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Walk Off the Earth had a recent video go viral, five people on one guitar, maybe you've seen it. It couldn't have happened to a nicer, cooler band--I've liked them since I saw their cover of Backin' Up. :D But this, this is wonderful. It's the main guy from WotE and his little nephew, singing Blackbird by The Beatles. I used Blackbird in my soundtrack for Rain Falling Down, and goodness but I want to use this cover in future projects. Whiskey-rough adult voice with the sweet harmony of a young boy. Almost like Bobby and lil Jimmy-Cas. Nothing says Rain 'verse better than that to me.

Only thing that doesn't really fit is the beat boxing.


Dec. 20th, 2011 11:23 pm
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Look, look! It's fanfiction of THE INTERNET.

Okay, maybe a fanvid. Still. This is the culture we live in now. Isn't it awesome?

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A friend of mine, one of the ones with the podcast who had me on as a guest to talk about fandom this summer, posted this article on Facebook a while back. Very interesting. Made me think.

My comment to him: I actually really love how...hopeful this article sounds. The writer is happy and excited to be in the world we are in now, getting to see the entertainment we get now. So many articles I read go on about the death of cinema and how dumb the American public is and how risk-aversion is killing art, and it's so nice to see a different point of view. And I agree with about everything the writer says, too. I'm super excited about Avengers and I don't care about Twilight, but I see the value in each. And I love the age of fanfiction and love original movies like Inception that still manage to get made and I love that everyone gets to play with what they love. :)

And hey! That video is worth watching JUST for the image of Nyan cat sleeping on the neck of an electric guitar. Awwww.
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This link. Found via [ profile] pdragon76. Good grief, that got me all choked.

Also this video, found via [ profile] superbadgirl. Mostly it's just adorable and funny and sweet and beautiful, but it also got me all chokey. I think it's a good day to share it here.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone, whatever you celebrate!
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Okay, so this is, like, potentially incredibly offensive and triggery to everyone everywhere, seeing as it's satire of pretty awful stuff. So watch with caution. I think it's kind of awesome.
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Occasionally I follow a vid rec over to YouTube from LJ or whatever and see bunches of SPN vids that look cool but then get TOTALLY DISTRACTED BY ADORABLE RATTY VIDS.

I want to get my ratties a little chair where they can sit next to my computer and be with me all the time.
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I really like MC Frontalot, and this is quite the adorable fan-made music video for one of his first songs. Plus, some convention love thrown in there. ♥
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The first one made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my snot. My wheezy sick laugh is pretty terrifying, actually. I could be a Bond villain.

Someday I will again post non-Barats & Bereta videos.
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Because life is better with Barats & Bereta. Even if they're making fun of you.
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Guess I'm nostalgic today. Two of my favorite Sesame Street bits from when I was a kid. They don't make 'em like they used to. (What is UP with the extreme Elmo pushing nowadays, eh? Get off my lawn.) I also liked the pinball machine thing.

To this day when I count aloud I have to resist doing it in cadence. "One two three! Four five six! Seven eight nine! Ten eleven twelve! And they chattered away at the ladybugs' picnic..."
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I don't know how I lived without Drunk History in my life.
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I am sick and flaky.

Here, have two videos of the inexplicably awesome variety. They were originally posted at, which I frequented once upon a time, back when the videos came out in pop-up windows and took for-freakin'-ever to load on my dial-up, before YouTube was useful and universal. It's fun to remember those days. This was before the popularity of Guitar Hero, too (was posted a year before the first Guitar Hero even came out WOW I'M OLD), but I like to think the second half of the first video helped to pave the way for it.

The original, in all its Flash-y glory, or just watch it below.


Do you remember the days before YouTube? Holy crap, do I.
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So there's this thing where people make a mod of a Mario game with some custom blocks like accelerators and transporters and something I dunno. And then they set it to music.

This one is so epic. Cannot deal. I've watched it multiple times and I'm not even sure why.

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