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Feb. 8th, 2010 08:28 pm
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I am in Huntington discussing character ideas for a new campaign, and I think I'm totally in love with my new character. She's gonna be an Eladrin (high elf) who was stranded on basically this world's equivalent of the Falklands when she was a baby and raised by temperate penguins. She's quite mentally unbalanced, and she's a shaman (a new primal class from 4th ed.), so her spirit companion is, of course, a giant penguin who swims through the air instead of water. The reason she left the island is to find a mate, because penguins mate for life, of course, and no one she meets quite seems right for her. So everyone she meets on this campaign is going to be subjected to intense crazy-lady tilted-head staring, followed by a short burst of speech in penguinese, until she finds someone who will be happy to waddle back home with her to lay some eggs and live on rocks for life.

This quest is most likely doomed to failure.
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Last night my Thursday gaming group did a photo shoot for make-a-cards for a game called ZOMBIES. It was hilarious good times. We went to Wal-Mart and shopped for zombie-killin' stuff, and I made fake blood, and we took many, many awesome and hilarious pictures which I hope I will be able to share with you soon.

But I got home and watched the new Supernatural and was too wired to sleep, so I ended up playing with my webcam. I really enjoyed posing for the camera with my friends, making goofy faces and getting giggles out of them with my expressions, and I just kept doing that for my own amusement. It was great.

I've always been very camera-shy. I've always hated how I look and I hate having to see myself, even in the mirror. (I don't have one in my bedroom and I avoid looking at myself when I use restrooms.) But that's kinda silly, right? I am who I am. If I'm going to try to be more accepting of myself and my body, which I've loathed for many years, I should learn to like what I look like, too.

So this is sort of healthy? Maybe? Anyway, I thought they were kinda funny and I'm willing to share. Thus, in the spirit of, I present Maychorian Expresses an Emotion.

image heavy )

This will be f-locked soon.

I is sad

Jan. 28th, 2010 11:59 pm
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My netbook power cord got broked. This is what I get for having pet rats and letting them run around my room, obviously, even though the nest they made in my sock drawer is incredibly adorable (AHAHAHA THEY KEEP STEALING MY MAXI PADS AND SCRUNCHIES TO PAD IT WITH), and next time of course I will try to do a better job of protecting my cords, possibly by wrapping them entirely in citrus, which my ratties hate. But. For now, I have six hours of battery power and that is IT.

I ordered a new cord and even went for expedited shipping, but it's definitely taking too long. ::shakes to make more tracking information fall out:: What, yes, I only ordered it a few hours ago. Shut up.

Anyway. This is sad, because I don't know when I'll be able to download the new SPN ep and watch it. I spent this evening killing undead devourer thingies and harpies with my mad awesome elf rogue, and that was amazing, but what will I do with the rest of my time? :(

At least I still have the Netflix queue on my teevee. But Supernatural isn't on it.

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This should really be accompanied by a guitar. I wrote it after my friend Aaron told me all about what being a 3.5 D&D bard was like. This was before I'd ever played one, mind you, and according to them this is perfect, so I'm haughtily proud of it. For my Padfoot, [ profile] limegreenjillo. There are no better versions for me to link to.

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So my last day on this job is officially November 29th.

I'm... REALLY looking forward to it.

Currently brightening screenshots. I hope to get them uploaded to the net before I head for Huntington, and maybe I can work on my review down there (when it's not my turn to kill stuff with my crazy-cakes half-elf bard). The broken screen on my netbook does make it annoying, though. is AWESOME. In case you hadn't heard. They even have a bunch of the super-obscure indy Celtic bands I love, like Enter the Haggis.
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So this was my dilemma. My Thursday D&D group is doing like a potluck, in which the lovely hosts are providing spaghetti bake and the rest of us are bringing salad and dessert or whatever. And I was all like, "Bread! I will bring some kind of bread! Mmmmmgah, I love bread! Bread bread bread! I'm all over this, let me handle it!"

And, well. Breadsticks = awesome. Cheese sticks =awesome. Breadsticks stuffed with cheese? OH LORDY MY MIND HAS JUST BEEN BLOWN. ::sqqqqzplah, brains on the wall, blood dripping from ruined skull::

But the problem. There are six of us. Cheesy breadsticks come in boxes of five. ONLY FIVE WTF BREAD COMPANY THAT'S NOT ENOUGH. I had to make sure that everyone would get an equal amount of cheesy bready goodness, because the perfectionist equal-rights lover in me could not have it any other way. (I swear, as a teeny girl buckling my shoes for church I always made sure that the little rod thingy was the same number of holes in on both sides SO IT WOULD BE FAIR TO MY SHOES.)

I fear I've bought way too much.

