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I am writing fanfic again. Of the SPN variety.

And it's been so long. And of course it's spurty and hard. And of course I'm having all the usual writerly awfulness of "omg I suck I'm worst writer ever why am I even trying what is WRONG with me and what is wrong with this what is this everloving crap I am putting on this poor paper digital word document omgwtfbbq".

So yeah, that's awesome. I started writing over Christmas break while on family vacation away from the internet and it was supposed to be this short thing posted by the New Year. I especially wanted to have it done before hiatus was over and it's NOT. It's, like, demanding to be epic, and I'm all frowning at it like, "No, stupid story, you are about the boys gathering Cas's grace in a beer bottle, you are not supposed to be epic, so stop trying to be. Your reach exceeds your grasp and it's not all cool and inspirational, it's just sad and pathetic and sad."

Dash it all.
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I was going to write about how bad it feels to be looked down on as white trash at your cousin's wedding by your cousin's future in-laws, but screw that. I have pudding again and it is GLORIOUS.

Ever since I started changing my diet to accommodate my hypoglycemia, one of my highest priorities has been figuring out how to have healthy sweets. I have always been a big fan of pudding, and this has never been a secret. In my first blog, on xanga, I listed making pudding in my expertise. Both my YouTube account and my Twitter account include "consumer of pudding" in my self-description. Mmm, pudding. I love it. I love it so much. You really can't overstate just how much I love pudding. It would be very difficult.

Now, you can make sugar-free, flour-free pudding. I've done it. I've done stirred puddings and custards, with and without cornstarch; you can use xanthan gum or guar gum instead, though the texture does leave something to be desired. I've made pies with instant sugar-free mixes, even though they always contain aspartame, which I hate and which hates me. (Aspartame + me = headaches, tummy aches, unhappiness.) It's time-consuming, though, and then you have to wait for it to cool, and it's a hassle, and I don't eat it all and it goes bad, etc.

So then someone in my family bought these single-serving sugar-free Swiss Miss puddings. They were tasty, but they had sucralose (Splenda) which I'm also sensitive to. So I only ate, like, three of those. Oh, shut up. Like I could stay away from pudding. Even pudding that I know will give me headaches. But then. BUT THEN.

Jell-O. Apparently there have been great strides in the science of sugar-free pudding recently, and Jell-O has found the perfect formula to suit this particular hypoglycemic pudding lover. NNNNGH, JELL-O. I LOVE YOU SO.

Their main sweetener is xylitol, which doesn't bother me. It does have some sucralose, but only in trace amounts, so eating one or two a day after a meal seems to be fine. THEIR FLAVORS ARE SO YUMMY. Omg. Omg, you guys. Jell-O sugar-free Boston Cream Pie pudding snacks. I DARE YOU NOT TO LIKE IT.

So gooood.

So I've been buying a lot of pudding. I take them in my lunches to work and they are a highlight of my day. But my family. They like them too. They eat them.


Monday, right. On my way back from playing RPG with my friends (we did Star Wars Saga Edition that night, Josh DMed, I played a Jedi named Naeji Dwill, it was awesome), I stopped at Wal-Mart. I bought two six-packs of pudding. One of them was Boston Cream Pie, which I hadn't tried before. I ate one before going to bed and it was

Uh. Maze. Ing.

The next morning I got up to pack my lunch, and only two were left. TWO. So I hid one and took the other.


Dash it all.

This summer has been particularly strange for my family, because most of my siblings are all but grown up, and yet we live at home. Five out of eight people in this house have day jobs, which means five lunches being packed, five people tired in the evening and unwilling to do chores, etc., etc. Five people competing for my puddings.

Those puddings are MINE.

So today. Again, I stopped at Wal-Mart on the way back from playing geeky games (Arkham Horror this time, and I swear some day we will finish a game). I bought four six-packs of pudding. They are in the bottom crisper drawer of the fridge. I took a piece of paper and wrote on it. I laid it carefully over the top of the puddings in the drawer, so you cannot help but see it, if perchance you open the drawer and reach in with the intention of taking my puddings away.

These belong to Laura.

Mom and Dad may have them for free.

Everyone else, 50¢ each.

This is more than fair--less than they cost me.

It felt ever so slightly passive-aggressive. But our schedules are so different that I hardly ever see some of my family, and I want them all to know.



