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May the Fourth be with you!
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I went to see Super 8 with my sisters this afternoon, came home and had bratwurst, broccoli, and cake (not at once), then went and saw Green Lantern with my mom, and have plans to see X-Men later with my dad and possibly mom and other people.


Thanks for the lovely gifts and messages! ::SQUEEZES THE INTERNET LIKE A BOSS::
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Link and photo courtesy of [ profile] shirozora.

So the Westboro Baptist "Church" has been "protesting" at Comic Con. Idiots.

By Jimbo, I despise everything about this little "church" and their idiotic people-hating ways. I don't even hate them--don't want to waste the energy. But I deeply, deeply despise them. They are everything that my kind of Christianity is not about (which is more like Godspell than anything else, if you're curious).

I think my first experience with them, or a group like them, was several years ago when I was driving into downtown Fort Wayne with an older lady in my church, Lauretta, and her husband to go to a concert at the philharmonic. A younger girl was going with us too--I was college-age. And we drove by this group of people standing by the courthouse freezing their butts off and waving their rainbow-colored "God Hates Fags" signs. I was utterly horrified.

Before I could say anything, though, Lauretta made a sound of complete and total disappointment and disparagement and said, "Oh, God does not hate! God is love!"

And I loved Lauretta in that moment more than I loved anyone else in the world. Not just because I wanted to hear it, but because the young girl with us needed to hear it too. (Lauretta was also the lady who counseled me when I was going through depression during that period in my life, and she helped me move past a lot of really bad things. I love her a lot. I also gave her and her husband a teeny weeny part in The Lights of Home.)

Ugh. Those people.
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Many thanks to [ profile] dotfic for pointing me to this amazing music vid.

There are a lot of reasons to hate the live-action Last Airbender movie, not least of which being the switcheroo of brown heroes and pale villain to pale heroes and brown villain (that whole issue literally makes me sick). But I was warned about that part--I knew it was coming. Since hearing more details of what the movie changed from the series, there's another difference that actually makes me grit my teeth with rage, and that is the reduction of Katara.

No, I have not seen the movie, but I read plenty of reviews and analysis and talked to people who have seen it, both fans of the series and not. I know enough to make a judgment without wasting my time or money on a movie that ruined something I love. (And oooooh, I love this series so much. It's one of my favorite things in the world and they blew a golden opportunity and I am angry and disappointed and grief-stricken.) If you're going to tell me that I can't judge it without seeing it for myself, just...don't.

If you have ever trusted my advice or my judgment, believe me when I say that you should not watch that movie. Don't waste your time and resources. But you should definitely watch the series. I don't care who you are, I don't care if you think you're too old for cartoons or you don't like anime or fantasy or you're just not interested. Every time someone says they haven't watched the show for any of those reasons, something cute and fluffy dies. I am so serious about this. Stop killing cute and fluffy things and go watch this series. It is so unbelievably amazing, I can't even tell you.

I'm gonna try though, starting with just how wonderful all of the female characters are. Spoilers below, especially for certain season 1 episodes. )

I'm very glad that Avatar: The Last Airbender exists. Not only because I love it and I enjoy watching and rewatching it, but I'm also glad that my little sisters have such a quality show in their lives. They love this show, they watch it over and over and over, and I enjoy watching it with them. I'm glad they have these examples of amazing women, women who are strong and capable, but also free to be themselves, sometimes weak and sad, sometimes making bad and wrong decisions, but finding the strength to stand up again and do the right thing. I'm glad for entertainment like this to show young girls that they can be anything they want to be.

And my geeky friends love it too. More than once, before sitting down to play RPG or other nerdy games, we've watched an episode (or more) of Avatar together. And these are mostly people in their mid to late twenties, geeks, yes, but hardly children, and we all agree that this show is one of the best we've ever seen.

I despise the very existence of the movie. Everything about it is just wrong. But I'm so very, very glad that the show exists.

