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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Coming Down on a Sunny Day Book 3 (Prologue and Chapter 1)
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Winchester Ensemble
Category: Gen, AU, Family
Rating: T/PG13
Warning: (skip) Language. Allusions to child abuse
Spoilers: S4, previous stories in 'verse.
Summary: John Winchester has four sons, but to an outside observer, he appears to have only three. Their mission is to stop the Apocalypse before it starts.
Word Count: ~6100 (this part)
 Author’s Note: Coming Down on a Sunny Day master list, and YouTube Playlist, from whence came the titles.

Castiel was trapped. He was surrounded by twisted white and gold, a typhoon of sensation wrapping him in coils of burning gold. )
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Where Angels Failed (Coming Down on a Sunny Day)
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Castiel, Dean, Sammy, Jimmy
Category: AU, Hurt/Comfort, Family, Gen
Rating: K+/PG
Spoilers: Previous stories in 'verse. This is set between Book 1 and the first interlude.
Summary: Castiel has an ear infection. It's really bad. Dean is eleven and he doesn't know what to do.
Word Count: 11,000
Author’s Note: So I was trying to write Book 4, but then an ear infection happened and I contracted the dumb. I would try to compose sentences and phrases like "ouch, that really hurts" kept inserting themselves into the text. So I gave up and wrote this. It was a very bad infection, reminding me strongly of a horrible one I had when I was sixteen. Therefore...try to follow my reasoning here...I gave it to Cas. Also because I'm a mean writer and I wanted a Dean. Somewhere toward the end I started feeling better and it got a bit more thinky, though not really any more coherent. It took me this long to edit it up worth sharing.

I hope you enjoy. I intend to post another part of Coming Down on a Sunny Day every Friday.

Dean let the door slam shut behind him and walked into the living room, shrugging his backpack off his shoulder with one casual move. )
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Coming Down Second Interlude: I'll Pass as Your Comrade
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Jimmy, Cas, Sammy, Dean, John
Category: Family, Gen
Rating: K+/PG
Spoilers: S4, previous stories in 'verse.
Summary: "What do you want to do with your life?" It had never occurred to Jimmy that he had a choice.
Word Count: ~3000
Author's Note: It's true, I've started writing more Coming Down on a Sunny Day. The rough draft of Book 3 is completed and just needs some editing. It's almost 25k words, which is three quarters as long as the original Coming Down Big Bang was. So yeah, I've been busy, and I have a long way to go. I don't intend to start posting Book 3 until I've finished Book 4, because, like the first two books, they're really just one story.

But this piece here, which I'm calling the second interlude (because I had the first interlude between books one and two), is a stand-alone, so I decided to go ahead and publish it. I hope you like it and will take it as a harbinger for things to come.

The title is from "Cruel War" by Peter, Paul & Mary. Give it a listen—it really is shockingly appropriate.

The front door of the trailer crashed open, and the whirlwind of limbs and school papers that embodied Sammy Winchester rushed inside, roaring from one end of the box-shaped dwelling to the other. )
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Proving I can still write. Written right in the post entry box, no beta, hardly a proof-reading.

Title: In This Black Forest
Summary: No one cares that you're broken.
Spoilers: Season 7 Finale.

Cas is gone. He fluttered off. He doesn't like fighting. )
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Beer Bottle Grace
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby, leviathans, adorable little bits of Castiel
Category: Humor, AU, H/C
Rating: R for swearing and nasty imagery
Warning: (skip) Good Lord, but that boy has a potty mouth. Also some gore. Amputation warning because of leviathans.
Spoilers: Up to 7.10
Summary: In Which There Are Far Too Many Bitches for Dean, Sam Is a Genius Somehow, and Castiel Is Not Where He's Supposed to Be Because He's Dead or Something
Word Count: About 9500
Author’s Note: I started this at Christmas vacation, intending to have it up by New Year, or at least before hiatus ended, but that didn’t happen. Oh well. Apparently this is how I do fix-it fic.

It started that night they did couples therapy for those two scary evil witches with their bitchy faces and bitchy voices and bitchy bitch problems. )
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Furlough
Author: [ profile] maychorian
Artist: [ profile] extraonions
Characters: Castiel, Novaks, Winchesters
Category: Angst, Drama, Het
Rating: R/M
Warning: (skip) Salty language.
Spoilers: Through S5. References another story of mine, Better Than One.
Summary: Once given, consent to Heaven's will cannot be revoked. It's a lesson Jimmy doesn't want to learn.
Word Count: 6200
Author’s Note: Written for [ profile] spn_reversebang. Thanks to my lovely betas, [ profile] vikki and [ profile] just_ruth, and most especially to [ profile] extraonions for the gorgeous and inspiring art. ♥
Art link: Here.

