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I’m learning how to record and overdub and use reverb and things like that, so here is a folk song I like a lot sung in three-part harmony with me and myself.

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Walk Off the Earth had a recent video go viral, five people on one guitar, maybe you've seen it. It couldn't have happened to a nicer, cooler band--I've liked them since I saw their cover of Backin' Up. :D But this, this is wonderful. It's the main guy from WotE and his little nephew, singing Blackbird by The Beatles. I used Blackbird in my soundtrack for Rain Falling Down, and goodness but I want to use this cover in future projects. Whiskey-rough adult voice with the sweet harmony of a young boy. Almost like Bobby and lil Jimmy-Cas. Nothing says Rain 'verse better than that to me.

Only thing that doesn't really fit is the beat boxing.

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Man, I spend a sort of ridiculous time on my fanmixes. I've been working on this one for months. Have to find songs that not only sound right to the subject for me, but also sound kind of okay together. There was one song, called "Angel-Land" where the lyrics started out something about how the singer isn't a Superman, and there was more about how it kind of sucks to be an angel or something (I don't remember the exacts), but anyway. The lyrics were great for a mix like this, but I didn't like the sound of it. So it's not on the list.

I have thirteen tracks now, about fifty minutes. They still need more work--I need to figure out how to equalize the volume, because I got these songs from a half dozen different places and the levels are all over the place. And I want to trim the applause from the end of the one live track. And I'll probably listen to it all the way through two or three more times to make sure I really, REALLY like how it sounds. Not to mention changing all the meta data and bundling the music and everything. I do this for every mix I make, even dinky ficmixes that will be only be downloaded by a dozen people.

But anyway. I wanted to at least share the titles, because I am so, so excited about and pleased by this mix. And even the titles are kind of cool. (No artists here, but rest assured that it is my usual mix of emo folk pop.)

Safe to Land
Fortunate Son
You Can't Save Everybody
Murder in the City
Fractured Air (Tornado Watch)
No, I Don't Remember
The Road That Leads to Heaven
Helplessness Blues
To Darkness
Scar Tissue
Learn to Fly
The Long Fall

The title is Consign Me Not to Darkness, and [ profile] the0neru is going to make art for me. ISN'T EVERYTHING SO AWESOME?
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So that Castiel fanmix I was working on? I listened to to it last night, and holy CRAP is it appropriate. I have ten songs right now, and they were picked weeks ago, me just making guesses as to what's been going on with Castiel this season, since we haven't really seen much of it. And after this episode, I see that I was pretty much right on, so good for me. ::sticks thumbs in suspenders, sticks out chest, smiles proudly::

Here's the first song, uploaded to for your listening pleasure, and I think the lyrics apply. Safe to Land by Jars of Clay

Did I mention that it seems like I find application to Supernatural in a TON of Jars songs? It's weird. This sounds so much like exactly what Castiel is trying to say to Dean, to both Winchester boys. Or should be saying, or will be saying in an episode or two (I hope, I hope, I hope).

Safe to Land

Getting tired from all this circling
Not much grace left on a broken wing
I feel the wind trying to push me down
It happens every time I get to town

I search for shelter near the mines we swept
I guess forgiveness hasn't happened yet
There are no words that I can say to you
To turn this careless sky from black to blue
So I'm asking you

Is it safe, is it safe to land?
'Cause I'm not going far on an empty heart
Is it safe, is it safe to land?
'Cause the long fall back to earth is the hardest part

I'm in no weather for apology
I need your runway lights to burn for me
And if you say that I can come around
I'll love you right, I won't let you down
I won't let you down
'Cause I'm coming home, if these wheels touch down

I'm coming home, i'm waking you up
In the middle of the night, I'm not giving up
I'm gonna stay, till we make it work
We're not going down even if it gets worse
We'll work it out, yeah, we'll work it out
I need your light, guide me in

Is it safe?
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I am up late burning CDs to make presents for my siblings' Sunday School teachers. Because my mom asked me to. She wanted to give them all a copy of Three Wise Men and a Baby, but she went to the website to order some and they don't sell physical copies anymore, just downloads. So here I am, burning discs. I am about halfway through. (There are a lot of Sunday School teachers.) She realized all of sudden tonight that if we don't give them their gifts tomorrow, they won't get them before Christmas. She woke me up from my nap and everything. I love my mom, though, so I don't mind doing it. I find her glee over this kids' album kind of adorable, actually.