Is there anything else I can say to convince you? You should watch this series. You really, really should.
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I just had a very awesome afternoon, evening, and night with my geek friends that consisted of Rock Band, bar food plus an amaretto sour, Dairy Queen, Walmart, Iron Man 2, more Rock Band, and part of an MST3K movie. It also involved my buddy Sean dressing up in a kid's Iron Man mask and clip-on Arc Light while walking into and out of the theater, awesome double-takes from the ticket seller, and plans for a YouTube series of Iron Man doing silly things. (Iron Man Buys a Lottery Ticket. Iron Man Does Not Win the Lottery. Iron Man Plays Rock Band. Iron Man Sings Poker Face. Iron Man Sucks at Lady Gaga Songs. Iron Man Takes a Leak. Iron Man Plays Croquet. Iron Man Clips His Toenails. It will be an awesome and epic series, as soon as one of us buys a camcorder.)

Also, I'm feeling much better. I've only been coughing a little bit lately, and besides those isolated incidents, there hasn't been any more shortness of breath or coughing up blood. So I'm okay. Thanks for all of your concern over the past...what, was it a month?

Okay, need to edit my Big Bang. I've had several ideas for scenes that need expanding.

Oh, and Iron Man 2 was amazing.
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So I was arguing with my sister, [ profile] dickensgirl, at supper earlier this evening. We argue quite often, and it's always amicable, though I usually find her ridiculous and she finds me aggravating. It's just that she has a tendency to run off at the mouth without actually knowing what she's talking about (it seems to be a disease common to fifteen-year-olds, so I don't blame her too much), and I often find it extremely amusing.

Like this particular time, when she tried to argue about semantics, but when I asked her if she knew what it meant, she totally didn't. She thought it meant "Words that sound the same but have different meanings." (These are homophones, by the by.)

So, I don't know, I laughed at her for a good five minutes, shaking over my taco salad. Something about that just struck me as extremely funny, trying to argue about the meanings of words when you don't even know the meaning of the word that signifies "discussion and study of the meaning of words." OH, SEMANTICS. OH, ENGLISH LANGUAGE. How you amuse me.

A few others at the table were pretty tickled too, and my brother Andrew even told her, with a grand wave of his hand, "Yeah, trying to argue about words with an English Major. That will go great for you." She was definitely not amused.

Just thought I'd share.

It still makes me giggle a bit now.
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May the Fourth Be With You...Always.

This was one of the first pics I uploaded to my photobucket back in the days of dial-up. Yeah. I'm internet-old.

I have some more Obi-Wan in there, too...

And, yep, dusting off the old mood theme. I should use it more often.

ETA: AHAHAHAH, okay, I have to share these... Back in the day, right, I saved lots of pics of Obi-Wan and Ewan on my computer, because that's how you do. My cousin used to collect photos of Jonathan Brandis (Or was it Jonathan Taylor Thomas? Whatever. I didn't pay attention to that stuff.) and tape them all over her wall when we were pre-teens, so whatever, I did the same thing in college. HI LATE BLOOMER ME. But then my brother, Andrew, who is now in college himself (damn his eyes, younker with his life in front of him, mumble grumble), would go into my computer and make his own versions. At least he was smart enough to save them as separate files.

And then I uploaded them to photobucket, too.

may cause eyeball bleeding and fits of hysterics )
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You know, when I made this journal, I called myself "the omnivorous geek," because, at the time, I totally was. I consumed all kinds of geeky, nerdy media and loved it all relatively equally. Then I went and started watching Supernatural, and, well, so much for that. I'm a one-fandom gal as of now, at least for participating, though I still read fic and enjoy art in other fandoms.

So, here's kind of a run-down of stuff that I like. Feel free to start conversations with me about any of these--I probably have opinions somewhere, though most of them are along the lines of, "Oooh, I like that!"

