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I don't want to, but I'm considering turning off anonymous comments on this journal cuz I just get SO. MUCH. SPAM. Especially on high-comment posts like the ol' Castiel party page. It's stupid and annoying. Today I deleted three spam comments from that post.

In other news, under the cut is a pic of me from yesterday when I did Zombie Walk in Kendallville, IN. A bunch of people turn up dressed as zombies and lurch up and down Main Street while creepy music plays on the city PA. It's a food drive--to participate you need to bring a non-perishable food item. I took six cans of refried beans, because I'm classy. Tons of fun. I was there with two friends from my weekend RPG group, Tim and Jenny.

After Jenny took the pic of me I poured even more fake blood all over my face and chest, and also smeared it on my hands, so hopefully I looked even grosser on the walk. :D

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I find it rather sweet how, when I got up the courage to share with certain of my guy friends that I was abused as a child, they got all huggy on me. And not in a weird way, just like, "Oh, it's Laura! I shall hug her." I do so love hugs, even though I'm terrible at initiating them. It's awfully validating to find such men in the world.


Jul. 1st, 2011 01:04 am
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Last week, I recorded a podcast with my good friends Nick and Tim, and when I came back from a night of playing geeky games, I found that it's been posted!

Derailed Trains of Thought Episode 14

Their podcast, Derailed Trains of Thought, is all about stories, and they asked me to be a guest to talk about fandom. It was a really fun talk, extremely geeky. I talked about all my fandoms, but mostly Supernatural. The guys talked about Muppets and Lost and other stuff. Great fun. Give it a listen and let me know if you think I did it justice. I even read a little crossover commentfic at one point, if you want to check that out.

One thing I do want to clarify... At one point I said, in response to a question, that if you want to be a serious writer you have to be careful with fandom because of how involved in it you can get, to the point of neglecting your original work. I should have said "commercial writer," not "serious writer," because I know there are plenty of serious writers who don't want to write anything but fanfic, and there's nothing wrong with that. (I think I was pretty clear about that, in another part of the discussion.)

I've met so many truly fantastic writers through fandom, so many wonderful people, and I really wouldn't have it any other way. This interview was really off the cuff, just a talk between friends, and there are things I wish I could add and clarify, but I hope that my feelings of appreciation and love for fandom came across, anyway.

(And if any of you want to do some art of Kermit and a pirate captain and send it to them, that would be great. :D)
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Hey, guys! I saw a doctor today. Family doctor, has known me since I was tiny. The visit only cost forty-eight bucks, which was a pleasant surprise, and affordable. I feel a lot better after talking to him, even though this doctor is kind of quiet and hard to talk to (though apparently he has an easier time talking to men--guess he's shy).

I woke up this morning with my left ear feeling totally plugged, swollen and painful, and I knew I had to do something. So I called right away and got an appointment. Showed him the rash, asked about the chest pain, all that. After a few minutes of that poking stuff doctor's do, he agreed that I had an ear infection, said that he thought my chest pain was caused by acid reflux, and said that the rash didn't look like typical Lyme, but we'd keep an eye on it and do a blood test later if necessary. So...yay. I got two prescriptions (antibiotics, cream for the rash) and free samples for the hypothetical acid reflux. The antibiotics were free at Meijer and the cream was four bucks at Wal-Mart, and I bought cheese and yogurt and cat food (typical shopping purchases when I get out to that shopping plaza, which is fifteen minutes from home), and I even worked this afternoon.

And then I made soft rolled pretzels this evening, and they were delicious. Especially with homemade cheese sauce to dip 'em in.

So yes, I am feeling much better, mostly because I'm not afraid anymore. And that awful fatigue I've been fighting lately has also seemed to quit (I woke up Tuesday morning bright and early with no problem, as if I had never spent hours and hours every day fighting to prop my eyes open--weird but I'm not knocking it). So maybe, you know, I can get some kind of life back now.

Thanks for your good thoughts and advice, my dear friends. You've been a big encouragement to me.