Remember I offered it last year? Here it is again. Three Wise Men and a Baby. It's a great album and I'd love all my friends to have a copy.

Sample Lyrics:

We're traveling from nation unto nation
We're following the path of yonder star
And one day we will reach our destination
(It'd go more quickly if we had a car.) (Binky!) (Sorry!)
Our trek has led through the scorching desert
Where mirages make us disbelieve our eyes
And the sun beats down so hard it makes your head hurt
It makes you wonder why they call us wise

We are the three wise men
As we travel 'cross the desert sand we sing
I'm Gaspar! I'm Melchior! I'm Binky!
Three wise men bearing presents for the king

I've been very busy lately. Big project at work they suddenly need me for, so my hours went from about ten hours a week to more like thirty, which is a big change and kind of exhausting, even though I like having money to buy Christmas presents. And then in the evenings I've been baking cookies and shopping and making other stuff. I'm even working on a gift for my flisties, so keep your eye out for that.

Earlier this evening my church did caroling, but I was so tired from working this morning and then meeting my RPG friends this afternoon that I stayed home and napped, even though I love caroling. There's always next year, I guess, but I'm sorry I missed it. Really needed the nap though. And then later I watched the Adipose episode of Doctor Who with [ profile] dickensgirl, so that was awesome. We agree that Donna is our favorite and always will be.

Oh, hey! Remember when I was going to sing you songs from my cell phone, but I never finished some of the requests? I used the tag "maychorian sings for your amusement"? Ask for a Christmas carol here, and I will try to post it by Christmas. This is not the promised pressie, just something silly.

♥ you all!
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Furlough
Author: [ profile] maychorian
Artist: [ profile] extraonions
Characters: Castiel, Novaks, Winchesters
Category: Angst, Drama, Het
Rating: R/M
Warning: (skip) Salty language.
Spoilers: Through S5. References another story of mine, Better Than One.
Summary: Once given, consent to Heaven's will cannot be revoked. It's a lesson Jimmy doesn't want to learn.
Word Count: 6200
Author’s Note: Written for [ profile] spn_reversebang. Thanks to my lovely betas, [ profile] vikki and [ profile] just_ruth, and most especially to [ profile] extraonions for the gorgeous and inspiring art. ♥
Art link: Here.

Love Me When I'm Gone - The Angsty Jimmy Novak EP

You Found Me - The Fray
Believe - The Bravery
Wings - Josh Ritter
Roll Away Your Stone - Mumford & Sons
When I'm Gone - 3 Doors Down

YouTube Playlist folder

When he was brought back to life the second time, Jimmy screamed. )
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I want a Supernatural vid of Jonathan Coulton's "Creepy Doll," where the verses are all Sam and Dean going around investigating creepiness and it's all slow an measured and spooky and scary and the ball bouncing down the stairs and the swings swinging by themselves and flashlights in the dark and ghost writing in the mirror etc. etc. etc. (And the line about antiquing, omg, so perfect.) And then in the chorus it's revealed to be CASTIEL!, the creepiest angel ever to creep! C'mon, he even turned into a doll once, and he's got the eyes that never blink and the pretty, pretty mouth.

That's what I want more than anything else right now. And that includes the ability to eat candy and drink juice without getting queasy and dizzy.

I dare you to listen to the song and not agree with me.
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I seriously need to make a B-sides or something for the I've Been Everywhere fanmix. I keep finding more songs that definitely should have been on it. Like The City of New Orleans by Steve Goodman:

Also, I just recently started listening to Bob Dylan. OMG you guys, I didn't know what I missing! D: There totally should have been some Bob Dylan on that album somewhere. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, maybe, though that one makes me think about Castiel wandering around looking for his dad more than Sam and Dean and the Impala, which was the concept.