I just hope it works.
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I went to see Super 8 with my sisters this afternoon, came home and had bratwurst, broccoli, and cake (not at once), then went and saw Green Lantern with my mom, and have plans to see X-Men later with my dad and possibly mom and other people.


Thanks for the lovely gifts and messages! ::SQUEEZES THE INTERNET LIKE A BOSS::
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Well, guys, I've found my new obsession (they circle around, they do) and it's the Slender Man mythos.

I would blame [ profile] bellatemple for introducing me to Marble Hornets way back when, but it's my own fault, really.
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You know, when I made this journal, I called myself "the omnivorous geek," because, at the time, I totally was. I consumed all kinds of geeky, nerdy media and loved it all relatively equally. Then I went and started watching Supernatural, and, well, so much for that. I'm a one-fandom gal as of now, at least for participating, though I still read fic and enjoy art in other fandoms.

So, here's kind of a run-down of stuff that I like. Feel free to start conversations with me about any of these--I probably have opinions somewhere, though most of them are along the lines of, "Oooh, I like that!"

My past fandoms were Stargate SG-1 and Star Wars, though most of the fic I wrote for SW was prequel-prequel-era, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan when Obi was a kid. Either that or earlier, when I was about sixteen, I wrote a bunch of Rebellion-era OC stuff. Which I did not know at the time was not popular. ::shrugs::

Current TV Shows I Watch:
The Big Bang Theory
White Collar
Criminal Minds
Doctor Who

I also like the new Star Trek movie and sometimes read stuff for that, and I'm a big fan of comic book movies like Iron Man, the X-Men, etc., though the Batman family will always be my favorite, particularly Tim Drake as Robin. I loved Sherlock Holmes. I love Pixar movies and think they're absolutely brilliant, though I wish they would have more female protagonists. I LOVE the Lord of the Rings, though I cannot be fannish about that, can't even bring myself to read fic, because to me the canon is perfect and I cannot imagine tarnishing it. (Though my one solitary Mary Sue fic that I wrote when I was thirteen was set after Return of the King. That was before the movies came out!) Same for Narnia. I even read some SGA, though I STILL haven't seen the show past the second season. I adore Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly/Serenity and Dr. Horrible with a passion, though I haven't gotten around to watching Angel the Series yet and Dollhouse left me pretty cold. (Loved Topher though, not gonna lie, despite what an awful person he was.) I like Harry Potter, too, though JK Rowling was in serious need of an editor by, oh, about book 4.

I play D&D and other RPGs and several geeky-type games like ZOMBIES and Killer Bunnies and Three-Dragon Ante and so on. I have two groups of gamer friends I meet with weekly--in one of them I am currently DMing a 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons campaign, and in the other we are currently playing a KotOR-era Star Wars campaign in which I am a Togruta Jedi named Taak Leela.

I play Guitar Hero and Rock Band and Dance Dance Revolution. These are my favorite ways to exercise.

I like Stephen King and Neil Gaiman and Madeleine L'Engle and Orson Scott Card and a whole host of other fantasy/SF writers. I love Discworld and Arthur Dent and the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland (the books) and I think a lot of Tim Burton's stuff is pretty nifty, especially Big Fish (with Ewan MacGregor, possibly my first celebrity crush of all time, and hell yes that was because of young Obi-Wan).

This is not a comprehensive list, but my mind is blanking.

So, what are you into? Anything not listed here that you think I would like? Not that I make any guarantees to get into anything new at this time, of course. My mind is pretty much all SPN all the time.

ETA: Forgot anime! I love Cowboy Bebop. LOVE. Samurai Champloo, too. I love Full Metal Alchemist. I really liked Trigun. Outlaw Star didn't do much for me but I enjoyed it. I tried watching some Naruto but didn't get very far yet. I've watched Kenshin and Ah! My Goddess. Oh, and some Sailor Moon, even, because I think the Magical Girl trope is kind of cool. Neon Genesis Evangelion is effed up. Ghost in the Shell is pretty brilliant. Haven't managed to get my hands on a full set of Macross. Can't remember anything else right now.

ETA 2: People reminded me to add Torchwood, Dexter, and How I Met Your Mother. I've also always been a Star Trek fan, especially TNG because that's what was on in my formative years, but I like pretty much all of it. Oh, and Miyazaki films! Miyazaki is awesome.

