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In happier news, [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang reveals went up yesterday, and I'm excited to see so many awesome artists and authors teamed up this year! It's gonna be an awesome summer.

My artist is [ profile] samibee. She's a newbie to the Supernatural fandom, but she has some really awesome art. She did this piece for a RPF Big Bang, a popslash/American Idol crossover, and it's really lovely, so I know that whatever she comes up with for me is going to be amazing. And here's a wonderful piece of Shawn and Lassiter from Psych. Really love that one.

I'm so excited. :D
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This is why my flist is awesome.

image below the cut )

The party is going strong, bee tee dub.
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Firstly, all you guys on my flist who have big bang filters? Add me to them. I tried to get to everyone but I might have missed a few.

And here's another opportunity from me:

[Poll #1513637]

Secondly, I am pleased (if a little surprised) to see my latest crack/humor fics getting so much love. I guess fandom just needed some giggles, huh? That's okay, I totally get it.


I continue to be crazy lucky, somehow. ♥ you all.


Jan. 5th, 2010 11:14 am
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Guys! [ profile] faryfly did an AMAZING piece of art for Held Together with His Hands. I just adore it. Dean's stare is so intense and their hands are all tangled together and Cas looks all limp and suffering and EEEEEE it's awesome. :D

Go appreciate it here, and make sure to leave her lots and lots of comments telling her how awesome she is. (There are also a couple of other really cute/cool doodles in that post.)
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Incredibly beautiful and affecting Rain Falling Down art by [ profile] mattheal HERE CLICK ON IT. Set during the first story of the 'verse.

Warning: may be triggery, aftereffects of child abuse. Totally made me tear up.

::runs away to write::


Aug. 9th, 2009 11:09 am
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::flails:: Guys, guys! I have been given some awesome art that I must share with you right away.

First, [ profile] davincis_girl made this wonderful cover for Five Things Most Kids Do That Sam and Dean Never Did, which is the longest fic title I've written to date. :) She made this awhile ago but somehow it slipped my mind. No idea how, because it's beautiful.

click for art )

But then! [ profile] oatmeal_queen, who draws some of my favorite art in this fandom, gave me SEVEN doodles for Rain Falling Down. SEVEN. In, like, two days. I dunno how I get so lucky, you guys. People keep giving me awesome stuff. She says she's going to color the last three, too, but I'm too impatient. MUST SHARE NOW.

slightly spoilery for story, but not a big deal )

I didn't want to leave without making sure you guys saw these.
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I clicked the "Castiel" tag in my delicious today and realized that almost everything I've been saving for him lately isn't fic. I'm not sure why that is, but I wanted to rec these anyway--they're all really cool.

Cracks in the Wall by [ profile] jo_yumegari
This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the composition and the coloring, the way Castiel seems set apart, watching from a distance, curious and yearning. And the shadows!

Castiel chibi by [ profile] oatmeal_queen
askjowqlkds. He's so KY00T.

Good Boy by [ profile] mummyluvr314
Heh, and the one fic I did save is this one. Heaven breaks Dean more thoroughly than Hell ever could. An amazing, disturbing story.

All You Need Is Love by ohnoes! I've forgotten where I got this! If you know who this is, please tell me.
Characterization notes on Dean and Castiel, their connection and what they've taught each other. While I'm still not a shipper or slasher, I love all of this stuff.

Castiel macros by [ profile] aesc
His font's all biblical, goddam. I've recced this once before, at [ profile] spn_glee, but it deserves it again.

On the Head of a Pin Picspam by [ profile] tracy_loo_who
4.16 picspam of Dean and Cas moments. Beautiful and insightful. Again, not quite my perspective, but I really enjoyed this.

Sight by [ profile] aesc
GUH. This one slays me with beauty.

Yay art!

May. 1st, 2009 08:13 pm
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And here is the other beautiful piece of art that [ profile] chocca2 did for me. It's for my 4.10 tag, Stone and Blood, which was written for a prompt from [ profile] smilla02, so it's almost like all three of us combined our brains to make AWESOME. I really love that about fandom, how we can bounce off each other and bring our talents together to make something beautiful. And I love [ profile] chocca2 for creating this art and being so delightful and eager. ♥ You rock, babe.

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SPN: My current Big Bang progress--
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
6,548 / 20,000

And also this batch of icons. Most of them are from 4.13, and gosh, they are purdy. And/or funny. ♥

RL: This one is harder, dang it. Um. I paid some bills. That felt good. Other than that, I'm having a hard time being happy about RL right now. Still having trouble getting up the wherewithal to do what needs done.
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This is from [ profile] zalein. Boy, you guys know exactly what to do to make me feel better, don't you? Make me pretty/hilarious pictures! (This one makes more sense if you've read The Fine Art of the PB&J, so you're aware of Dean's reaction to his first experience with a certain crack-like substance.)

I laughed so freaking hard at this.

No more for you, kid. )
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[ profile] davincis_girl made some very cool art for Younger Son. Man, you guys just keep blowing me away with your talent and generosity! And now I have an icon which I will have to use, hmm? Time to start thinking about how to bring this into the JacknDean 'verse, I think.

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SHOW RETURNS IN LESS THAN A WEEK! ::bounces giddily until out of breath, then collapses on the floor::

But anyway, I thought now would be a good time to share all of my favorite post-4.10 codas and fics, to kind of rev us up and get ready. And NEVER has an episode demanded a tag more than "Heaven and Hell" did. Oh my WORD. So here are some. You'll notice that many of these were written by people I've already recced in general, so now I am reccing in specific.

Come and see the shinies! )
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Oh, you guys, I must be the luckiest newbie SPN fanfic writer in the history of FOREVER. Not only do I have lots of wonderful people reading my stuff and commenting and apparently LIKING it (and I've only been writing SPN since late August! WTF, mate?), but people have done fanart, too!


Come and see! )
Just the most adorable Supernatural fan comic you can imagine.

Dean as 12-year-old caretaker

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