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also, caught up, and omg they killed Kenny Misha Charlie Sheen whut.

The most I have been writing lately is RPG stuff. Maybe more on that latter. Mostly I have been annoyed by RL things like medical problems, especially my keratoconus which has been particularly aggravating lately like agh, EYES WHY WON'T YOU WORK. Watching TV and playing Xbox is more fun than reading and writing at the moment. And continuing indefinitely, until, you know, cornea transplants or something. Stupid keratoconus. I hate it.
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Sorry I was silent for so long and now just posting endless whining. Argh.

I feel like I didn't really sleep last night, more tranced like Elves in Tolkien (or D&D)--falling into a dream for awhile, waking up a little, dreaming again. It was weird and not terribly restful. My kitten kept me company all night, though, that was nice.

But I did have a nice, strange, rather extensive dream about Misha. o.O Like, we lived in the same neighborhood and he came over and we were friends. We wrote stories together. They weren't even fanfic. He was still a celebrity and I was still just an ordinary person, but it was a really lovely, sort of long and hilarious dream. We wrote really funny stories--funny to us, anyway--and laughed a lot. I was weirded out at first that he was interested in spending time with me, but I got over it fast. And we sent story notes to each other by email and snail mail.

I've never really had much interest in co-writing with someone. It seems like a lot of effort to coordinate when I can usually do it by myself, but if the relationship was like that... Yeah, it'd be awesome.

Thanks, Misha, for the nice dream in a mostly pain-filled night.

Also, my house in that dream was really nice.
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OMG you guise you guise you guise.




ROBOT HEAD!!!!!!!!!!

Why can't Misha be the star of ALL the crappy SyFy original movies, huh? I would watch them all. And love them all. Because wow, yeah, I don't usually notice how pretty Castiel is because I love him for other reasons, but MISHA. OMG, Misha is a pretty, pretty man, and I could watch him running around shouting ridiculous dialog and acting mostly with his eyebrows for MANY MANY MOONS.

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You have all seen this, yes?

Oh, Misha, how so beautiful. ::sigh::

ETA: Also, if you click for full size, Misha is GINORMOUS. (Is aware of the implications in that statement and does not care.)
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So. Misha. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

He promised in a tweet to reward anyone who watched "Loot" and proved that they had. Typical Dictator and President-of-the-World-for-Life Misha, yes? And then he did it. He handmade some chocolate truffles and then sent them to the fan in questions. With pictorial proof.

What is this I don't even

I don't even know how to deal with this amazingness anymore. Misha is a chocolatier. And he used technical terms as proof. Oh, you guys, you guys, he tempered the chocolate coating by hand, and it was tedious. (As indeed it is.)



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If you ever doubted how very, very, very, very wonderful Misha Collins is, I invite you to read this:


Aug. 17th, 2009 11:19 am
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I adore this fandom secret. Sometimes they're adorable.

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Thanks to everyone who gave me wishes and sent me encouraging messages and bought me virtual gifts! You made turning twenty-six a delightful experience and I can't thank you enough. ♥ I don't even know if I could list them all, I got so many.

I'm not quite where I thought I would be at this point in my life. I didn't think I'd (still, again) be living in my parents' basement, struggling to pay my bills. I always hoped I would be a published novelist by now. At times I even flirted with the idea of possibly being married by now, but that obviously hasn't happened. Still, all around I have a lot of good things in my life, supportive family and wonderful friends, a hobby that brings me endless joy, plenty of talent if only I knew what to do with it. I've got rhythm, I've got music, I've got my SamnDeannImpalanCastiel, who could ask for anything more, right?

Good day with family. Went and saw Up, which is a beautiful movie in every way. It made me cry. Twice. That just doesn't happen. It made me a laugh a lot, too, which is always good. Then we had a great birthday supper with bratwurst (my favorite summer food) and jello cake and frozen custard for dessert, and my family had gotten me a Wii Fit. It's pretty fun so far, though I'm doing my best to ignore the outdated science and the obnoxious comments the game makes. I don't really care if I lose weight, but I DO want to be more fit, so I'm focusing on that. DDR makes me sweat more, though. I'm just sayin'. And it's less frustrating, though maybe I'll get better at the WF with practice.

And I got this awesome, awesome autographed picture of Meeeesha from [ profile] mymuseandi, which makes me very, very happy. (Okay, she sent it to me like weeks ago, but I only went and picked it up at the post office this week, so I'm totally counting it as a birthday present.)

pic here )
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Rant the First: WHY IS CASTIEL-POV SO HARD TO WRITE. Whyyyy??? You need to be more human, dude, so your brain makes more sense. You make me make this face. :-ddoisjl "Bitchass angel of the freakin' Lord," for sure.