And I know--I know--there are lots of perfect songs about traveling around America that I don't even know about. Yet.
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Yeah, so the two mixes Jill gave me last night are utterly perfect. Listening to "We All Shine On" is like a continual hug for me right now. (Chiquitita by ABBA? YEAH. Though thanks for reminding me of Senora Barker, Padfoot.)

And I think "All These Things that I Have Done" by The Killer might ACTUALLY be about Castiel in the Rain 'Verse.

And when there's nowhere else to run
Is there room for one more son
These changes ain't changing me
The cold-hearted boy I used to be


♥ you x a million.
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My Padfoot, aka [ profile] limegreenjillo, is pretty much the most awesome person ever. When I arrived at her place for RPG tonight she presented me with two mix CDs. One is for Coming Down on a Sunny Day, titled "Far to Go," and the other was a general, "Cheer up, my Moony!" mix called "We All Shine On" because I have been very, very sad lately. She got our mutual friend Katie to do graphics for the first one and did papercraft awesomeness herself for the second.



Like I said, awesome.

We also had some good time playing a d20 modern campaign in a setting called Darwin's World, which is all post-apocalyptic and stuff. We're playing sisters kinda like those two girls in Zombieland. She's the strong hero in her early twenties with the big sword and I'm the crazy thirteen-year-old with a crossbow and a soon-to-be symbiotic relationship with my mutated ostrich mount pet thing. It's good stuff.

Oh, and the latest unfunny business in SPN fandom? So not cool. Some of my flisters who have good thoughts on it are july-july-july, schmevil, and 22by7. I also read a post of excerpts and just... What. That is some serious, serious lack of thought going on there. And harmless intentions don't trump a harmful reality, folks. I don't care who you are. That crap is WRONG.
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I played a really weird RPG tonight called Paranoia, and boy, does it live up to its name. I'm tired but kind of wired by UNRELENTING SUSPICION. But, a few fannish things.

First off, Syndicated Sci-Fi Show by [ profile] claudiapriscus is an absolutely fantastic SG-1/SPN crossover. All of the characters are perfectly themselves and bounce off each other delightfully, the dialog is funny and fun to read, the plot is fast-paced and interesting, and it all works together very well. I love it to little teeny tiny pieces, and if you like both shows, or even just one, I think you will too.

Secondly, there should be a Zachariah fanvid to Hit 'Em Where It Hurts by the W's. I am so serious about this. It's fun and brutal and bouncy and petty and the lyrics, oh the lyrics!

lyrics )

And thirdly, yeah, I keep wanting to write a 5.22 coda, though I've been feeling too bruised to even read any of the dozens out there. I keep trying and quitting after a few sentences. Anytime I try to come up with something to write, though, all that comes to mind is:spoilers )

Well, that and a fic I want to write about the Novak family, especially Jimmy and Claire. But that can wait, maybe.

Oh, and big bang. Still polishing that. Have a few small scenes to write still. And the deadline is bearing down on me like a freight train.
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I have spent the last two days stewing about the finale and making a fanmix, because that's what I do when I'm too depressed/upset/blocked to write, I guess. I know for sure now that I really don't like the finale, at least the ending, but I'm not sure I can explain why even to myself. There might be a post on that later.

However: fanmix. The theme is "driving around the USA". I had to find sixteen songs to get over the forty-five minute mark, which is what I consider to be long enough to be a real fanmix/album and not just a collection of songs. I was wondering if one of the artists on my flist would be interested in making a cover? I was thinking the Impala, superimposed over a map of the lower forty-eight, with the title of the mix. Right now I'm thinking the title should be "I've Been Everywhere" or something like that, but maybe one of the other songs or lyrics is better? I might switch out the CAKE song. For a different CAKE song. Could go with "Satan Is My Motor" or "Wheels." (Not "Going the Distance," though, this is about traveling, not racing, and I already used "Stick Shifts and Safetybelts" in another mix. Wow, CAKE has a lot of car songs.)

