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I said I would, and now I am. It's my birthday and I'm having a commentfic meme just for me! [ profile] roque_clasique started it and it was fun then so hopefully it'll be fun now. Only a few notes:

1. You are in no way obligated to participate.

2. ONLY I GIVE THE PROMPTS!!! ... And I reserve the right to answer my own prompts if no one else does. Addendum: Multiple fills are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.

3. Gen is my favorite.

There will be a few fandoms here, and I'll try to update with any fills. Also, I'm working on a birthday story for my sister (yes, it was supposed to be done last Friday, hush up) that I will probably post later today.

Filled prompts:


Raised from the Depths by [ profile] authoressnebula Human!Castiel (grace drained, fallen, whatever) experiences almost drowning. Not fun!

Boys Gone Wild by [ profile] haruslex Team Free Will goes hiking to find some sort of artifact or something lost in the woods. Sam and Dean hate camping, as we all know, but Castiel seems to like the trees or the rocks or something. It's weird. Castiel is weird. Nice, though.

The Very Mature Adventures of Cas and Ruby (The 4-inch Edition) by [ profile] alocine_89 Crack! Castiel gets shrunk. Dean carries him around in his pocket. And he will never, ever admit that he kinda likes having a literal shoulder angel. (Bonus: It happens in S4 and Ruby gets shrunk, too, so Sam has a shoulder demon. And they slap fight.)

I...have no idea what this is. I'm up past my bedtime, okay by [ profile] haruslex Castiel has had enough of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking astral plane.

Boom Boom Fireworks by [ profile] gleeker13 Bobby has a backyard cookout for his boys. ♥

Motherfucking Snakes on an Astral Plane Part 2 by [ profile] maskedfangirl Castiel has had enough of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking astral plane.

Do Like a Dog by [ profile] trifletrot Weechester or Teenchester: Sam and Dean go swimming.

untitled by [ profile] sinnerforhire When Dean gets suddenly sick or injured in the middle of a training exercise, drill-sergeant John remembers to be a dad.

As Companion to Four Fingers by [ profile] roque_clasique Dean injures both of his thumbs and suddenly can't do a lot of things like open doors, do up buttons, hold a remote, and so on. At first he hates having to depend on Sam to do so much for him, but he eventually gets used to it.

To Forget the Din of the World by [ profile] ratherastory Castiel meets Missouri sometime in S4. She's way too smart to get her eyes burned up, and she's not scared to smack him on the head and tell him he's being an idiot for not following his conscience.

Important Decisions by [ profile] caffienekitty Jo and Ellen run into the boys on a hunt. Afterward, they unwind with movies and pizza in the motel.

The Stranger by [ profile] the_spice One reason John was so willing to fall on his sword in 2.1 was because he'd met Castiel and he knew someone would be looking after his boys.

Hamster House by [ profile] de_nugis Something with hamsters.

Sweet Tooth of the Lord by [ profile] elsewhere_kels Jelly beans! Also Twizzlers.

bubblegumisebilrawr by [ profile] mello_mcqueen John hates bubblegum. He hates it. From now on, that stuff is banned.

Taste the Rainbow by [ profile] lassiterfics 2010-06-28 07:41 pm (local) (link) Select
God mojoed Cas up just a leeetle too much when He rezzed him, and now Castiel makes flowers and candy appear everywhere he walks. It's more annoying than nice.


Untitled by [ profile] authoressnebula Five times Eliot protected Hardison.

Not-Quite-Chicken Soup For The Soul by [ profile] alocine_89 By now they should all be used to the weird things Parker says and does, but somehow they aren't. And she is NOT a good cook and Hardison will NOT lie to spare her feelings.

5 x Hugs by [ profile] mymuseandi Five times someone on the team got a hug.

Square Peg by [ profile] faithburke

Iron Man:

Untitled by [ profile] limegreenjillo Shockingly, Tony notices for once that Pepper is having a hard day. He makes her a sandwich as only he can.

Prison Break:

A Gift From Above by [ profile] tahirire Michael has a bit of a breakdown and his cellie helps him.

Stargate: SG-1:

This Hallmark SG-1 moment is brought to you by Ancient Tech by [ profile] zoemathemata SG-1: Daniel and Sam get hit with some sort of alien technology that makes them overly emotional. Cue extreme discomfort from Teal'c and Jack and the Wonder Twins crying on each other's shoulders.

