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Cutest, funniest Sherlock BBC vid I've seen yet. ♥ ADORBS. Has spoilers through Season 2, so watch out.

But then again, if you haven't watched S2 yet, why not? Come to my house and I will watch it with you! It'll only be the...third...time for me. ::shifty eyes:: No hardship!

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Truly fantastic SPN fanvid on the theme of water. It's pretty rare, but wonderful, when a video makes me have thinky thoughts. WATER. Spoilers through 7.02

Really, if you have a YouTube account you should just subscribe to this gal, ILoveThesePeople, so you can catch her videos as soon as she posts them. She has a lion's share of good ones. I've recced her vids here before and I'll probably keep doing it.

Okay, 'nother example? Cracky, cracky, hilarious, Dean/Cas example? This one.
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[ profile] tahirire shared this. It put the BIGGEST grin on my face, you have no idea. BOOYYYSSS.
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This video should have like a million views and it only has 600. Please help me rectify this.
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And this is what got me to check out the other Slender Man stories besides Marble Hornets. This has clips from Marble Hornets and EverymanHYBRID (two of what are called the "big three" Slendy vlogs, the third being Tribe Twelve.)

I like EverymanHYBRID better than Marble Hornets now, but all of the popular series have their own strengths and weaknesses. MH is very good with the creepy and feeling of isolation. EMH has great characters and team dynamic. TT has amazing special effects. And I just started watching another one, MLAndersen0, which has very good acting (for a homemade YouTube series) and subtle development with copious backstory and an interesting take on the Legend of Slenders.

Anyway. Slender Man Inception.

I need a Slender Man icon now. My only real complaint about this sort of micro-fandom is the dearth of awesome female characters (and POCs), but I guess it's up to female creators, writers, vid-makers, etc., to step in and produce.

Oh, and Happy Easter!
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I have cold. Here, have some Cas.

Is gorgeous, no?
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Tvtropes is such a wealth of weird geeky goodness. For instance, check out what I found deep in the heart of the Caramelldansen page.

...Yes, I've been watching a lot of Caramelldansen vids. The 10-minute Hetalia one is really impressive.

Goodness, they are all so adorable. But Donna is my favorite. HIPS DON'T LIE.
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I'm still not really a slash fan (go ahead and laugh...), but I've been watching this vid over and over again, even so. The song is perfect and the editing is mesmerizing. I guess it has 77k hits on YouTube for a reason.
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also, caught up, and omg they killed Kenny Misha Charlie Sheen whut.

The most I have been writing lately is RPG stuff. Maybe more on that latter. Mostly I have been annoyed by RL things like medical problems, especially my keratoconus which has been particularly aggravating lately like agh, EYES WHY WON'T YOU WORK. Watching TV and playing Xbox is more fun than reading and writing at the moment. And continuing indefinitely, until, you know, cornea transplants or something. Stupid keratoconus. I hate it.
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Cultural background: In Kenya, "makmende" is an evolution of "make my day." It's come to mean kind of a wanna-be Clint Eastwood type, a braggart and punk, Chuck Norris without the awesomeness. So this music video is kind of the inner fantasy life of Makmende, it seems.

I've watched it several times now. :D It's pretty much ridiculously fantastic.
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This is probably the most beautiful thing you will ever see. Vogue. And 300.
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I need icons for my new shows!

Fun vid that really captures the feeling of the show. Any more recs are very welcome!
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Many thanks to [ profile] dotfic for pointing me to this amazing music vid.

There are a lot of reasons to hate the live-action Last Airbender movie, not least of which being the switcheroo of brown heroes and pale villain to pale heroes and brown villain (that whole issue literally makes me sick). But I was warned about that part--I knew it was coming. Since hearing more details of what the movie changed from the series, there's another difference that actually makes me grit my teeth with rage, and that is the reduction of Katara.

No, I have not seen the movie, but I read plenty of reviews and analysis and talked to people who have seen it, both fans of the series and not. I know enough to make a judgment without wasting my time or money on a movie that ruined something I love. (And oooooh, I love this series so much. It's one of my favorite things in the world and they blew a golden opportunity and I am angry and disappointed and grief-stricken.) If you're going to tell me that I can't judge it without seeing it for myself, just...don't.

If you have ever trusted my advice or my judgment, believe me when I say that you should not watch that movie. Don't waste your time and resources. But you should definitely watch the series. I don't care who you are, I don't care if you think you're too old for cartoons or you don't like anime or fantasy or you're just not interested. Every time someone says they haven't watched the show for any of those reasons, something cute and fluffy dies. I am so serious about this. Stop killing cute and fluffy things and go watch this series. It is so unbelievably amazing, I can't even tell you.

I'm gonna try though, starting with just how wonderful all of the female characters are. Spoilers below, especially for certain season 1 episodes. )

I'm very glad that Avatar: The Last Airbender exists. Not only because I love it and I enjoy watching and rewatching it, but I'm also glad that my little sisters have such a quality show in their lives. They love this show, they watch it over and over and over, and I enjoy watching it with them. I'm glad they have these examples of amazing women, women who are strong and capable, but also free to be themselves, sometimes weak and sad, sometimes making bad and wrong decisions, but finding the strength to stand up again and do the right thing. I'm glad for entertainment like this to show young girls that they can be anything they want to be.

And my geeky friends love it too. More than once, before sitting down to play RPG or other nerdy games, we've watched an episode (or more) of Avatar together. And these are mostly people in their mid to late twenties, geeks, yes, but hardly children, and we all agree that this show is one of the best we've ever seen.

I despise the very existence of the movie. Everything about it is just wrong. But I'm so very, very glad that the show exists.

Is there anything else I can say to convince you? You should watch this series. You really, really should.
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This vid made me tear up. The concept is Jimmy going home after the war is over, on the bus thinking about his time as Castiel's vessel, and then in the end standing in front of his house, waiting to go inside. I hope the Novaks get a happy ending to their story, I really really do. They've had to sacrifice to save the world, too. Even if Jimmy eventually gets to go home, though, they still will have missed out on entire years in each other's lives. He'll return to find his daughter older, having missed out on watching her learn and grow, and that especially is hard to imagine.

If you like it, please tell the vidder so!
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So I watched the new Glee episode and it totally reminded me of this video.

It first crossed my flist on [ profile] july_july_july's page, and it really does epitomize Glee. Because seriously, every Romance on that show is a Bad one. Great editing and clip choice, very high quality. Embedding is disabled, but clicky and go!
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From the same vid maker who gave us the Nom Nom Nom vid.
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But I just saw this and I had to share it immediately. It's a Castiel-focused vidlet set to Timshel by Mumford & Sons. I just heard this song yesterday, and immediately listened to it many, many more times and added to my Big Bang playlist, because it spoke to me very strongly of Castiel and Dean and Sam and the brotherly relationship they are forming. And then this popped up on my flist! Ohhhh, the fuzzies.

Imagery through 5.13. This vid also does my whump-lovin' little heart a lot of good.

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It's Video Day! \o/

I'm sure you've all seen the Nom Nom Nom video, right?

Awesome, no?

Well, have you seen the Dean Nom Nom Nom vid? (Includes bonus Castiel/Burgers OTP goodness.)

Also, I had Coco Wheats for breakfast this morning and tasted childhood.

Food FTW!

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