But then again, can you ever have too many cheesy breadsticks? I think not.

I think not.

Anyway, it's just a good thing that cheesy Texas toast comes in boxes of eight, that's all.
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We're starting a new campaign tonight. Here's my new character's (somewhat skeletal) backstory. I dunno why I decided to go crackish this time, but there it is. I'm looking forward to playing a bard again.


Valenya Cherbatasky was born in a small village near the border of Novagast and Earnan. Her father was a human, Ivan the woodcutter, and her mother was an elf, Marisuva, who dressed the hair of various important ladies in their village and the surrounding area. On big feast days she also curled the hair of the mayor's prized dogs.

Valenya's father was known for being just a little unbalanced. Because he spent of a lot of time in the forest, he seemed to have accidentally wandered into the Feywild one too many times. He had a strange fondness for the color pink and often declared that someone's face was "sparkly" and they should back off or he would hit them in the forehead with his axe.

Valenya also had three older brothers, Vanya, Vi-Chan, and Chad. When each lad turned twenty-one, they were sent off on a quest to make their way in the world, because Ivan insisted on it. Each one was given only a piece of bread, a hunk of cheese, and a hand-carved comb from their mother. This was meant to be character-building, and it mostly worked. Chad married a princess and Vi-Chan ended up a prosperous merchant in a wealthy city. Vanya, unfortunately, was eaten by a porpoise before he got very far in his journey.

Being always surrounded by such strange folk, and constantly fed fairy-tales and sad stories by her various relations (grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews not-yet-born), Valenya grew up with a great love for the odd, the misfit, the forgotten. Even as a wee tiny girl, she was bold and outgoing, reaching up to tug on the tunic of a passing villager and motioning them to bend down so she could talk to them.

"Come, listen now," she would say. "I tell you a story. It make you sad, but when it finish, you vill be stronger."

Hilariously enough, she was always right. The villager would go on his or her way feeling much better and happier about their life, even though Valenya's tragic tales usually had them breaking down into tears before she was ten minutes in. (And mind you, these tales often lasted an hour or more. They are tales of Novagast, after all, and we all know how that goes.)

By the time Valenya was twenty-one, her parents had recognized that she was destined be a great bard. And so she set out into the world with her piece of bread, hunk of cheese, and hand-carved comb, a sad story on her lips and magic in her heart.

Pretty soon she figured out that she should also get a sword and some armor. I never said Valenya was stupid.

And thus her tale begins.
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Gosh, so many people died today, many of them named Dave. :(

I am lightly sunburned all over. This makes me think of Corran Horn, because I am weird like that.

Tonight was the final fight of the campaign I've been doing with my Thursday night group. HOLY EPIC BOSS BATTLE. It was fantastic. But I am sad that my friend Sean is going away for the summer, and then another buddy, Tim D., is going to graduate school in the fall. People are going awaaaaaay. It makes me sad.

Add Little Leo to the list of rats who have been in my underwear. This makes three.
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1. Ai yai yai...

So Monday night I play D&D with friends, yes? Well, I was sore, what with my elbows, and also my knees and sometimes my back. So on my way out the door I made a quick stop in the bathroom, rummaged around in the family box of medicine and found some painkillers and gulped a couple, then drove down to Josh's house to carpool to Huntington. About halfway there I started feeling kinda groggy, but didn't really think anything of it. I often get sleepy in late afternoon, but I perk up when we start playing. Well, not this time.MOAR. Also homeschool graduation and a new rattie )
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Jill, John, Gabe, Aaron, Josh, Chuck, and me (not shown). Lookit all my geeky friends!


Feb. 27th, 2009 12:34 pm
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Ugh, I am sick. What wonderful timing, body o' mine. Didn't get sick all winter. Until now, when I must be out of my apartment tomorrow and still have far too much to do, packing and cleaning and all that fun stuff. I just feel so flipping weak. Carrying a few boxes up and down the stairs to my car had me feeling like I was about to pass out.

I want to sleep, but this may also not be the best idea. Last night I had stress dreams about the move, too, which seemed to be a combination of Sam and Dean being very, very angsty and strange references to D&D. Sample convo:

"So, you're absolutely sure that the planar elves are going to appear and eat all your stuff?"

"Yes, we must fumigate immediately!"

I don't know.

Also, my internet is already off at my place, which makes me somewhat depressed even though I asked for it to be turned off today. I'm posting this from my parents' house.

And now I must go back and pack some more.
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Me: I just had something in my throat.
Gabe: But you sounded so evil.

(I had a little trouble clearing some phlegm out of my throat before I offered Jill some advice, and it came out sounding very menacing.)

Aaron: So, has an aura of fear descended on the DMV yet?