Jul. 1st, 2010 09:39 pm
My birthday was fantastic. On Sunday I played D&D with my friends and ate raspberry jello cake. On Monday you guys gave me like a thousand amazing fics and that continued for a bit, and that night Jill and I made new characters for a RPG called Hollow Earth and John gave me a sky lantern and we watched it fly away to the sky and that was awesome and beautiful. And on Tuesday I got a kitten. So yeah. Awesome twenty-seventh anniversary of being born. And I am SO gloating about my amazing friends, because LOOK WHAT YOU GUYS DID FOR ME. ::points below::

Besides fics, [ profile] just_ruth and [ profile] oatmeal_queen gave me V-gifts and [ profile] wynefred and [ profile] half_vulcan gave me graphics. (Also [ profile] davincis_girl down below, which you definitely should NOT miss.) And [ profile] dotfic wrote me a fic called Center of Balance for one my prompts on the Team Free Will schmoop meme, and ohhhhh it's amazing. ♥ ♥ ♥

You guys, you guys, I have the most awesome friends ever and I am gloating my butt off. I highly recommend every single thing on this list. READ THEM. You won't be sorry. I mean, just look at those names! It's like a Who's Who of fantastic writers! My flist is the best and I am totally taking credit for gathering you awesome people around me. You make my life so much better.

Still amnesty on all the remaining prompts. Forever amnesty. I will never be sorry to see one of those turn up somewhere.



Raised from the Depths by [ profile] authoressnebula Human!Castiel (grace drained, fallen, whatever) experiences almost drowning. Not fun!

Boys Gone Wild by [ profile] haruslex Team Free Will goes hiking to find some sort of artifact or something lost in the woods. Sam and Dean hate camping, as we all know, but Castiel seems to like the trees or the rocks or something. It's weird. Castiel is weird. Nice, though.

The Very Mature Adventures of Cas and Ruby (The 4-inch Edition) by [ profile] alocine_89 Crack! Castiel gets shrunk. Dean carries him around in his pocket. And he will never, ever admit that he kinda likes having a literal shoulder angel. (Bonus: It happens in S4 and Ruby gets shrunk, too, so Sam has a shoulder demon. And they slap fight.)

I...have no idea what this is. I'm up past my bedtime, okay by [ profile] haruslex Castiel has had enough of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking astral plane.

Boom Boom Fireworks by [ profile] gleeker13 Bobby has a backyard cookout for his boys. ♥

Motherfucking Snakes on an Astral Plane Part 2 by [ profile] maskedfangirl Castiel has had enough of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking astral plane.

Do Like a Dog by [ profile] trifletrot Weechester or Teenchester: Sam and Dean go swimming.

untitled by [ profile] sinnerforhire When Dean gets suddenly sick or injured in the middle of a training exercise, drill-sergeant John remembers to be a dad.

As Companion to Four Fingers by [ profile] roque_clasique Dean injures both of his thumbs and suddenly can't do a lot of things like open doors, do up buttons, hold a remote, and so on. At first he hates having to depend on Sam to do so much for him, but he eventually gets used to it.

To Forget the Din of the World by [ profile] ratherastory Castiel meets Missouri sometime in S4. She's way too smart to get her eyes burned up, and she's not scared to smack him on the head and tell him he's being an idiot for not following his conscience.

Important Decisions by [ profile] caffienekitty Jo and Ellen run into the boys on a hunt. Afterward, they unwind with movies and pizza in the motel.

The Stranger by [ profile] the_spice One reason John was so willing to fall on his sword in 2.1 was because he'd met Castiel and he knew someone would be looking after his boys.

Hamster House by [ profile] de_nugis Something with hamsters.

Sweet Tooth of the Lord by [ profile] elsewhere_kels Jelly beans! Also Twizzlers.

bubblegumisebilrawr by [ profile] mello_mcqueen John hates bubblegum. He hates it. From now on, that stuff is banned.

Taste the Rainbow by [ profile] lassiterfics 2010-06-28 07:41 pm (local) (link) Select
God mojoed Cas up just a leeetle too much when He rezzed him, and now Castiel makes flowers and candy appear everywhere he walks. It's more annoying than nice.


Untitled by [ profile] authoressnebula Five times Eliot protected Hardison.

Not-Quite-Chicken Soup For The Soul by [ profile] alocine_89 By now they should all be used to the weird things Parker says and does, but somehow they aren't. And she is NOT a good cook and Hardison will NOT lie to spare her feelings.

5 x Hugs by [ profile] mymuseandi Five times someone on the team got a hug.

Square Peg by [ profile] faithburke Okay, so they're not a normal family. Nate knows that. But sometimes he feels uncomfortably like a dad.

Iron Man:

Untitled by [ profile] limegreenjillo Shockingly, Tony notices for once that Pepper is having a hard day. He makes her a sandwich as only he can.

Prison Break:

A Gift From Above by [ profile] tahirire Michael has a bit of a breakdown and his cellie helps him.