Star Wars:

untitled by [ profile] whistler_wren Young Master Obi-Wan takes brand-new Padawan Anakin on an excursion into the city for an afternoon. Lots of new things to see and experience for a boy from Tatooine, and Coruscant is big and bustling and amazing and pretty tiring after just a few hours. Obi-Wan starts to believe maybe he can have a relationship with this strange boy from the desert.

Criminal Minds:

Nobody needs to know by [ profile] faithburke Garcia writes fanfiction. She'll never tell.


SPN/Psych Sam & Shawn, post-case unshenanigans, PG by [ profile] lassiterfics ...So psychics are real, huh?

SPN/Glee Ghosts by [ profile] limegreenjillo Mercedes and Kurt prove that they are quite a bit fiercer than a ghost. Sam and Dean...don't have that much to do, actually.

SPN/Doctor Who: Allons-y by [ profile] bellatemple Dean and Donna both have spazzy companions who are ancient, knowledgeable, spiky-haired, and wear long trench coats. (They also both have self-esteem issues despite their complete awesomeness, poor woobies.) THEY SHOULD MEET SOMEHOW.

DEAN AND DONNA ART by [ profile] davincis_girl for the same prompt! :D


Jun. 5th, 2010 12:03 pm
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Reunite Team Free Will Schmoop Meme @ [ profile] spn_foxhole
banner by [ profile] smilla02, screencap by [ profile] oxoniensis

I'm going to be busy today with my brother's graduation and graduation party. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE SOME FIC WHEN I RETURN.
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Castiel-Centric BAMF & Schmoop Fic, Art, and Vid Party


Welcome to the first commentfic/vid/art meme party in Maychoria!

(Yes, after thinking about what wanted from this, I realized that it was really All About Castiel. Because I love him. If you don't, I'm sorry, you probably won't enjoy this party. Have some cake?)

We have a two-fold theme: To celebrate the awesomeness that is BAMF!Cas (that's BadAss MotherFucker, fyi), and to get some more schmoop into fandom, which has been kind of heavy on the angst and angel-torture lately. Everything that includes one or both of these themes is welcome here: gen, Dean and Castiel friendship, Sam and Castiel friendship, Sam and Dean and Castiel friendship, Dean/Castiel, Sam/Castiel, het, other slash, preseries, crack, AU, future, fics, arts, vids, what have you. COME TO THE PARTY THERE IS CAKE FOR EVERYONE.

Naturally I expect there to be mostly stuff with Castiel, Dean, and Sam, or some variegation of the three (all three together is my favorite). But all are welcome as long as Castiel plays a role.


1. One prompt per comment please, but post as many prompts as you like. Mention in your prompt if you prefer a pairing or something. If you don't mention it we'll assume anything is fine.

2. More than one response per prompt is fine. You may fill your own prompts.

3. When you answer a prompt, please put this information in your subject line: Title (untitled is fine), characters or pairings, rating, and any warnings or spoilers. F'rinstance:

Untitled, Dean/Castiel, PG, no warnings, 5.15 spoilers
That Thing with the Duck, Sam and Castiel, G, no warnings, no spoilers
In Babylon, Castiel and Uriel, PG13, gore, no spoilers


Awesome, awesome banner by [ profile] davincis_girl.

Filled prompts:

Miracle Anti-Aging Cream by [ profile] vikki De-aged Castiel. I don't care, just do it.

Untitled by [ profile] lassiterfics 5.04 'verse. The first time Castiel tries drugs after he's de-angeled doesn't go too well. Dean talks him down.

Untitled by [ profile] claudiapriscus Five times Castiel was hugged.

If I Ran the Zoo by [ profile] unoshot A semi-depowered Castiel does something badass using his wits/human level strength/rock salt to save Sam and Dean during a hunt gone FUBAR. (Gen)

Late Night Visitor by [ profile] grimmalie I have a thing about platonic sleep-cuddling. Indulge me. Dean, Sam, Castiel, whichever combination you choose.