My past fandoms were Stargate SG-1 and Star Wars, though most of the fic I wrote for SW was prequel-prequel-era, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan when Obi was a kid. Either that or earlier, when I was about sixteen, I wrote a bunch of Rebellion-era OC stuff. Which I did not know at the time was not popular. ::shrugs::

Current TV Shows I Watch:
The Big Bang Theory
White Collar
Criminal Minds
Doctor Who

I also like the new Star Trek movie and sometimes read stuff for that, and I'm a big fan of comic book movies like Iron Man, the X-Men, etc., though the Batman family will always be my favorite, particularly Tim Drake as Robin. I loved Sherlock Holmes. I love Pixar movies and think they're absolutely brilliant, though I wish they would have more female protagonists. I LOVE the Lord of the Rings, though I cannot be fannish about that, can't even bring myself to read fic, because to me the canon is perfect and I cannot imagine tarnishing it. (Though my one solitary Mary Sue fic that I wrote when I was thirteen was set after Return of the King. That was before the movies came out!) Same for Narnia. I even read some SGA, though I STILL haven't seen the show past the second season. I adore Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly/Serenity and Dr. Horrible with a passion, though I haven't gotten around to watching Angel the Series yet and Dollhouse left me pretty cold. (Loved Topher though, not gonna lie, despite what an awful person he was.) I like Harry Potter, too, though JK Rowling was in serious need of an editor by, oh, about book 4.

I play D&D and other RPGs and several geeky-type games like ZOMBIES and Killer Bunnies and Three-Dragon Ante and so on. I have two groups of gamer friends I meet with weekly--in one of them I am currently DMing a 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons campaign, and in the other we are currently playing a KotOR-era Star Wars campaign in which I am a Togruta Jedi named Taak Leela.

I play Guitar Hero and Rock Band and Dance Dance Revolution. These are my favorite ways to exercise.

I like Stephen King and Neil Gaiman and Madeleine L'Engle and Orson Scott Card and a whole host of other fantasy/SF writers. I love Discworld and Arthur Dent and the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland (the books) and I think a lot of Tim Burton's stuff is pretty nifty, especially Big Fish (with Ewan MacGregor, possibly my first celebrity crush of all time, and hell yes that was because of young Obi-Wan).

This is not a comprehensive list, but my mind is blanking.

So, what are you into? Anything not listed here that you think I would like? Not that I make any guarantees to get into anything new at this time, of course. My mind is pretty much all SPN all the time.

ETA: Forgot anime! I love Cowboy Bebop. LOVE. Samurai Champloo, too. I love Full Metal Alchemist. I really liked Trigun. Outlaw Star didn't do much for me but I enjoyed it. I tried watching some Naruto but didn't get very far yet. I've watched Kenshin and Ah! My Goddess. Oh, and some Sailor Moon, even, because I think the Magical Girl trope is kind of cool. Neon Genesis Evangelion is effed up. Ghost in the Shell is pretty brilliant. Haven't managed to get my hands on a full set of Macross. Can't remember anything else right now.

ETA 2: People reminded me to add Torchwood, Dexter, and How I Met Your Mother. I've also always been a Star Trek fan, especially TNG because that's what was on in my formative years, but I like pretty much all of it. Oh, and Miyazaki films! Miyazaki is awesome.
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I am sick and flaky.

Here, have two videos of the inexplicably awesome variety. They were originally posted at, which I frequented once upon a time, back when the videos came out in pop-up windows and took for-freakin'-ever to load on my dial-up, before YouTube was useful and universal. It's fun to remember those days. This was before the popularity of Guitar Hero, too (was posted a year before the first Guitar Hero even came out WOW I'M OLD), but I like to think the second half of the first video helped to pave the way for it.

The original, in all its Flash-y glory, or just watch it below.


Do you remember the days before YouTube? Holy crap, do I.
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So there's this thing where people make a mod of a Mario game with some custom blocks like accelerators and transporters and something I dunno. And then they set it to music.

This one is so epic. Cannot deal. I've watched it multiple times and I'm not even sure why.
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Okay, so I've mentioned that I have awesome friends both online and IRL, right? Well, this is my buddy Sean, who is the current DM of my Thursday night game group. (He's also the one who came up with the idea for the ZOMBIES photo shoot we did a couple weeks ago, so you can thank him for all those silly webcam pics I posted. Wouldn't have happened without his instigation.)

Well, Sean is a big Survivor fan. And CBS had an open casting call for folks to upload videos to their site about why they should be on Survivor. SEAN'S VIDEO IS MY NEW FAVORITE THING.