Stargate: SG-1:

This Hallmark SG-1 moment is brought to you by Ancient Tech by [ profile] zoemathemata SG-1: Daniel and Sam get hit with some sort of alien technology that makes them overly emotional. Cue extreme discomfort from Teal'c and Jack and the Wonder Twins crying on each other's shoulders.

Star Wars:

untitled by [ profile] whistler_wren Young Master Obi-Wan takes brand-new Padawan Anakin on an excursion into the city for an afternoon. Lots of new things to see and experience for a boy from Tatooine, and Coruscant is big and bustling and amazing and pretty tiring after just a few hours. Obi-Wan starts to believe maybe he can have a relationship with this strange boy from the desert.

Criminal Minds:

Nobody needs to know by [ profile] faithburke Garcia writes fanfiction. She'll never tell.


SPN/Psych Sam & Shawn, post-case unshenanigans, PG by [ profile] lassiterfics ...So psychics are real, huh?

SPN/Glee Ghosts by [ profile] limegreenjillo Mercedes and Kurt prove that they are quite a bit fiercer than a ghost. Sam and Dean...don't have that much to do, actually.

SPN/Doctor Who: Allons-y by [ profile] bellatemple Dean and Donna both have spazzy companions who are ancient, knowledgeable, spiky-haired, and wear long trench coats. (They also both have self-esteem issues despite their complete awesomeness, poor woobies.) THEY SHOULD MEET SOMEHOW.

DEAN AND DONNA ART by [ profile] davincis_girl for the same prompt! :D
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My Padfoot, aka [ profile] limegreenjillo, is pretty much the most awesome person ever. When I arrived at her place for RPG tonight she presented me with two mix CDs. One is for Coming Down on a Sunny Day, titled "Far to Go," and the other was a general, "Cheer up, my Moony!" mix called "We All Shine On" because I have been very, very sad lately. She got our mutual friend Katie to do graphics for the first one and did papercraft awesomeness herself for the second.



Like I said, awesome.

We also had some good time playing a d20 modern campaign in a setting called Darwin's World, which is all post-apocalyptic and stuff. We're playing sisters kinda like those two girls in Zombieland. She's the strong hero in her early twenties with the big sword and I'm the crazy thirteen-year-old with a crossbow and a soon-to-be symbiotic relationship with my mutated ostrich mount pet thing. It's good stuff.

Oh, and the latest unfunny business in SPN fandom? So not cool. Some of my flisters who have good thoughts on it are july-july-july, schmevil, and 22by7. I also read a post of excerpts and just... What. That is some serious, serious lack of thought going on there. And harmless intentions don't trump a harmful reality, folks. I don't care who you are. That crap is WRONG.
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I just had a very awesome afternoon, evening, and night with my geek friends that consisted of Rock Band, bar food plus an amaretto sour, Dairy Queen, Walmart, Iron Man 2, more Rock Band, and part of an MST3K movie. It also involved my buddy Sean dressing up in a kid's Iron Man mask and clip-on Arc Light while walking into and out of the theater, awesome double-takes from the ticket seller, and plans for a YouTube series of Iron Man doing silly things. (Iron Man Buys a Lottery Ticket. Iron Man Does Not Win the Lottery. Iron Man Plays Rock Band. Iron Man Sings Poker Face. Iron Man Sucks at Lady Gaga Songs. Iron Man Takes a Leak. Iron Man Plays Croquet. Iron Man Clips His Toenails. It will be an awesome and epic series, as soon as one of us buys a camcorder.)

Also, I'm feeling much better. I've only been coughing a little bit lately, and besides those isolated incidents, there hasn't been any more shortness of breath or coughing up blood. So I'm okay. Thanks for all of your concern over the past...what, was it a month?

Okay, need to edit my Big Bang. I've had several ideas for scenes that need expanding.

Oh, and Iron Man 2 was amazing.
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I want to hold a commentfic meme. Is this feasible?

One that I want is a Dean/Castiel or Dean & Castiel schmoop meme (obv. I would be writing the latter, but I don't wanna turn away the slashers because I love you guys). Sam is welcome, too, because I love Sam.

There has also been talk of wanting more BAMF!Cas, which I am not opposed to.

I'm not sure these ideas should be combined. But there it is.

So, if I did this? Would you participate?

I will need someone to make a banner.

[Poll #1542201]
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Okay, so I've mentioned that I have awesome friends both online and IRL, right? Well, this is my buddy Sean, who is the current DM of my Thursday night game group. (He's also the one who came up with the idea for the ZOMBIES photo shoot we did a couple weeks ago, so you can thank him for all those silly webcam pics I posted. Wouldn't have happened without his instigation.)