Love Me When I'm Gone - The Angsty Jimmy Novak EP

You Found Me - The Fray
Believe - The Bravery
Wings - Josh Ritter
Roll Away Your Stone - Mumford & Sons
When I'm Gone - 3 Doors Down

YouTube Playlist folder

When he was brought back to life the second time, Jimmy screamed. )
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Better Than One
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Dean, Castiel, Lisa, Ben
Category: Gen, Mini Bang, Schmangst
Rating: PG-13
Warning: (skip) Language, a bit of gore. It's pretty kid-safe, all told.
Spoilers: Through Season Five
Summary: Castiel and Dean both need a "vacation from normalcy." It's a post-apocalyptic road trip with grieving Dean, concerned Castiel, monsters, diner food, crazy motels, and historic downtown districts. No Sam, but he is very much on their minds.
Art Master Post: Here. Be sure to tell her how awesome she is!
Word Count: 10,000
Author’s Note: A thousand thanks to [ profile] hrymfaxe for the gorgeous, gorgeous art, far more amazing than I expected or deserved. And to my betas, [ profile] quiddative and [ profile] sparky_joe. You guys are awesome. On another note, I am sort of sorry to add yet another post-S5 road trip fic to the growing pile, but this is the story my heart wanted to tell.

Indiana was where he died, and Indiana was where he tried to live. )
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Five Times Sam Got into the Strawberries
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Sam and the people in his life
Category: Gen, schmangsty h/c dramedy?
Rating: G
Spoilers: General through S5
Summary: Sam has always loved strawberries.
Word Count: About 1300
Author’s Note: For [ profile] dickensgirl, who wanted something with "strawberries and Sam," and also [ profile] authoressnebula, [ profile] saberivojo, and everyone else who has a birthday around this time. ♥ ♥ ♥

John saw the Pick Your Own Berries sign by the road somewhere in farm country and he had to stop. )
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Coming Down on a Sunny Day
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Winchester Ensemble
Category: Big Bang, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Gen-with-minor-het-in-second-half
Rating: PG-13
Warning: (skip) Allusions to child abuse that may be triggery, OC character death, minors in peril, somewhat pro-church/religion, scary imagery
Spoilers: Through S4 in general
Summary: In 2009, Castiel watches the Apocalypse end disastrously and makes a decision. In 1984, John Winchester suddenly finds himself with another little boy on his hands, one with dark, messy hair and sad blue eyes who won't leave John and his sons alone. And so Sam and Dean get a weirdo big brother. Because their lives aren't complicated enough.
Word Count: ~34,000
Author's Note: This is an AU of a previously written AU.

Book One Part 1 | Book One Part 2 | Interlude | Book Two Part 1 | Book Two Part 2

Art Master Post | Soundtrack | Notes & Acknowledgments
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: The Sky Like a Bruise
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Dean, Sam, OCs, mentions of John
Category: Gen, Action/Adventure, H/C, Angst
Rating: PG13
Warning: (skip) Language.
Spoilers: Set in S2 sometime.
Summary: Twister's comin', boy. Better find shelter, hunker down with your family and your arms wrapped around you, and just pray it don't take anything you can't replace.
Word Count: 6389
Author’s Note: This is my Sweet Charity fic for [ profile] sparky_joe, ten months late and a dollar short. I kind of have a lot to say about it so I'll probably blather in a separate post at some point, but I hope it means half as much to you, gentle reader, as it does to me and her. ETA: Promised blathering.

Sam and Dean Winchester grew up in the Midwest. They knew the sights and smells and sounds of the farmland, from the red dust of Oklahoma to the black loam of Illinois, from the lakes of Minnesota to the creeks of Tennessee, from the Amish fields of Pennsylvania stretched like a rumpled quilt to the flats of Texas where you could stand on a chair and see for miles.  )


Apr. 4th, 2010 12:35 am
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Void
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Dean, Sam, Castiel
Category: Gen, Angst, H/C, Episode Coda
Rating: PG13
Warning: (skip) Language. Brief scariness.
Spoilers: 5.16
Summary: They're just two people, alone and clinging together in the dark. It's all so damn familiar.
Word Count: 2000
Author’s Note: Credit where due—one bit of this was written for a prompt by [ profile] hugglewolf at my Castiel party. After 5.16 I decided to expand it into a coda. Possibly I should not be writing fic while coming down off a fever, though.

Dean and Sam emerge from the motel room to find Castiel standing by the Impala. Not doing anything, just...standing there, head down, arms limp at his sides. He looks like a man lost and homeless, standing on the outside looking in. Which he is, Dean realizes. )
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Wow, it's been a long time since I've ficced. I dunno what took this so long, either, since it's... Well, read it and see.