Track List:

I've Been Everywhere - Johnny Cash
Rather Be Dead - W's
Pittsburgh Makes Me Drunk - Ceann
Race Car Ya-Yas - CAKE
Graceland - Paul Simon
Ramblin' Man - Allman Brothers Band
See the USA in Your Chevrolet - Dinah Shore
This Land Is Your Land - Woody Guthrie
Route 66 - The Rolling Stones
California Girls - The Beach Boys
Travelin' Man - Rick Nelson
48 States - Smalltown Poets
Lodi - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Ramble On - Led Zeppelin
Poor Wayfaring Stranger - Jed Marum
500 Miles - Peter, Paul & Mary
Gravity - Alison Krauss & Union Station
America - Simon & Garfunkel
It Was Beautiful - Five Iron Frenzy
America the Beautiful - Ray Charles

Edited to add songs. It's an hour long now, so that's probably good. Have a new title, too. "Like the Sky the Road Never Ends."
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Awww, this brought tears to my eyes. An audio-hug from the internet!

Sorry for being spammy. Couldn't hold off on sharing this.
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If you need a song about drinking, Ceann is the band for you. In honor of the day, I offer Green Beer. Someday I will get together that fanmix I keep meaning to make of Celtic music that reminds me of Dean and Sam. (Right now it's just a playlist called Paddy O'Winchester.) Man, I love Celtic music.

Green Beer

They only make it once a year
That's all right by me
Don't look too safe as far as I can see
So we'll only order three
But three became four and four became ten
Tell me, what's my name again?
I'm Paddy O'Paddy from Ireland City, Ireland

It's queerer than a three-dollar bill
Hey, that's mighty queer
Looks like a leprechaun took a dump
Right inside my beer
But I'm gonna drink it, yes I am
St. Patrick's Day is here again
I'm Paddy O'Paddy from Ireland City, Ireland

Far across the sea
My grandparents traveled in 1893
They slaved underground
Mining ore and mining coal
In some God-forsaken hole
So that once a year we can drink green beer
Chug shamrock shakes while my best friends cheer (chug chug chug)
Saying "Kiss me, I'm Irish," singing "Danny boy"
Till all the old ladies get annoyed
Oh, what a wonderful day!

I think I've had too much drink
I think we all agree
Green beer makes your wiener shrink
That's why it's almost free
Cuz if you drink green beer then your poop turns green
If you don't flush it down it makes your girlfriend mean
I'm Paddy O'Paddy from Ireland City, Ireland

They only make it once a year
That's all right by me
Don't look too safe as far as I can see
So we'll only order three
But three became four and four became ten
Tell me, what's my name again?
I'm Paddy O'Paddy from Ireland City, Ireland
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It's Big Bang season! So many fandoms are having them, and so many of my flisties are going for it, which is very awesome. I decide to dust this off as a belated Valentine's Day gift for you guys. ♥

In 2006, I graduated from college with a degree in Professional Writing. In the same year, I made this "mix CD" for some of the writer friends I had met in that college, who I loved dearly (and still do). It's amazing to think that even that recently, downloading large files over the internet was mostly impractical, at least as far as I knew. Did broadband even exist then? But yeah. I burned these to CDs, and made my own artwork, and printed out "liner sheets" with the lyrics.


Track List:
My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors by Moxy Fruvous
The Engine Driver by The Decemberists
I'll Be a Writer by Soltero
Paperback Writer by The Beatles
Seize the Day by Carolyn Arends
Open Book by CAKE
Novel-Writing (Live from Wessex) by Monty Python
Song for Myla Goldberg by The Decemberists
Shadow Stabbing by CAKE
Breathe (2 AM) by Anna Nalick
There She Goes, My Beautiful World by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
See the Flames Begin to Crawl by Five Iron Frenzy
That's How the Story Ends by Five Iron Frenzy
Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes

Included in the liner sheets was this little story. I've added a few parenthetical phrases and a PS to make it more applicable for my current readership.

A Musical, Writerly Journey

This album is a gift to some of my very favorite writers ever. However, note that the songs on this album are very eclectic. Therefore, you may not like one or two or ten. That's okay. While you're deciding whether you like them, enjoy the story they tell about the writer's journey.