Well, Sean is a big Survivor fan. And CBS had an open casting call for folks to upload videos to their site about why they should be on Survivor. SEAN'S VIDEO IS MY NEW FAVORITE THING.

Here's the link in case that doesn't work: SEAN THE SHARK WILL WIN SURVIVOR.

After watching the vid, try to guess which tiny bit I keep rewinding and rewatching over and over again. It makes me laugh every time I think about it.

I have awesome friends.
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It's Big Bang season! So many fandoms are having them, and so many of my flisties are going for it, which is very awesome. I decide to dust this off as a belated Valentine's Day gift for you guys. ♥

In 2006, I graduated from college with a degree in Professional Writing. In the same year, I made this "mix CD" for some of the writer friends I had met in that college, who I loved dearly (and still do). It's amazing to think that even that recently, downloading large files over the internet was mostly impractical, at least as far as I knew. Did broadband even exist then? But yeah. I burned these to CDs, and made my own artwork, and printed out "liner sheets" with the lyrics.


Track List:
My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors by Moxy Fruvous
The Engine Driver by The Decemberists
I'll Be a Writer by Soltero
Paperback Writer by The Beatles
Seize the Day by Carolyn Arends
Open Book by CAKE
Novel-Writing (Live from Wessex) by Monty Python
Song for Myla Goldberg by The Decemberists
Shadow Stabbing by CAKE
Breathe (2 AM) by Anna Nalick
There She Goes, My Beautiful World by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
See the Flames Begin to Crawl by Five Iron Frenzy
That's How the Story Ends by Five Iron Frenzy
Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes

Included in the liner sheets was this little story. I've added a few parenthetical phrases and a PS to make it more applicable for my current readership.

A Musical, Writerly Journey

This album is a gift to some of my very favorite writers ever. However, note that the songs on this album are very eclectic. Therefore, you may not like one or two or ten. That's okay. While you're deciding whether you like them, enjoy the story they tell about the writer's journey.

First of all, I figure that pretty much every writer starts out by liking books. Having a spouse who shares that inclination would just compound the problem, of course. "My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors," you may have noted to yourself. But that was okay, because you did too.

So there you were just living your life, as a cafe worker or librarian or student or perhaps even an Engine Driver, when you had an epiphany. "I'll Be a Writer," you declared one day. "It can't be that hard."

But deciding to be a writer was not enough. Then you had to decide what kind of writer you would be, a poet or a columnist or a critic or one of those people who write illogical letters to the editor (or comments on the internet). "I want to be a Paperback Writer," you declared further.

That was it, then. It was time to Seize the Day. Your life would be an Open Book, prepared for the perusal of strangers. You were ready to share all of your insights and wisdom, humor and love. It would be eloquent, moving, and entertaining, an instant best-seller.

And you began to write. It might have been more exciting with a commentator on some sports-like show, perhaps called Novel-Writing (Live from Wessex) or something like that. But no matter. You pressed on. Already you were thinking about an interesting, attention-grabbing title for you book. Song for Myla Goldberg, maybe. Or perhaps something a bit more ambiguous and poetic, like Shadow Stabbing. You had lists of ideas, but hadn't hit on the perfect title yet. It would come, you were sure. Well, pretty sure.

And now you were down in the real nitty-gritty of your novel. It was beginning to come a bit harder. You realized that you were sharing some rather personal things, and didn't know if you could write anymore. Either that or you realized that you were writing utter crud, and weren't sure what do about it. You kept trying, though, until one day you found yourself awake at 2 AM in the morning, clutching a pencil in one fist (or pounding on your keyboard with that fist), the other pressed to your burning temple as you blinked your gritty bloodshot eyes and struggled to Breathe.

It was that most dreaded of maladies: writer's block. It hit you hard. You could not get around it. "There She Goes, My Beautiful World!" you cried in despair. (Writer's block stinks a lot. It also inspires melodramatic cries of anguish.)

For days upon days, you fought your writer's block. You wrote pages of drivel, crumpled them, then smoothed them out to see if you had been wrong, then decided that they were definitely drivel and crumpled them again. At last you had piles of them, enough for a bonfire. So you set one, just to See the Flames Begin to Crawl. It was very satisfying, in a morbid way. So you decided that That's How the Story Ends. Rather easy decision, it was, in the end.

