooh! Or 5.03, with the ridiculous Cas cuteness. Ooh! Or 5.02, with awesome Jo and Ellen action. Ooh! Or 5.01, with Bobby being so very, very Bobby, because WOW. Or...



Aug. 18th, 2009 12:18 pm
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[ profile] spngenlove has been in existence for one month today. We have 277 watchers and 213 members. We've posted 27 rec posts with literally hundreds of recs. We've had two commentfic memes so far that have been great fun and produced some wonderful fic. We're on our fifth rec submission post and still going strong. Members have used the comm to discuss characterization and fandom and get to know each other and request betas. We've been able to point the way to gen sites and fic for people who weren't aware of them before, spreading the love to all and sundry.

The future is bright and wide, wide open.

::squiggles with happiness::

It's going so well.
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Wowzers. Here I was thinking that I would spend today writing or comment-answering, but instead I have been sleeping like a very tired person. See? Even my simile-machine is broken.

Here is what happened yesterday:

5:50 Hit the snooze button on both of my alarms.
6:00 Hit the snooze button on both of my alarms.
6:10 Got dressed and drove to house of client who I help every morning.
6:30-7:30 Work.
7:45 Arrived home. Cleaned car. Unzipped podfic files of [ profile] twasadark reading an epic Dean-whumper by [ profile] oselle to listen to on epic road trip. Searched a teensy bit frantically for the audio cord to connect netbook to car radio. Reassured mother five times that I wasn't going to be killed by an axe murderer from the internet, that it was a woman, and there would be a bunch of us, and we were meeting in a public place, and no, I didn't know her real name but she didn't know mine either, so it was fair. Gave her the address of the restaurant so she would have something to tell the police.
9:15-11:30 Drove to Indianapolis while listening to said podfic. Got very caught up in story.
11:30 Missed my turn and had to backtrack. Twice. Blamed [ profile] twasadark and [ profile] oselle for being unfairly awesome. Good thing I gave myself that extra half hour--knew I'd need it.
11:55 Worked up the courage to actually go inside the restaurant and not turn around immediately and drive back home. Cursed my social anxiety for making this so difficult. Went inside.
12:00-2:30 NON-STOP SQUEE. Lunch with eight of the most intelligent, witty folks there are within a few hours' drive of Indianapolis, received a Dragonsmish. Also, I ate a baby.
2:30 Sadly left.
2:45 Missed the exit for I-69. Shook fist at [ profile] twasadark and [ profile] oselle.
5:00 Arrived in Fort Wayne. Taco Bell for supper.
6:00-9:00 Work. Much walking and singing the same nursery songs over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Hate that itsy bitsy spider SOOOO much. Exhausting.
9:00 Root beer float cures all ills.
9:45 Home. Assured family I was not dead. No murder on this trip. Checked email.

And now it is 1:00 PM of the following day. O.O

Wow, I have things to do.


May. 2nd, 2009 09:04 am
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I'm off to Indy to see a Dragons!

Yay art!

May. 1st, 2009 08:13 pm
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And here is the other beautiful piece of art that [ profile] chocca2 did for me. It's for my 4.10 tag, Stone and Blood, which was written for a prompt from [ profile] smilla02, so it's almost like all three of us combined our brains to make AWESOME. I really love that about fandom, how we can bounce off each other and bring our talents together to make something beautiful. And I love [ profile] chocca2 for creating this art and being so delightful and eager. ♥ You rock, babe.

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Shiny flist! I has a request. It is a request of love, so don't be afraid. ♥ See? Love.

Anyway. My sister Talitha is thirteen. Since I moved home, she has devoured much and much of the stuff that I love and happened to have on DVD. So, for instance, she watched everything that I have of The Office, and Farscape, and a few movies and such. And then she mainlined all three seasons of Supernatural and what I had of the fourth in about, oh, two weeks. (Girl is hardcore.)

Talitha is very much a Samgirl, though she also loves Dean. ♥ (I have an awesome sister. See how awesome she is?) She is also (OH DAY OF HAPPINESS) just as much of an h/c junkie as me. (I AM A LUCKY LUCKY BIG SISTER SQUEEEEE.) And she thinks Castiel is adorable, too. (YAAAAY IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER.) And she agrees that Bobby is made of teh awesome and should probably be king of the world. (TALITHA IS SMRT.)

Now! Talitha has read pretty much all of the SPN fic I've written, I think, and enjoyed it, but she wants Sam whumping. Lots and lots of Sam whumping. And you know, I do whump him occasionally, but mostly I'm all about Dean. (IS THE ONLY SAD NOTE IN MY SISTERLY SPN SQUEENESS. :( ) So yes. is blocked on the family computer she mostly is allowed to use (except when I'm home and let her use mine) because my parents are scared of teh internet. And she doesn't really know where to look on LJ for what she wants to read.