Rant the Second: My Bartleby has become a biter. Why, little rat, why? DO MY HANDS TASTE LIKE CANDY? They are not candy! I'm pretty sure they should just taste like hands. THAT IS NOT DELICIOUS.

Rant the Third: Okay, I have more hours right now, which is cool, but why did it have to coincide with Big Bang? I WANT MORE TIME TO READ.

Rant the Fourth: Yeah, and these hours include a lot of walking pushing a kid in wheelchair. Which is cool, right? Free exercise. Sometimes two or three hours a day. I didn't change my eating patterns because I'm not down with that, but I thought maybe I would drop a few pounds anyway. NOPE. I'VE GAINED WEIGHT SINCE THIS STARTED. I do not understand.

Rant the Fifth: Related to Rant the Fourth. Blisters and sore feet, and now there's a hole in my left shoe, probably because of the funky way I walk, what with one leg being a little longer than the other and all.

Rant the Sixth: STOOPID TENDINITIS. I sincerely wish that you could change physical maladies into, like, a little gremlin that you can then grab and STRANGLE WITH YOUR BARE HANDS. It would be cool if you could do this with depression too. Sigh. (...Would that make a good crackfic?)

Rant the Seventh: STOOPID BROKEN A KEY. Seriously, keyboard, why you do this to me? I've only ever been nice to you. I don't even keysmash very often. RAZZLEFRAM.

Not a Rant: Oh, Misha Misha, you have us fangirls figured out, don't you? You know we are all about the crack and the hurt/comfort. Though I get why it freaks [ profile] strangeandcharm out a bit, because last night's antics freaked me out a bit too. I think it was the hunger strike and the leash bit that did it for me. You are crazy. And cute and funny and immensely huggable, but also crazy.
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I was driving a lot for work today, so I listened to the audio from Misha's panels at Asylum. And I think I figured it out. Misha Collins (at least while he's at a convention) is obviously channeling Strong Bad.

I mean, just listen to the answers he gives those questions! (I will be paraphrasing.)

Q: If you could go back to another time in your life, where would you go?
A: Oh, I want to return to the womb, but I can't get more than my head to fit in there.

Q: If you could ask Castiel one question, what would it be?
A: What question would I ask the character I play? That's like being in a box of mirrors. With a unicorn. And a pony. ... I would ask him what his favorite color is. ... I can't think of anything else.

Q: Why don't the angels change their clothes?
A: Well, obviously, they don't have opposable thumbs. They're like lizards.

Q: What superpower would you want?
A: I've always wanted to make turnips appear just by pointing and wiggling my fingers.

And that's just the highlights. You see? It's Strong Bad, in the form of an adorable, interesting man with the cutest little voice ever. Who also plays an awesome angel on my favorite TV show.

Plus there was the part where he assured the slashers that he wasn't judging them. ("I think slash is awesome! I can't wait to go home and write some of my own! Really, really I've done pervy things, too...")

::long, dreamy sigh:: I'm feeling less and less embarrassed about my fangirliness over this guy. It's just, well, undeniable.
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I'm kind of embarrassed about it, but the photos of Misha from the recent con make me really, really happy. I don't think I've ever been so much a fan of an actor as opposed to a character. I mean, I love Dean and Sam with an all-consuming love, but that doesn't transfer to Jared and Jensen. They're neat guys and I enjoy the cute stories I hear about them, but it's not like I chase down news about them or eat up every interview they give. And yeah, the photos of J&J from the con? Nice. The photos of Misha? Make me squee.

I never thought I would be one of THOSE fans, either. (Then again, it's not like I'm really interested in his personal life or anything. I just think he's terrifically entertaining. And, well, terrific.) I just love his little scrunchy face. And, of course, the ridiculous things he says.

I'm just going to go sit in a corner, now.


May. 20th, 2009 07:37 pm
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I is on twitter. lalala can't hear you I guess I just really wanted to be one of Misha's minions. I have no intention to do anything with it, but there I am.

::wanders away, baaing softly to self::
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I'm totally shipping Misha/Fandom. How is this guy even real? Definitely a mass fangirl hallucination. (Second link is a vid. WATCH IT.)

Also I have two more Dreamwidth invites, so you can PM me with your email address if you want, or comment here, whichever you're comfortable with.

ETA: Invites gone! You should still watch the vid, though.

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