First of all, I figure that pretty much every writer starts out by liking books. Having a spouse who shares that inclination would just compound the problem, of course. "My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors," you may have noted to yourself. But that was okay, because you did too.

So there you were just living your life, as a cafe worker or librarian or student or perhaps even an Engine Driver, when you had an epiphany. "I'll Be a Writer," you declared one day. "It can't be that hard."

But deciding to be a writer was not enough. Then you had to decide what kind of writer you would be, a poet or a columnist or a critic or one of those people who write illogical letters to the editor (or comments on the internet). "I want to be a Paperback Writer," you declared further.

That was it, then. It was time to Seize the Day. Your life would be an Open Book, prepared for the perusal of strangers. You were ready to share all of your insights and wisdom, humor and love. It would be eloquent, moving, and entertaining, an instant best-seller.

And you began to write. It might have been more exciting with a commentator on some sports-like show, perhaps called Novel-Writing (Live from Wessex) or something like that. But no matter. You pressed on. Already you were thinking about an interesting, attention-grabbing title for you book. Song for Myla Goldberg, maybe. Or perhaps something a bit more ambiguous and poetic, like Shadow Stabbing. You had lists of ideas, but hadn't hit on the perfect title yet. It would come, you were sure. Well, pretty sure.

And now you were down in the real nitty-gritty of your novel. It was beginning to come a bit harder. You realized that you were sharing some rather personal things, and didn't know if you could write anymore. Either that or you realized that you were writing utter crud, and weren't sure what do about it. You kept trying, though, until one day you found yourself awake at 2 AM in the morning, clutching a pencil in one fist (or pounding on your keyboard with that fist), the other pressed to your burning temple as you blinked your gritty bloodshot eyes and struggled to Breathe.

It was that most dreaded of maladies: writer's block. It hit you hard. You could not get around it. "There She Goes, My Beautiful World!" you cried in despair. (Writer's block stinks a lot. It also inspires melodramatic cries of anguish.)

For days upon days, you fought your writer's block. You wrote pages of drivel, crumpled them, then smoothed them out to see if you had been wrong, then decided that they were definitely drivel and crumpled them again. At last you had piles of them, enough for a bonfire. So you set one, just to See the Flames Begin to Crawl. It was very satisfying, in a morbid way. So you decided that That's How the Story Ends. Rather easy decision, it was, in the end.

And now you just really, really needed to Escape. So you wrote your last creative effort, a personal ad sent to the newspaper, and you found someone who liked pina coladas as much as you did. Good for you! That's really the best final destination for your journey that you could have reached.

After all, this writing stuff, with its sweat and blood and many, many tears, is for chumps of the first degree.

The End

PS: Or you could always come to the dark side and write fanfic. IT'S SO MUCH FUN YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

Download from mediafire 100 MB, 54 minutes

Single tracks uploaded on request.
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This is such a long song, wow. For [ profile] dixiehellcat

(Is it wrong for me to think he kinda looks like Leonard Nimoy? I think it might be kinda wrong.)

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Gotta say, this does not sound very much like the actual group. But I loved learning this song and I love this group, which was new to me. Thank you, [ profile] unoshot! ♥

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My records show that it has been almost a week since I posted a ridiculous video, so I offer you this:

It's an absolutely phenomenal cover of Lady Gaga's Pokerface. No, really, it's cool. IT'S SO COOL OMG YOU GUYS HAVE TO BELIEVE ME. I'm totes jealous of that girl and her mad instrumental skills, too. I mean, I play a good piano and I know three guitar chords (which is all you need, for srs), but I has trouble with the uke, man.

Dinosaur Comics turned me on to this vid and I haven't stopped watching it since. And now I'm thinking maybe I should listen to more of this Gaga person. ::is ashamed::
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This should really be accompanied by a guitar. I wrote it after my friend Aaron told me all about what being a 3.5 D&D bard was like. This was before I'd ever played one, mind you, and according to them this is perfect, so I'm haughtily proud of it. For my Padfoot, [ profile] limegreenjillo. There are no better versions for me to link to.

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