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: We Will Work with Each Other, We Will Work Side by Side
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Castiel, Dean, Sam
Category: Gen, Hurt/Comfort, Angst
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 5.13
Summary: Castiel is dizzy, and frustrated, and annoyed, and he has something to say.
Word Count: 1800
Disclaimer: This is my Father's world, but it's Kripke's playground.
Author’s Note: Dang it, I got a whole bunch of ANGST in my H/C. ::kicks the ground:: This was supposed to be a fluff piece, but nooooooo. I also do not understand why it insisted on being in present tense, but there it is. Title from the song in my "Now Playing" slot.

Being ill is extremely unpleasant. Somehow Castiel has never realized that before. It's different when it's happening to you. )
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Chocolate Gash Tortoise
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Dean, Sam, another one
Category: Gen, Humor, Crack?
Rating: PG13 (language)
Warning: (skip) May induce cravings for chocolate. POV issues
Spoilers: Season 5 general
Summary: Mysterious pastries begin to appear. Dean is delighted. Sam is not.
Word Count: 1600
Disclaimer: This is my Father's world, but it's Kripke's playground.
Author’s Note: For [ profile] roque_clasique for the prompt "non-metaphorical cupcakes." Dude. I don't even know. The images just got into my head and wouldn't leave.

There was something sitting in a muffin wrapper on the motel room's small table when they came in the door. )
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Baby Girl and Uncle Deano
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Dean, Sam
Category: Gen, Humor?
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Baby Think It Over, Dean's ass. More like Baby Full of Bullshit.
Word Count: 1537
Disclaimer: This is my Father's world, but it's Kripke's playground.
Author’s Note: For [ profile] roque_clasique on the occasion of her birthday. She came up with the idea, not me.

Dean did not know how he had ended up in the same sex-ed class with his geek little brother. It was total bullshit. Someone at the office hated him. Or hated Sam. Or hated them both. Or just...hated everything in the whole entire world. Because this? Was bullshit. )
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Held Together with His Hands
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Castiel, Dean, Sam
Category: Gen, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: PG-13
Warning: (skip) Pointless whump. Language. Mild gore.
Spoilers: 5.10
Summary: The first time Castiel's healing mojo failed to work even on himself was a shock to all of them.
Word Count: 4300
Disclaimer: This is my Father's world, but it's Kripke's playground.
Author’s Note: Thinly-veiled excuse to use my new Cas-whump icon from [ profile] lastwordslinger. Not the Cas-whump idea I was talking about earlier, sorry, that'll be longer. Betaed and posted by an absolutely giddy [ profile] dickensgirl.

Held Together with His Hands )

Good Times

Nov. 23rd, 2009 04:28 pm
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Good Times
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby, Castiel, Ellen and Jo
Category: Gen, Angst, Episode Tag
Rating: PG
Warning: (skip) Purple prose. Experimental structure. Language.
Spoilers: Through 5.10
Summary: And as flames climbed high into the night to light the sacrificial rite, I saw Satan laughing with delight the day the music died.
Word Count: 1243
Disclaimer: This is my Father's world, but it's Kripke's playground.
Author’s Note: Lyrics from "American Pie" by Don McClean.

Good Times )
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This is what I wrote instead of doing a review for last week.

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Stupid People
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Dean, Sam, Castiel
Category: Gen, Crack, Humor, CRACK
Rating: T/PG13
Warning: (skip) This story is freakin' ridiculous. Also language.
Spoilers: Set post 5.06
Summary: Some people are cat people. Some people are dog people. And then there are people like Dean....
Word Count: 7000
Disclaimer: This is my Father's world, but it's Kripke's playground.
Author’s Note: Inspired by this fandom secret and the discussion of it. Title and summary from a dimly remembered Garfield comic strip.

Stupid People )
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(This is the ficlet you guys voted for. Hope you enjoy it. ♥)

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Fire on the Mountain (Run, Boys, Run)
Author: Maychorian
Characters: John, Sammy, Dean
Category: Gen, Angst, H/C, Weechester (very wee)
Rating: G
Warning: (skip) Schmoooooop.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Little Sammy was poking him. Again.
Word Count: 873
Disclaimer: This is my Father's world, but it's Kripke's playground.
Author’s Note: For the [ profile] spnwriterlounge Writers Olympics. Title from a bluegrass tune (or "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"), though the Grateful Dead song is cool, too.

Fire on the Mountain (Run, Boys, Run)
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: And It Blew Those Four Walls Down
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Dean, Sam
Category: Gen, Angst, Missing Scene
Rating: PG13
Warning: (skip) Language. Couldn't decide which POV to use. Depressing.
Spoilers: 5.1
Summary: "This has been a very stressful day." From the plane to the car.
Word Count: 1250
Disclaimer: This is my Father's world, but it's Kripke's playground.
Author’s Note: Mmm, new fic inspired by new episode! I missed this.

And It Blew Those Four Walls Down )
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minor spoilers )

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