(We were in the middle of a rather complicated strategy that involved changing the title of a ship in the SW equivalent of the Department of Motor Vehicles, complete with a staged fight in the waiting room.)

And goodness, why can't I remember any more? We always make so many jokes and laugh so hard....

Also, John bought Josh a Star Wars GM screen as a kind of gift for GMing, and it had this marvelous collage of character art on it, and I asked for stuff on the table to be rearranged so I could stare at Han more easily. It made Josh very uncomfortable, because it looked like I was staring at him, but as I told him, he wasn't exposing bits of his chest, and was therefore a bit less magnifying to the female eye.

::sigh:: Oh, Han.....
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So I have been watching more Leverage. And it occurs to me that the Leverage team is a perfect D&D adventuring party.

No, no, stick with me here.

See, now, Nate Ford is so obviously the amazing intelligent leader who makes EVERYONE else better. He'd be a 3.5 cleric with lots and lots of buff spells, or a 4e Warlord, both Inspiring and Tactical. He's got all this intelligence and wisdom and charisma. Quite amazing. We are talking epic level, for sure.

Then Sophie. OMG, such a bard, with incredibly high bluff, diplomacy, and perform (histrionics), with maybe also some illusion spells and a little bit of healing up her sleeve. Not as well-rounded as some bards, but her chosen skills are very high.

And Parker is very much definitely an acrobatic rogue, with amazing tumble and stealth and trap sense and the lock-picking and hanging off walls. And the lust for money, just for money's sake. Reminds me very much of Haley Starshine in Order of the Stick. I think her bluff skill is actually in the negatives, though, which is an unusual choice for a rogue, but her skill points obviously went elsewhere.

And Eliot! Straight-up fighter, that one. Maybe even a 3.5 monk, what with the amazing hand-to-hand. His Dex score must be incredibly high, and he took some cross-class skills in stealth, too.

Oh, Hardison, Alec Hardison, how I love thee, my fellow geek. ♥ This guy is a modern-age wizard, taking over a plane from three thousand miles away, doing the ranged attacks and the magic missiles. I'm pretty sure the character would agree with this assessment, too, and like it.

They're such an awesome party. ::luffs them::
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cut for extreme geekiness and bad puns )

Oh, and incidentally? Second day on anti-depressants, and this crap really works. I am impressed.
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Things that made my weekend fantastic:this gets rather long )
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No good quotes from last night's D&D, sorry. Not much of note happened, except that I got an EXTREMELY timely critical hit, and then used an action point to get off an encounter power, and it was a really, really, really good round for my little halfing rogue. ::pets her:: But yeah. The mod wasn't that great, though the fights were fun, and as always I had my Pavlovian reaction of intense giggly happiness on walking into Jill and Aaron's apartment. I always enjoy myself there.

Pretty happy with the Entertaining Angels soundtrack now, though it's maybe a little more sappy than I originally intended. ::shrugs:: Or, you know, you could just listen to the soundtrack for Disney's Tarzan. Pretty much every song works somewhere. (Discovered that today--it's pretty cool, actually, if a bit weird.)

I know exactly what's going to happen I just need the time to write.

Also need to do gift shopping. ::sigh:: And figure out holiday stuff. And just, you know, try not to explode. I've spent so much time apart from my family lately I'm a little nervous about being with them for more than a few hours at a time. I've changed so much as a person in the past couple of years. I need to start going to church again, for one thing. (My sisters are always SO SAD that I don't go anymore. It makes me feel bad.)

I'm enjoying reading everyone's happy memes right now. Keep doing it! I like learning about what makes my friends feels good. I'll do it sometime later.

D&D Quotes

Dec. 9th, 2008 09:38 am
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I am tired today, you guys. We did two mods last night (modules--pre-made adventures). It was fun, but a baaad idea. Didn't get home till about two-thirty, didn't sleep till three. It was lots of fun, though.

So in Fourth Edition everything you do has a name, like a video game power-up. This leads to such moments as Rafe (old friend visiting last night, not usually a part of the group) saying things like, "I just want to pop my Privilege," and me replying, "Well, at least you don't want to pop anyone else's." And really, why are you so dirty, self? That was uncalled for. Though as I pointed out, it wasn't as bad as Jill and Aaron talking about pickles a few weeks ago. (Seriously, that was sooooo bad. And everything Jill added in an attempt to clear it up ONLY MADE IT WORSE. Liking them big, fishing them from the jar with one hand, eating them whole, being delicious...)

Also when both of the halflings of the party (me and Aaron) fail our Endurance check after drinking Quintuple Boch (boch boch boch boch boch) and get tipsy, of course we must discuss the warning that should be on the keg. Must be this tall to drink this beer! And when Gabe goes poking around in a shop with a suspicious owner, he must bluff that he is looking for the little dwarves' room.