I've pointed her in a few places. Said [ profile] kroki_refur is good for the Sam whumping, and so is [ profile] authoressnebula, and I showed her spnstoryfinders and the hurt!Sam tag. But this is so general.

I would like to give Talitha some specifics. But yeah, being a Deangirl, I don't pay as much attention to the Sam whumping, though it too can be tasty, I do not deny. So please! O flist my flist. Please to be reccing your favorite hurt!Sam stories here? ::gives you puppy eyes::

Remember, it's for my sister, and she is made of win. You need to love her just as much as I do, because she is lovable.

Oh, yeah, and these should be gen, and not too graphic. Thirteen.

Thank you! ::big fat hugs all around::
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Wow, okay, so now I get why everyone was unable to control their excitement this week.


No spoilers in the comments, please, not even from the promo.
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So I am doing a job right now, which is basically babysitting, and dudes! My baby laptop can connect to random wireless! I can be on the internet ANYWHERE. ::evil cackling:: Also, five hours of battery life. O.O Can I hear a what what?

I have many scenes in my head for the next chapter of "The Mouths of Children," but it hasn't quite gelled into a plot yet. Fear not, though, the time is coming.

And Daylight Saving Time? Can just go suck it. La, I am so tired.

I might be getting another part-time job so maybe I can move out of my parents' house again. It was so exhausting though I don't know if I want to do it already. I do need more money, though. Man, I hate thinking about money. And I've been doing that a lot lately.

Another great thing about living at home is the constant supply of people to play Rock Band with. Since, you know, my brothers have an Xbox and Rock Band and my siblings like to play it. Yesterday was my brother Andrew's birthday (he's eighteen now, it's pretty terrifying), and our brother Peter had come home from Chicago for the occasion, and Peter, Andrew, Philip and I played a bunch of Rock Band. It was fun, even though I ended up singing quite a bit and my voice is still not up to par. This cold has been lingering like an evil lingering thing and refusing to go away like a good little cold should. But whatever. I did awesome anyway. Got a hundred percent singing Eye of the Tiger on hard. This made me happy. I just want to beat the tour to the point that we have Carry On, Wayward Son again. (Andrew's Xbox went kablooey and he had to get a new one and now all the stuff that was beaten is no longer beaten. On the plus side, he got LEGO Indiana Jones out of the deal, which is awesome.) Also, we had, like, four different cakes. Because I guess my family is just all about the cake. My fave was probably the German chocolate with the homemade coconut topping, you know where you broil it in the oven for a bit so then when it cools it's all crunchy and coconutty and delicious and the butter has melted down into the top of the cake so that's incredibly, incredibly moist and fudgy and just oh, wow. ::salivates::

Also I got caught up on Dollhouse today, and wow. I am totally hooked. I don't know if I LIKE it, really, but it's definitely intriguing. It's hard to connect to a character who is never the same week to week, so that puts a damper on things, but the supporting cast is pretty awesome. Every time I see an episode, though, I just have to think that that must be basically an actor's dream job. Something new every week.

Wow, I'm random today. I need sleep.


Feb. 20th, 2009 08:19 pm
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Holy freakin' crap, y'all!

I'm going to be an aunt!


Yeah, my nineteen-year-old sister who got married all of NINE whole months ago? Bun in the oven.


ETA: This is Bethany, the sister I talked about in The Porch Swing Story, if you remember that one. Just for context. She's the one studying deaf interpretation, sign language, and gets scolded by her teachers for talking TOO FAST, with both her hands and aloud. That has always been a problem for her, since she was a weeny toddler. ♥


::flails some more::
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I really shouldn't be taking time for this, since I need to be back at the convention center in an hour (I was there from eight to eleven forty-five at night yesterday, and oh, ITWASSOEPIC), but I just have to post.

Yes, Dean, EVERYone knows you're a woobie. It's okay, we love you anyway. )
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I just applied for a job that may very well be exactly what I need. It'll be helping people, sort of in a social work setting, though I don't have any training in that. But the ladies at the office where I applied seemed very happy to see me and excited about me working there, and I have a little bit of experience with this sort of thing, so I'm not a COMPLETE n00b. Plus they really like Tim M., my buddy who recommended me to them. (He's in my Thursday D&D group.) And it won't have anything to do with computers. And it may very well end up being full-time, though at first it will be part-time. There will be an orientation meeting next Monday that I'll go to--they told me to come before I even finished filling out the application. And I've always wanted to work with people, really, honestly. I sort of fell into the office job. Maybe that's why I eventually fell out of it.

So... ::cautious glee dance:: This might be it! Oh, I hope this is it.