And now you just really, really needed to Escape. So you wrote your last creative effort, a personal ad sent to the newspaper, and you found someone who liked pina coladas as much as you did. Good for you! That's really the best final destination for your journey that you could have reached.

After all, this writing stuff, with its sweat and blood and many, many tears, is for chumps of the first degree.

The End

PS: Or you could always come to the dark side and write fanfic. IT'S SO MUCH FUN YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

Download from mediafire 100 MB, 54 minutes

Single tracks uploaded on request.
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Last night my Thursday gaming group did a photo shoot for make-a-cards for a game called ZOMBIES. It was hilarious good times. We went to Wal-Mart and shopped for zombie-killin' stuff, and I made fake blood, and we took many, many awesome and hilarious pictures which I hope I will be able to share with you soon.

But I got home and watched the new Supernatural and was too wired to sleep, so I ended up playing with my webcam. I really enjoyed posing for the camera with my friends, making goofy faces and getting giggles out of them with my expressions, and I just kept doing that for my own amusement. It was great.

I've always been very camera-shy. I've always hated how I look and I hate having to see myself, even in the mirror. (I don't have one in my bedroom and I avoid looking at myself when I use restrooms.) But that's kinda silly, right? I am who I am. If I'm going to try to be more accepting of myself and my body, which I've loathed for many years, I should learn to like what I look like, too.

So this is sort of healthy? Maybe? Anyway, I thought they were kinda funny and I'm willing to share. Thus, in the spirit of, I present Maychorian Expresses an Emotion.

image heavy )

This will be f-locked soon.
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Firstly, all you guys on my flist who have big bang filters? Add me to them. I tried to get to everyone but I might have missed a few.

And here's another opportunity from me:

[Poll #1513637]

Secondly, I am pleased (if a little surprised) to see my latest crack/humor fics getting so much love. I guess fandom just needed some giggles, huh? That's okay, I totally get it.


I continue to be crazy lucky, somehow. ♥ you all.


Jan. 5th, 2010 11:14 am
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Guys! [ profile] faryfly did an AMAZING piece of art for Held Together with His Hands. I just adore it. Dean's stare is so intense and their hands are all tangled together and Cas looks all limp and suffering and EEEEEE it's awesome. :D

Go appreciate it here, and make sure to leave her lots and lots of comments telling her how awesome she is. (There are also a couple of other really cute/cool doodles in that post.)
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So, I have this problem where sometimes I read things like [ profile] fandomsecrets and fandom_wank, even though this is not generally good for my sanity and general level of good cheer. I keep doing it because the adorable is FREAKIN' adorable (wouldn't have written "Stupid People" without that secret about Cas looking like a pet-begging-kitty), and the wank is so ridiculous that it makes me laugh sometimes. But then there are things sometimes, you know, where people whine about how batshit insane and wanky and misogynistic the SPN fandom is, and that makes me sad (even if sometimes they are sort of true sometimes).

Because, you guys, for real, there are people in this fandom who are amazing. Just...beyond amazing. Incredibly talented, sweet, generous... I mean, I could go on. And on and on and on.

In this particular instance, I'm talking about [ profile] authoressnebula. If you don't know this awesome fantastic person, you are missing out. MISSING OUT.

For several years now she's been writing ficlets for, like, a hundred people every Christmas. A HUNDRED PEOPLE YOU GUISE. I asked for holiday prompts last year from my flist and only got around to like six of them. (I still feel bad about that.) And she wrote 115. ::hands::

The community is [ profile] skynspace, and it is chock full of magic. I've only looked through a few of the Supernatural ficlets, but she wrote for bunches of other fandoms too.

AND OMG THE ONE SHE MADE FOR ME YOU GUYS IT MAKES ME GO ALL FLAILY LIKE THIS. (Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.) Here it is! The only way it could be a more perfect present for me is if it was a real life Castiel standing in my kitchen eating my cookies and making confused faces at me. Because, you know, that would be my perfect present. (And oh, I would feed him cookies. SO MANY COOKIES.)

So yeah. Go. Enjoy the fics. Bask in the glow of [ profile] authoressnebula's astounding talent and generosity and all-around awesomeness.

And then try to tell me that our fandom isn't insanely wonderful.