I was also very proud when Aaron exclaimed "Fudge nuggets!" when something went wrong, because that's the kind of random phrase I blurt out all the time. ::iz pleased by her influence on her friends::

HUGS FOR ALL! And pass the fudge nuggets. That just sounds like some chocolatey goodness right there.
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1. I have now beaten Guitar Hero World Tour with my primary band (Baby Face McGee) on both guitar and bass at medium difficulty. And Muse's "Assassin" on bass 100% on the first try, beetchez! 617 note streak! w00t! \o/ I ROCK! Guitar Hero told me so and Guitar Hero doesn't lie.

Now I need to unpack that freaking intimidating drum kit and learn how to play it.

2. I am SO glad that I wrote that story about peanut butter sandwiches, because one of the commenters turned me on to the possibilities of cherry preserves with creamy peanut butter, and it is UNBELIEVABLY good. Nom nom nom nom nom. I not quite sure why it never occurred to me to buy more different kinds of jam than just strawberry, raspberry and apricot, but it hadn't. That was what we always had growing up, so I was used to them and thought them delicious (still do, of course). But now, with all of the many things people pointed out to me, and because I buy my own groceries now, I have been branching out.


3. Both of my D&D groups are awesome. My Monday night group is starting to do official-type stuff so we can play with leveled characters at cons and such, so I made a new halfling rogue for a Forgotten Realms campaign. Her name is Tufi Fernwild (I think this is the bestest halfling name evar) and she got a little crazy when telling a story about a glass bunny on Monday night. I have decided that she is very excitable and her voice goes high-pitched sometimes, so this will be very fun to play. My Thursday night group, which I DM, continues to be very good at coming up with creative ways to avoid encounters that I had planned for them. :D Perfectly in character and very clever, of course, so they get massive story XP. ::hugs them all::

4. Those four baby mice I mentioned having a while back? Three are boys, two brown and a white, and one of the brown is a slightly lighter brown color than the other. So their names are, of course, Dean, Sam, and Castiel. YES! I have my very own teenie Deanie, Sammy mouse, and mini!Cas. They are adorable and fluffy and I really need to get a camera so I can post pictures.

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I wish to make it clear that the OCs in my last story are totally Geeks in Love.

Also, the best quote from last night's D&D, in which we didn't actually play any D&D but just sat around talking geek, then watched MacGyver and Futurama, is from Aaron: "If it was in the player's favor, I would round down on baby weight."

Totally sounds like the players are buying babies wholesale and in bulk, but actually it was about saving newborns from human-sacrificing cultists by use of Mage Hand, which is only supposed to lift five pounds.

Also, "You can't use that! It's a marker." But the context for that one is a little harder to explain. Rest assured, it was hilarious.
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I think maybe it's being in this office that was making me sick. I felt better yesterday after I left, though it took all evening for the headache to go away. There might be mold or something--I'm allergic to mold. Or maybe it's the lack of circulation or something, I dunno. For now, I'm going to start taking Alpha Lipoic Acid and some other stuff again, see if that helps, and maybe talk to my boss about it.

Anyway, story time! Last night was my Monday D&D group, with my Padfoot ([ profile] limegreenjillo) and her hubs, Aaron, plus Josh and Gabe. We rotate DMing--right now Gabe is doing it, and I feel bad for him, because we were really horrendously distracted last night. I mean, it's usually bad, but this was awful.

Case in point: Jill and Aaron sit next to each other at the table, and despite being married for a year and a half now, they still engage in behaviors that are equal parts adorable and obnoxious, such as poking and rubbing each other's shoulders and leaning over to smooch at random intervals. Aaron is especially bad at this, and last night I guess he poked Jill's arm particularly hard, because she made the sad face and said, "There's a bone in there!"

Well, I mean, we can't just leave that alone, can we? Someone said, "That's what she said," (I think it might have been Josh or Aaron) and we all busted up laughing. And then I couldn't leave it alone.

I said, "Heh, I almost did that on myself the other day."

And you know, that works too, so again with the "that's what she said" and we're laughing even harder. But I wanted to finish my story.

I said, "I was giving someone a ride in my car..."

Again, more hysterical laughter. I had to hold onto my chair, I was laughing so hard. But I valiantly continued.

"They were bringing something along and I said, 'You can just stick that anywhere.'"

More laughter. It had reached ear-piercing levels by this point.

"And I almost said that's what she said on myself," I finished, struggling for breath.

"Oh, man, this is never going to stop now," I said after a moment, when we just kept laughing and laughing.

And yeah, that works, too.

There were a couple more before we finally calmed down. It was awesome and terrible. We are such dorks.

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