Personal Space Invasions, Dean&Cas&Sam, PG, 5.14 spoilers [1/2] by [ profile] lassiterfics Castiel gets cursed/blasted with hug!pollen/trickstered into needing hugs ALL THE TIME or else he'll die. Team Free Will gets with the huggin' to keep their angel alive. (Gen or pre-slash)

Untitled Art by [ profile] faryfly Sam and Castiel take care of a duck.

Untitled Art by [ profile] maskedfangirl Dean introduces Castiel to Disney movies.
ETA: Merchesters and Crabstiel by [ profile] maskedfangirl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ravelled Sleeve of Care, Sam, Dean, Castiel, pg (slashy gen), spoilers through 5.14, 1/2 by [ profile] ariadnes_string I have a thing about platonic sleep-cuddling. Indulge me. Dean, Sam, Castiel, whichever combination you choose.

Mr. Floppers and Mittens, G, no warnings or spoilers by [ profile] sockkiah Bunnies and ponies!

Castiel, sock puppet of the Lord | Castiel, Sam, Dean | G | no warnings by [ profile] no_eight Fic and Art. Castiel discovers sock puppets and will only speak through the sock puppet of the Lord that he insists on wearing....Dean plans a horrible end to the puppet

untitled; Castiel, Anna, gen by [ profile] blaskjar Castiel and Anna hanging out back in the old days before Anna ripped out her grace.

Early Morning Rain (Dean, Sam, Cas; Gen) by [ profile] unoshot Song prompt: Early Morning Rain. I just have this image of de-powered Castiel, stuck on the ground unable to fly, watching the planes with envy. Definitely in need of schmoop.

Don't Cry for Me, Little Angel - Dean, Sam, Cas - PG13 - language, 5.14 spoilers by [ profile] maychorian I just want TEARS. Like Cas crying, no BAWLING his eyes out. You pick the reason, I just want lots of tears and hugging and poor Cas being miserable. BECAUSE THERE CAN NEVER BE ENOUGH SAD!CAS FICS. NEVER.

Jesus loves you; however, the rest of the world. . . PG-13, language Sam, Dean, Castiel no spoilers by [ profile] just_ruth Some everyday act of human unkindness seriously offends Castiel's angelic code (something like someone not giving up a seat to a senior citizen on the bus--though I don't know what Cas would be doing on a bus--but that kind of thing). Sam and Dean tell him not to sweat the small stuff, but Cas deals with it in his own BAMF way (not necessarily violent, just BAMF-y).

come in, she said, I'll give you shelter from the storm, G, Castiel, OFC by [ profile] just_ruth Castiel helps an ordinary person. By being BAMF or otherwise. Or alternatively Average Joe helps Cas.

Party Hat, Dean and Cas and Sam, G, no warnings by [ profile] sockkiah Sam and Dean randomly pick a day to celebrate Castiel's "birthday" and force him to wear a party hat. (Yes, inspired by the banner.)

In Which The Meeting of the Camp Chitaqua Book Club Comes To Order (Chuck, Cas; Gen) [1/2] by [ profile] unoshot Cas and Chuck drink tea and discuss literature.

Castiel & Hunters comic by [ profile] maskedfangirl Castiel is a tiger. He's just always been a tiger, okay. It's all very Calvin & Hobbes & their tall friend.

Chaos; Sam, Dean, Castiel; PG-13 (language & gore); no spoilers by [ profile] xaara Castiel fights a DINOSAUR!

Cas vs. Dino in Crayon by [ profile] sockkiah Castiel fights a DINOSAUR! (Art)

Pie; Cas, Dean, Sam; PG by Anonymous Dean and Castiel have a stare-off. Sam is the judge. Winner gets pie.

When an Angel Sleeps, Castiel, Dean, Sam, PG, no warnings, no spoilers by Anonymous The first time Cas falls asleep is in the back seat of the Impala. The second time, he wakes up and has no idea where he is.

Reminders by [ profile] whistler_wren Castiel helping out with small things that also serve as a reminder that he is a BAMF. (The inspiration was that bit in My Bloody Valentine where he pushes the cabinet in front of the door. It was small, but awesome.)

Down With This Ship Go I (Dean, Castiel, Chuck, gen) by [ profile] vikki Castiel has a sword. He should use it more often.

Galatea (Castiel, Zachariah, Dean) Gen, PG by [ profile] haruslex What was Castiel up to during those forty years the angels laid siege to Hell?