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Good grief, you guys, I turn away from the computer for a few hours and suddenly I have a phalanx of snowflake cookies on my profile! Thank you so much. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Also this little piece of hilarity:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, maychorian sent to me...
Twelve star wars drumming
Eleven ratties piping
Ten heroes a-leaping
Nine books baking
Eight scrubs a-crocheting
Seven bards a-reading
Six movies a-cooking
Five cri-i-i-iminal minds
Four stargate atlantis
Three jensen ackles
Two pushing daisies
...and a torchwood in a glee.
Get your own Twelve Days:

If I suddenly disappear from the internet, it's because my netbook has finally just died. I have to keep wiggling the power cord around to make the battery charge, and I'm pretty sure that soon it won't work at all. I have a new one on order from amazon, but it'll be a few days. In the meantime I'm trying to watch all the TV episodes that I have on this computer and haven't gotten to yet. Currently in the middle of a Criminal Minds marathon.

♥ again.

Nov. 7th, 2009 10:00 pm
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Thank you guys so much for the awesome feedback on Stupid People. Geez, writing it was more hard than most things are for me, for some reason, and I was really kinda nervous about it, afraid it didn't hold together coherently, that it didn't make sense, that the characterization was off, blah blah blah insecure-writer-cakes. Your kind comments mean so much to me, I can't even tell you.

Had a really busy day today and I'm kinda exhausted, so I'ma do the [ profile] spngenlove recs and go to sleep. Soon, though, there will be more fannish stuff from me. Oh, I have plans.

::is emo::

Sep. 28th, 2009 02:55 pm
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Ugh, I was all depressedy this weekend and I think I missed some awesome stuff. So if you are on my flist and you posted something interesting in the past three days or so, please to be linking and I will try to catch up. I am meaning fic, picspams, icon posts, etc., not so much episode reactions. I'm kinda burnt out on those, trying to preserve my own thoughts from now on. There are still a few I read every week, though, just because I think they're awesome.


LOL, okay, so here's an episode-reaction-author rec list, because I am a DORK.

I always read [ profile] dotfic and [ profile] smilla02 because I agree with them so hard on almost everything. (And also I love them.) And I almost always read [ profile] musesfool, even though I disagree with her on some things, because her thoughts are always so interesting. And I always read [ profile] tracy_loo_who, because her Castiel squee is pure and infectious, and I find her shipper's perspective on Dean & Castiel fascinating, since I see them so differently. And if [ profile] animotus posts a picspam, you'd better believe I'm clickin' on THAT mofo. And of course, [ profile] kroki_refur, whose Episode Reviews of DOOM I miss like burning. Whatever she posts, I read as a matter of principle.

I feel like I'm forgetting something important.

OH YES! [ profile] erinrua. She usually posts her reviews a few days after the episode airs, because she takes time writing these things. They're beautiful. It's like having a favorite magazine column writer, the kind that always make you grin when you see her name in the byline because you know the article is going to be interesting and gorgeously written and thinky and supremely satisfying. And also full of fangirl squee, which is bonus bonus plus plus good.

Also I do read a few posts by people I consider personal friends, like [ profile] moonshayde and [ profile] superbadgirl and probably a few others I'm forgetting. I totally, totally suck at commenting lately though.

Hmm. That's still rather a long list. Maybe I should cut back? Nah. Those people are awesome.
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After I wrote my big bang and made a soundtrack and posted it and everything...I realized that even though the story was obsessed with candy (to the point that one of my favorite scenes was the one where Sam and Dean sit companionably on a hill and eat Dum-Dums), the soundtrack actually didn't have a SINGLE SONG about candy. This was a clearly a travesty, but at that point it was too late to fix it.

So here. Have a fanmix about candy, just for you. ♥ Lame-ass cover-art is also mine, so free to whomever.


download and track list )


Aug. 9th, 2009 11:09 am
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::flails:: Guys, guys! I have been given some awesome art that I must share with you right away.

First, [ profile] davincis_girl made this wonderful cover for Five Things Most Kids Do That Sam and Dean Never Did, which is the longest fic title I've written to date. :) She made this awhile ago but somehow it slipped my mind. No idea how, because it's beautiful.

click for art )

But then! [ profile] oatmeal_queen, who draws some of my favorite art in this fandom, gave me SEVEN doodles for Rain Falling Down. SEVEN. In, like, two days. I dunno how I get so lucky, you guys. People keep giving me awesome stuff. She says she's going to color the last three, too, but I'm too impatient. MUST SHARE NOW.

slightly spoilery for story, but not a big deal )

I didn't want to leave without making sure you guys saw these.
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Okay, you guys, I said I wouldn't start it now but I lied. Gen needs love IMMEDIATELY.

[ profile] spngenlove

Please to be pimping everywhere.

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