Here's the link in case that doesn't work: SEAN THE SHARK WILL WIN SURVIVOR.

After watching the vid, try to guess which tiny bit I keep rewinding and rewatching over and over again. It makes me laugh every time I think about it.

I have awesome friends.

Such a Nerd

Feb. 8th, 2010 08:28 pm
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I am in Huntington discussing character ideas for a new campaign, and I think I'm totally in love with my new character. She's gonna be an Eladrin (high elf) who was stranded on basically this world's equivalent of the Falklands when she was a baby and raised by temperate penguins. She's quite mentally unbalanced, and she's a shaman (a new primal class from 4th ed.), so her spirit companion is, of course, a giant penguin who swims through the air instead of water. The reason she left the island is to find a mate, because penguins mate for life, of course, and no one she meets quite seems right for her. So everyone she meets on this campaign is going to be subjected to intense crazy-lady tilted-head staring, followed by a short burst of speech in penguinese, until she finds someone who will be happy to waddle back home with her to lay some eggs and live on rocks for life.

This quest is most likely doomed to failure.
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This afternoon I got the sad, sad call that Josh and Gabe were not going to be at D&D tonight. Obviously, this ruined everything. Okay not really. I still went down to Huntington, with the plan to play geeky games or possibly watch movies. Thus follows some tweets:

Am at Jill & Aaron's. Unfortunately, w/o Josh & Gabe, it's devolved into "What do YOU want to do?" "We could..." "I don't wanna do that..." about 5 hours ago from web

As usual when it's just me and Jill, we start talking about fanfic and rule 34. Transformers fandom WEIRDS US OUT. about 5 hours ago from web

Also, pictures of DRAGONS HAVING SEX WITH CARS. They exist. Aaron is helpless to make us shut up. about 5 hours ago from web

Then Jill and I made a run to Walmart for ice cream and chocolate syrup, and then Chuckles finally showed up and we played an awesome game of Munchkin Cthulhu mixed with Star Munchkin, and it was awesome and I won. Then this:

Also talking about fanmixes while eating choco chip ice cream. Jill is into badnom, which i don't really get, but she says the mixes're good about 2 hours ago from web

AHHH LOL I MEANT BANDOM NOT BADNOM. I think that might be my favorite typo ever. about 2 hours ago from web

And then we watched an episode of Firefly (Our Mrs. Reynolds) and it was awesome and I had the geekiest most awesome night ever.

The End

(Did I also mention that I listened to SPN podfics on the way to and from Huntington? Yes, I am amazing in my geekery. ::preens::)

Um, poetry?

Apr. 9th, 2009 12:20 pm
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People have been posting poems lately, and I approve, so here is one that I've loved since I was fifteen or so.

In regular harmony
The world moves through its changes;
Seeds in competition with each other
Are held in balance by eternal law;
Phoebus brings rosy dawns
In his golden chariot
That his sister Phoebe may rule the nights
That Hesperus brings;
The waves of the greedy sea
Are kept in fixed bounds,
Nor may the land move out
And extend its limits.
What binds all things to order,
Governing earth and sea and sky,
Is love.
If love's rein slackened
All things now held in mutual love
At once would fall to warring with each other
Striving to wreck that engine of the world
Which now they drive
In mutual trust with motion beautiful.
And love joins peoples too
By a sacred bond,
And ties the knot of holy matrimony
That binds chaste lovers,
Joins too with its law
All faithful comrades.
O happy race of men,
If the love that rules the stars
May also rule your hearts!


I've always thought that "In mutual trust with motion beautiful" would be an kickin' title for a book of some sort. ::ponders::
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I think Dean and Sam should swear in Latin. You guys need to get on this immediately. Possibly a good resource:

Yeah, this is peripherally connected to the last chapter of Mouths. And also a very long and involved discussion we're having right now at my Monday RPG night. It started off with talking about how everything is phallic, and then [ profile] limegreenjillo and I wondered what the female equivalent is for that word. (Turns out that "vagina" is already a Latin word, bee tee dub, if that was where you wanted to go with that.) And um, yeah. I may post more about this later, because it's hilarious.
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Have I mentioned lately how much I adore Barats & Bereta? Because I really, really do.