Telephone [1/2]; Dean, Sam, Castiel; PG for language; no real spoilers by [ profile] chibifrieza For some reason Castiel cannot reach the boys via the phone and almost did not arrive on time to save them from some monster. And because of that, Sam and Dean teaches him how to use E-MAIL. :)

Sick Day, Dean/Cas, pg-13, no warnings, general season 5 spoilers, but nothing specific by [ profile] lisztful Sam and Dean get sniffly, whiny, head-achey colds at the same time. Cas rolls his eyes, but brings soup, because he's an awesome friend.

A Very Touching Story Part 1 (Cas/Winchesters, PG13) by [ profile] haruslex Physical sensations, like emotions, are dulled for angels. After cutting ties with Heaven, Castiel begins to feel the effects of human contact, and he's fascinated by it. The Winchesters find this, uh, kinda awkward. (But maybe kinda nice in the end.)

his purpose first unfolded (Cas, Sam, Dean; Gen, G) 1/1 by [ profile] gabby_silang The first time Cas falls asleep is in the back seat of the Impala. The second time, he wakes up and has no idea where he is.

And miles to go... (1/2, Castiel and Becky, Gen, PG) Part 2 by [ profile] maskedfangirl Cas and Becky on a road trip.

Babel (Cas, Dean, Sam, Gen, G) by [ profile] haruslex The ability to speak in modern English is actually an angel power... one of the many Castiel is loosing.

Sweet Tooth (Dean, Sam, Cas) PG Gen character spoiler from s5 by [ profile] the_spice De-aged Sam and Dean. Castiel has to deal with two ferocious wee hunters who just want ice cream and their father. In that order.

Safe House (Castiel (Sam), gen) by [ profile] vikki Castiel exhausts himself putting up new wards at Bobby's house.

Take One For the Team (Team Free Will, 2014, Gen) by [ profile] vikki For some reason Cas ends up with a load of buckshot in his behind. Dean and Sam have to pick it out and patch him up!

Castiel Joins Greenpeace by [ profile] 22by7 and [ profile] haruslex His new name is Captain Planet.

Justice, Sam and Castiel, PG13, S5 spoilers by [ profile] maychorian Gen. From the Newsboys' "Entertaining Angels": One to another, the feelings in between/ I won't let go/ Of all you taught me, alright./ Close as a brother, the way we used to be/ I hold my breath,/ And I wait for you to breathe.

Human-Life Crisis; Cas, Dean; Gen; No Spoilers by [ profile] ferricent Castiel finds little ways to compensate for the powers he's losing.

X-Files/SPN Crossover Collaboration--there's Castiel and Scully and also Castiel/Scully and some other stuff and I don't know how to categorize it so just read it okay by [ profile] lassiterfics, [ profile] gabby_silang, [ profile] 22by7, and [ profile] unoshot Team Free Will encounters X-Files S4 Mulder & Scully. Castiel & Scully have warring Nosebleeds of Doom.

Refuge, Sam and Castiel, PG, 5.15 spoilera by [ profile] maychorian Castiel can't come into Bobby's house after Castiel angel-proofed it.

Oh My God, Becky, Calm the Fuck Down - Everyone - PG13 - General S5 spoilers by [ profile] maychorian Drunk!Cas. Rock Band. Go.

Warmer. Warmer. ; Cas, Sam, and Dean; PG-13?; no real spoilers. [ profile] ferricent I really want a fic that deals with the oath Castiel made Dean swear in 4.21. It's worded interestingly, by which I mean, I'm pretty sure Dean swore himself to God, not to Heaven.

Messenger [ profile] claudiapriscus I really want a fic that deals with the oath Castiel made Dean swear in 4.21. It's worded interestingly, by which I mean, I'm pretty sure Dean swore himself to God, not to Heaven.

Gotta Break a Few Eggs, Misha, Castiel, PG, no spoiler [ profile] xaara Castiel has been put in charge of protecting a seal from being broken. The seal is a man named Misha Collins.

Rules of Engagement, Sam & preshlash Dean/Castiel, PG, no warnings by [ profile] murron Dean thinks Castiel is awesome. And he doesn't mind showing it, for once.