It might not be enough MONEY, but, y'know.... It's something to start with. And in the meantime, I'll keep trying this freelance thing.
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1. IT'S THURSDAY!!!!! ::throws self off walls::

2. I had pancakes and sausage for breakfast this morning, made them myself, since my work had decided to have a snow-delay and open at ten. Been a long, long time since I had pancakes and sausage. Mmm. But my tummy feels like lead now.

3. Womanly cycles suck. I tend to have at least one day of bad cramping, and that seems to be today.

4. But this song is giving me a lot of joy:

embedded below )

And so is this one:

embedded below )

Heck, have the whole playlist:

embedded below )

5. And for some reason I woke up this morning thinking about this tiny poem, which I wrote years ago and never forgot. It was even published in my college's teeny literary magazine, though I suspect that it was only to fill space. Warning: contains religious themes.

Stepping Stones

Back is no good--
Forward alone.
Each day another
Stepping stone.
Another step through
Refining fire,
A little farther,
A little higher,
A little stronger,
More able to bear.
A little longer,
And we'll be there.
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SHOW RETURNS IN LESS THAN A WEEK! ::bounces giddily until out of breath, then collapses on the floor::

But anyway, I thought now would be a good time to share all of my favorite post-4.10 codas and fics, to kind of rev us up and get ready. And NEVER has an episode demanded a tag more than "Heaven and Hell" did. Oh my WORD. So here are some. You'll notice that many of these were written by people I've already recced in general, so now I am reccing in specific.

Come and see the shinies! )


Nov. 30th, 2008 09:26 am
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Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow!

Not even December yet and we're getting a lovely snow! It's coming down like rain outside, fast and small and numerous. There were a couple of other little snows earlier this fall, but they were light and didn't last. This one looks like it will stick. I wish I had a camera so I could show you guys a picture. It's all white and brown and beautiful outside.

The apartments where I live are situated around a pond, oblong and vaguely kidney-shaped, with a fountain at each end, and that's been frozen over long enough for it all to be a sheet of white now under the snow. The tree right outside my third-floor balcony still has leaves clinging, dark reddish brown, some branches even crouched over my railing like gossiping neighbors, and now the leaves all are draped with snow, too, like frosted cookies (though sadly inedible), the dark gray trunk behind and the clear white sky beyond it. The colors are all very harmonious and soothing. I could fall asleep looking at it. Everything is quiet and hushed. It hardly feels like a city at all. Oh, snowy Sunday morning, you are a lovely, lovely thing.

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Guys guys guys guys guys!

So yesterday, right, I got a BIG EFFING BOX in the mail. Not unexpected, since I ordered it several months ago, but this was one BIG EFFING BOX, and I wished that I had a house, with a porch, so that the BIG EFFING BOX could sit on my porch, instead of me having to go to the apartment office to pick it up. It would be awesome to have a house with a porch and a BIG EFFING BOX, like a sort of status symbol, I guess, though I usually don't care about status symbols, but this would be a good one. Because seriously, so much squee for this BIG EFFING BOX. The office girl offered to help me carry it out to my car, but I could manage. It wasn't really that heavy, just sort of unwieldy, because it was a really, really BIG EFFING BOX. And then I opened it in my car and took out the slightly smaller BIG EFFING BOX inside and carried it up the stairs to my apartment by one handle, not straining, just sort of dragging, because this was one BIG EFFING BOX.

What was in the BIG EFFING BOX, do you ask? Hmm? Are you curious?

It was Guitar Hero World Tour, and it makes me so frigging happy I might die of joy. I've been pretty much living on peanut butter for months now in order to afford it, but so worth it.

Because because. HOTEL CALIFORNIA. And MUSE'S ASSASSIN. And RAMBLIN' MAN. And many, many other songs that my brain is too full of happiness to remember right now. I played for two hours last night before my fingers started to hurt and I decided to watch Dexter for awhile. Which I then could not stop, but had to finish the first season. (BLEW ME AWAY, BTW.)

Anyway, what I'm saying is that I might not be writing much fic for a little while, cuz I'll be busy touring the world and playing fake guitar.

Also, the left lens in my glasses popped out this morning and I couldn't find it, so I'm sitting here at work with only one lens, and it doesn't matter that much because my left eye is useless with or without a lens, but it's still giving me a grumpy headache. Yet the SQUEE OVERCOMES.

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Sorry for posting so much today, but lookit, lookit! ::points at icon:: [ profile] moonshayde Made a Jack and Dean icon! JUST FOR ME! Isn't that just too awesome for words? Oh, I love it I love it I love it. I love the coloring, and their stance, the way they seem comfortable with each other, and the way they're staring out at the viewer in this kind of challenging way, all like, "Yeah, we are scary badass alien/ghost-hunters who happen to like guns and knives and pie, you wanna make something of it?" Oh, man, I love it so much.

Now I need to, like, write a story, so I can use it. I need to write LOTS AND LOTS of stories with Jack and Dean, because this icon needs to be all over the internet.


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