I sort of half-wonder why there's no RPS with these two--they're so deliciously cute and their bromance is so ridiculously funny. It's entirely possible that it does exist but I just couldn't find it in my half-assed googling (done with one eye shut in anticipatory horror).
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So I have been watching more Leverage. And it occurs to me that the Leverage team is a perfect D&D adventuring party.

No, no, stick with me here.

See, now, Nate Ford is so obviously the amazing intelligent leader who makes EVERYONE else better. He'd be a 3.5 cleric with lots and lots of buff spells, or a 4e Warlord, both Inspiring and Tactical. He's got all this intelligence and wisdom and charisma. Quite amazing. We are talking epic level, for sure.

Then Sophie. OMG, such a bard, with incredibly high bluff, diplomacy, and perform (histrionics), with maybe also some illusion spells and a little bit of healing up her sleeve. Not as well-rounded as some bards, but her chosen skills are very high.

And Parker is very much definitely an acrobatic rogue, with amazing tumble and stealth and trap sense and the lock-picking and hanging off walls. And the lust for money, just for money's sake. Reminds me very much of Haley Starshine in Order of the Stick. I think her bluff skill is actually in the negatives, though, which is an unusual choice for a rogue, but her skill points obviously went elsewhere.

And Eliot! Straight-up fighter, that one. Maybe even a 3.5 monk, what with the amazing hand-to-hand. His Dex score must be incredibly high, and he took some cross-class skills in stealth, too.

Oh, Hardison, Alec Hardison, how I love thee, my fellow geek. ♥ This guy is a modern-age wizard, taking over a plane from three thousand miles away, doing the ranged attacks and the magic missiles. I'm pretty sure the character would agree with this assessment, too, and like it.

They're such an awesome party. ::luffs them::
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I think this might be the last chance I'll have to legitimately use this icon, so enjoy it while you can. But then, knowing me, I'll probably pull it out sometime in July just because I can.

So anyway. I had a thoroughly awesome New Year's celebration. Rang in 2009 in the best and geekiest way possible, with family, friends, games, music, and way too much cheese. (Oh, cheese, cheese. How I love cheese.) First was game night with my church on New Year's Eve, in which I played Dutch Blitz with a bunch of young friends and drank an ill-advised chocolate raspberry cappuccino and then played hymns on the piano for a half hour while my whole church sang. It's weird to know that I used to get really nervous doing that, playing piano in front of a bunch of people. But I've done it so much that now it really isn't a big deal. I still get a little embarrassed when I mess up (which is often), but I just shrug inwardly and keep going.

New Year's Day, had a get-together with my Thursday gaming group up in Auburn. We had a potluck smorgasbord (I brought pizza from Papa Murphy's) and we talked and laughed and joked, and played Marvel Heroscape, D&D, Rock Band, and Left 4 Dead in four-player co-op in two different rooms. I can now die happy, because I played "Carry on My Wayward Son" on Hard on guitar in Rock Band. Twice. And also sang "Eye of the Tiger". Twice. (Second time on Expert, even!) And yes, yes, I was thinking about Sam and Dean for THE ENTIRE TIME. Got there about one, didn't leave 'til almost midnight. AWESOME DAY.

Today I went and got my oil changed and gave blood. Now, I am going to try to write one of those requested fics every day until I finish them. I have lots of ideas, and I've already started on one of them.

I hope you all have a fantastic year!
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I wish to make it clear that the OCs in my last story are totally Geeks in Love.

Also, the best quote from last night's D&D, in which we didn't actually play any D&D but just sat around talking geek, then watched MacGyver and Futurama, is from Aaron: "If it was in the player's favor, I would round down on baby weight."

Totally sounds like the players are buying babies wholesale and in bulk, but actually it was about saving newborns from human-sacrificing cultists by use of Mage Hand, which is only supposed to lift five pounds.

Also, "You can't use that! It's a marker." But the context for that one is a little harder to explain. Rest assured, it was hilarious.
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This is pretty cool.

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