Batman Doesn't Want Angel Hugs (Also, but Teddy Bears Love Them) by [ profile] sockkiah Draw Castiel hugging someone or something - Winchesters, monsters, a fire hydrant, whatever you want.

Insult to Injury (Dean, Sam, Castiel, PG-13 by [ profile] maskedfangirl Dean and Sam hunt a witch, and they nearly catch her with the help of Castiel. She escapes, super-pissed and casts a powerful spell on the falling angel. The spell? Any time either of the brothers say something remotely sarcastic, or hurtful (because that's how they can be, especially Dean), Castiel gets hurt, physically. Extra hurt if Castiel doesn't understand what their talking about (aka pop culture references). They don't get it first, until one brother gets all pissy and hurtful. Then guilty bros and schmoop time?

As It Was In The Beginning; Castiel, wee!Sammy and wee!Dean; gen; no spoilers by [ profile] chibifrieza Castiel goes back in time and eats Sghabettios with wee little Sam.

Tit for Tat - Dean, Castiel, also Sam - PG13 - spoilers through 5.14 - 1/3 by [ profile] maychorian Team Free Will: Bible Camp - Angels are susceptible to PTSD too, especially if they're losing their mojo.

Surprise Pie (Bobby, Castiel, PG, Spoilers for 5.15) by [ profile] maskedfangirl A really ill Cas shows up at Bobby's when the boys aren't there. Bobby has to care for him until they get back. I'd love to see lots of bonding and protective/worried Bobby. :-D

Untitled Drabble by [ profile] haruslex Dean tries getting Castiel to wear different clothes.

This tired soul of mine. . . (PG) spoiler - Sam detoxing again by [ profile] just_ruth When Castiel's faith starts to waver, Sam tries to shore it up, even though he's not sure he has any of his own anymore.

Packaging Matters (Team Free Will, gen/het/slashy?, no spoilers) Part 2 by [ profile] vikki Because he has a powerful enemy tailing him, Castiel decides to meet up with the boys in disguise - as a woman! He wears his disguise so well, that Dean AND Sam hit on him at the bar he meets them in. Afterwards...both Dean and Sam have some confused feelings about Cas.

We Bring You This Breaking News (Castiel (Dean, Sam), violence, no spoilers) by [ profile] vikki Castiel goes up against something way bigger than he is. And it's not even to protect Sam or Dean--just some random civilian. The Winchesters see it, though.

These make me...very happy. by [ profile] sweetsigh Draw Castiel hugging someone or something - Winchesters, monsters, a fire hydrant, whatever you want.

For Destruction, Ice (Dean, Castiel) croatverse by [ profile] haruslex Cas can't find Dean's amulet.

Every Word That Comes Forth (Castiel/Dean, PG) by [ profile] haruslex Castiel in the desert. A retelling of the temptations of Christ.

Suffer A Witch [1/3]; Sam, Dean, Castiel; PG, no spoilers by [ profile] chibifrieza Team Free Will is cursed to speak in iambic pentameter.

Void - Team Free Will - PG13 - Scariness? by [ profile] maychorian Castiel gets trapped in a enclosed, warded space - car trunk for example, and has a bit of a panic until Dean or Sam gets him out. Hugs too please.

Hold On -G, Sam, Castiel no warnings, no spoliers by [ profile] just_ruth Sam thought no one would come for him. He was wrong. (BAMF!Cas.)

Wherefore the Elephant Toaster? (Sam, Dean, Cas; rated H for fruit bowl) Warning: dadaism. by [ profile] lassiterfics Team Free Will is cursed to speak in dadaist poetry.

Genesis (Cas, Lucifer; Gen but also R for sex, drugs, rock'n'roll) by [ profile] unoshot 5x04verse. Cas survives. Lucifer finds him, and for some reason decides to keep him around.

Suave & Supernatural (Dean/Castiel, PG) by [ profile] haruslex It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single hunter in possession of an Impala must be in want of an itinerant angel.

Have a cookie? Gen, Cas, OFC, random acts of kindness by [ profile] grimmalie Response to "Castiel helps an ordinary person. By being BAMF or otherwise. Or alternatively Average Joe helps Cas."

Enough now, Castiel and Dean, a little blood, no spoilers by [ profile] hrymfaxe Castiel exhausts himself putting up new wards at Bobby's house.

We got you - PG for language (Team Free Will) by [ profile] hereare_mysins Something after the last episode that gives them ALL schmoop and hugs. PLEASE. :(

Sleeping Beauty in the Backseat (Dean/Cas, PG, Spoilers for 5.16) by [ profile] maskedfangirl Cas sleeping in the back of the Impala with his trench coat draped over him. GEN or Dean/Cas

Untitled by [ profile] zoemathemata Castiel-transformed-into-an-animal (your choice which and how) really really likes having his ears rubbed. When he gets changed back, he still likes it.

Holy Shit, You're One of a Kind - PG for Language (Team Free Will) by [ profile] hereare_mysins Castiel is surprised and touched by something Dean and/or Sam do for him.

Chuck introduces Castiel to romantic comedies. by [ profile] seahorse_4215 Platonic cuddles and popcorn!

this is what gabe had to say about it by [ profile] vikki Um, what Gabe had to say about what happened to Cas after 4.22. Vikki told me not to archive it but I did anyway. \o/

untitled by [ profile] quiddative One day while watching children in the park and sitting very still, Castiel finds a bird building a nest in his coat pocket. The bird lays eggs, and Castiel protects them while going about his apocalyptic mission, even though Sam and Dean think it's stupid. (Happy ending, please!)

untitled by [ profile] zoemathemata Castiel-transformed-into-an-animal (your choice which and how) really really likes having his ears rubbed. When he gets changed back, he still likes it.

Apple of my Eye by [ profile] quiddative Dean/Castiel. Dean and Castiel have a contest to see who can come up with the most awful shmoopy nicknames for the other, to gross out Sam.

by [ profile] lisztful I want Castiel to start giving up hope, then Dean jumps in with something like "Look, I know you expect some profound shit, but I can't give you that. Just hold on for now, ok?"

POETIC JUSTICE; Sam, Dean, Castiel; PG for language; Warning: Poetry. by [ profile] chibifrieza Team Free Will are cursed to speak in poetry.

Sleeping Beauty in the Backseat (Dean/Cas, PG, Spoilers for 5.16) Part 1/2 by [ profile] maskedfangirl Cas sleeping in the back of the Impala with his trench coat draped over him. GEN or Dean/Cas

Jabberwocky (Dean/Cas, Sam) G or NC17, depending on your definition of 'nurdle' by [ profile] haruslex Team Free Will fights the Jabberwock.
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There is a rec meme going on at [ profile] spn_foxhole.

Team Free Will recs love meme @ [ profile] spn_foxhole

banner by [ profile] dotfic, screencap by [ profile] oxoniensis

GO FORTH AND REC. Unfortunately I have already read three-quarters of the fics recced there and am now going through the rest. I'M GOING TO RUN OUT SOON AND IT MAKES ME SAD.

Still trying come up with anything to rec, myself.
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From [ profile] earthquakedream.

1. Stop what you're doing. Print Screen.
2. Print screen your current desktop.
3. If you have Photoshop PSP open, print screen.
4. If you have a music player open, print screen.
5. Pick a folder, open it, print screen.

I usually don't do these, but I felt like it this time.

then something went horribly askew )
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I watched the Marble Hornets YouTube series last night after midnight, which was somewhat unwise of me. CREEEEEPEEEEE. ([ profile] bellatemple and I had an epic flailfest over at her LJ. It was fun.) And now, appropriately, there is this!

A gen-oriented, horror-themed Comment Meme
[Click on the image to go to the meme.]

Banner courtesy of [ profile] dollarchan

I picked an SPN banner, but it's multi-fandom and gen-oriented (meaning pairings are allowed, but should not be the focus of the fic or art or vid), so that's all to the awesome.

Go play!

Then, after you've gotten yourself thoroughly freaked out, head over to the new Sam-hurt community, [ profile] ohsam, and join in their meme!

\o/ You won't regret it!
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This is probably a bad idea.

Post a sentence (or two or a paragraph) from as many of your WIPs as you want, with no explanation attached.

1) John halted one step outside the motel door, and the keys fell from his hand and splashed down on the wet concrete.

The boy stood straight and pale, directly across from John in the aisle between the Impala and the car next to it. His arms hung at his sides and his face was blank and white where it wasn't bruised and bloodied. John stood there numbly, watching the rain bounce off him and sluice down his flesh.

"John Winchester," the boy said again, solemn and ringing. He spoke like someone who was used to being heard, a voice of command completely at odds with his pitiful, waif-like appearance. "Will you speak to me now?"

This time John was ready. He pulled his gun, pointed it, held it steady, and took one step forward.

2) Every Midwest town had a tornado warning siren, and most of them were tested at a certain time every week--Wednesday at noon, say, or Friday at five o'clock. When that mournful, two-tone wail began to rise Dean and Sam couldn't help but look up from whatever they were doing, interviewing a witness or eating at a diner or digging through musty books and worn newsleaf at a library. That high, mournful cry dug right down to the bone, sending a shudder through each, a crackle of old memories rising to the surface.

This siren wasn't rising on an hour of a half-hour. This siren was crying on a dusky evening at 8:17 PM, and Sam and Dean were in the middle of a hunt. Even as they ran up the stairs of the abandoned house, amped-up taser and fire axe in hand, they glanced up and tilted their heads to listen to the wail.

3) "Dean Dean Dean," John chanted softly, inching his hand closer to his son at a snail's pace, trying to get within reaching distance without the boy noticing. "Here, Deano Deano Deano. It's gonna be okay, I promise."

Dean flattened his now-tiny ears against his head and pressed even further back, squeezing Sammy between himself and the bottom of the counter. Then he hissed at his father.

"Dean!" John snapped, startled into reacting the way he would at any other time his eldest dared to give him a snotty attitude.

Bad move. Dean reared back and swiped his claws across John's hand, leaving a series of deep red grooves. John never would have thought that a kitten's claws could possibly wound him that deeply. It fucking hurt.

4) He knew that to outsiders his life would look shitty and small, living out of trunks and sketchy motel rooms, not much he could call his own beyond the clothes on his back and the brother at his side. People who had houses and cable and paintings on the wall, to them he would be an object of pity or ridicule, if they knew the particulars of his life. Missing out on so much. No safety cushion, nothing to fall back on. Just barely scraping by.

Dean knew abstractly that they didn't have much, but it didn't matter to him. He had enough. He had a purpose and a mission, a gun and a knife, a brother and a father. He liked free ice and Magic Fingers and the smooth rumbling roar of the Impala and pizza delivery on special occasions. It was enough. He had never looked beyond that. There were more important things: the next hunt, Sammy, surviving November every time it came back around like a wolf howling at the door.

Damn that girl, anyway, for making him feel like he was less, that his life wasn't enough, that he wasn't enough. That he was pathetic and neglected. With her big eyes and her questions, all "Don't you miss your dad?", and her utter lack of enthusiasm about what Dean found good in life. Maybe it was sort of his fault--he never should have hooked up with her to begin with, should have known better than to get in thick with a nice girl like that. Skanks and hos, those were the girls for Dean Winchester. He would never make that mistake again.

(There's also a Rain snippet with only two words in the doc ::facepalm::, and a secret thingy I'm not telling you about.)
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Today has been declared lurker amnesty day! Have you read me but never commented? Do you surf by occasionally? Here for the fic,vids pics? Say hello! You are under no obligation to ever comment or delurk again, but here's a chance to do so in a post just for that.

I had planned to spend yesterday writing and working on [ profile] spngenlove, but instead I cleaned out the fridge and made cookies and lemon mousse and spent the evening with friends. And today my womanlies have come and beaten the crap out of me, so I'm not getting much done now, either. 'Tis frustrating.

Just thought you might be interested.


Feb. 3rd, 2010 07:33 am
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I admit this is purely for curiosity's sake, because I can't imagine what you guys could come up with for this.

And now, for something entirely silly: Who on LJ do you ship me with? Bonus points for outlining the ridiculous AU fic that you would write about us.


Jan. 24th, 2010 07:27 pm
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Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I think you're spectacular. Then repost this [if you like] and spread the love.

Also, I finally got a new cell phone charger so my phone is working again and I'm kinda antsy to use up all these extra minutes, sooooo...

Post a song you would like to hear me sing (possibly with a YouTube or downloadable example in case I don't know it), and I will sing for your amusement. My taste runs to folk, alternative, classic rock, and hymns, but I will do awful versions of practically anything. Only if you want to, of course, and you could also comment looking for love without giving me a song, too.

ETA: The song thing will be limited to however many voice posts you get a month, unless I can find a microphone around here, so get 'em while they're hot.


Jan. 10th, 2010 04:45 pm
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In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer.
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India Foxtrot Yankee Oscar Uniform Charlie Alpha November Uniform November Delta Echo Romeo Sierra Tango Alpha November Delta Tango Hotel India Sierra, Charlie Oscar Papa Yankee Alpha November Delta Papa Alpha Sierra Tango Echo India Tango Tango Oscar Yankee Oscar Uniform Romeo Lima India Victor Echo Juliet Oscar Uniform Romeo November Alpha Lima.0:) Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Mike Echo Mike Echo
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Your result for The Fan Fiction Personality Test...

The True Fan

OOC is blasphemy, canon is everything.

Once you fall in love with a movie, book or TV series, you are loyal like an old dog. You take fanfiction quite serious and use it as a substitute after the canon ran out.

You are probably a walking dictionary of your favourite fandom and you are picky about what you write and read. The closer to the "real thing" fanfiction is, the more you like it.

You rather explore a character in all depth, see new sides and learn more about them than creating new characters or mix up the situations they are in.

Take The Fan Fiction Personality Test at OkCupid

Well, I am picky, yes. It's pretty common for me to back out of a story after reading a few paragraphs or pages and realizing that it's not for me. But I also like exploring what-if scenarios and crossovers and things like that, so I wouldn't say that I'm strictly a canon nut, though that's part of the way I view my fandom.

Definitely loyal like an old dog insanely obsessed, though.
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I wrote a lot of fanfic this year. It kept me sane in a lot of ways. Sixty-one posts marked fanfic on this journal, and I have at least a couple of commentfics that I never reposted here, plus some collaborations from the [ profile] spnwriterlounge Writer Olympics thing that I'm not sure how to quantify. I'm also not counting the bits of fic in my google documents that I wrote but never posted--have at least three partially finished stories in there.


And now the fic meme, amalgamated from several sources because I'm self-indulgent like that.

This gets long )

I'm in a very introspective and thinky mood right now, so I'll open this up for questions. If you've ever wondered something about my writing process, ask away. Or if you have questions about specific fics and 'verses, where they came from, where I think they're going, what changed along the way... Anything like that. Be prepared for a lot of vague mumbling and meandering explanations, though. I love writing and I can go on for a really, really long time if you get me started.

Like I said. Self-indulgent.
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First, the "first line of every month" one:

2009 sucked, you guys )

So, judging by this summary, in 2009 I was sick, tired, depressed, needy, and obsessed with my Big Bang and fandom in general. Yeah, that's pretty accurate.

Next, that long meme as seen on [ profile] july_july_july and [ profile] ultraviolet9a's journals.

long meme is long )

Fanfic meme coming tomorrow, probably.
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Good grief, you guys, I turn away from the computer for a few hours and suddenly I have a phalanx of snowflake cookies on my profile! Thank you so much. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Also this little piece of hilarity:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, maychorian sent to me...
Twelve star wars drumming
Eleven ratties piping
Ten heroes a-leaping
Nine books baking
Eight scrubs a-crocheting
Seven bards a-reading
Six movies a-cooking
Five cri-i-i-iminal minds
Four stargate atlantis
Three jensen ackles
Two pushing daisies
...and a torchwood in a glee.
Get your own Twelve Days:

If I suddenly disappear from the internet, it's because my netbook has finally just died. I have to keep wiggling the power cord around to make the battery charge, and I'm pretty sure that soon it won't work at all. I have a new one on order from amazon, but it'll be a few days. In the meantime I'm trying to watch all the TV episodes that I have on this computer and haven't gotten to yet. Currently in the middle of a Criminal Minds marathon.

♥ again.


Dec. 1st, 2009 10:56 pm
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I'm usually shy about putting my name out there in stuff like this, but I totally wouldn't mind some love. ♥



Nov. 30th, 2009 04:00 pm

I left way too many prompts, I fear.


Nov. 20th, 2009 12:39 pm
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Must go do my mother's bidding now, but please do click on this:

~Oye Como Va - a Castiel, Jo & Ellen fic/art meme~

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