Such a Nerd

Feb. 8th, 2010 08:28 pm
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I am in Huntington discussing character ideas for a new campaign, and I think I'm totally in love with my new character. She's gonna be an Eladrin (high elf) who was stranded on basically this world's equivalent of the Falklands when she was a baby and raised by temperate penguins. She's quite mentally unbalanced, and she's a shaman (a new primal class from 4th ed.), so her spirit companion is, of course, a giant penguin who swims through the air instead of water. The reason she left the island is to find a mate, because penguins mate for life, of course, and no one she meets quite seems right for her. So everyone she meets on this campaign is going to be subjected to intense crazy-lady tilted-head staring, followed by a short burst of speech in penguinese, until she finds someone who will be happy to waddle back home with her to lay some eggs and live on rocks for life.

This quest is most likely doomed to failure.
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Last night my Thursday gaming group did a photo shoot for make-a-cards for a game called ZOMBIES. It was hilarious good times. We went to Wal-Mart and shopped for zombie-killin' stuff, and I made fake blood, and we took many, many awesome and hilarious pictures which I hope I will be able to share with you soon.

But I got home and watched the new Supernatural and was too wired to sleep, so I ended up playing with my webcam. I really enjoyed posing for the camera with my friends, making goofy faces and getting giggles out of them with my expressions, and I just kept doing that for my own amusement. It was great.

I've always been very camera-shy. I've always hated how I look and I hate having to see myself, even in the mirror. (I don't have one in my bedroom and I avoid looking at myself when I use restrooms.) But that's kinda silly, right? I am who I am. If I'm going to try to be more accepting of myself and my body, which I've loathed for many years, I should learn to like what I look like, too.

So this is sort of healthy? Maybe? Anyway, I thought they were kinda funny and I'm willing to share. Thus, in the spirit of, I present Maychorian Expresses an Emotion.

image heavy )

This will be f-locked soon.
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Heyo! I am back and have non-sporadic internet again, yay!

Of course, I took Dramamine to survive the trip (wow, I hate car trips with my family so much, not because I hate my family but because I get so, so motion sick), so I'm going to be spending the next twenty-four hours or so sleeping it off. I only took half a pill and I'm STILL impossibly groggy. ::grumps::

This is such a sad thing, you have no idea. I have writing and reading to do! But I can't, because my pillow is calling me.

I'll have my revenge though. That pillow is going to be covered with drool in about twenty minutes. Take that, pillow!

Okay. G'night.

LOL, you

Nov. 2nd, 2009 10:20 pm
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Have I mentioned lately that I'm kind of a big dork? If not, here is evidence.

I always have lots of tabs open in my firefox at any given time--email, MouseHunt, LJ, as well as a bunch of fics I'm half-through reading and generally one or two google docs with stories I'm working on. And I'll be browsing around and think, "Oh, I wonder what happens next in that story," and go read one of the fanfics I have open.

And every once in a while I'll think, "I wonder what happens next in..." and realize that it's one of the fics I'm currently WRITING. ::facepalm::

So yeah, I should get on that.
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We're starting a new campaign tonight. Here's my new character's (somewhat skeletal) backstory. I dunno why I decided to go crackish this time, but there it is. I'm looking forward to playing a bard again.


Valenya Cherbatasky was born in a small village near the border of Novagast and Earnan. Her father was a human, Ivan the woodcutter, and her mother was an elf, Marisuva, who dressed the hair of various important ladies in their village and the surrounding area. On big feast days she also curled the hair of the mayor's prized dogs.

Valenya's father was known for being just a little unbalanced. Because he spent of a lot of time in the forest, he seemed to have accidentally wandered into the Feywild one too many times. He had a strange fondness for the color pink and often declared that someone's face was "sparkly" and they should back off or he would hit them in the forehead with his axe.

Valenya also had three older brothers, Vanya, Vi-Chan, and Chad. When each lad turned twenty-one, they were sent off on a quest to make their way in the world, because Ivan insisted on it. Each one was given only a piece of bread, a hunk of cheese, and a hand-carved comb from their mother. This was meant to be character-building, and it mostly worked. Chad married a princess and Vi-Chan ended up a prosperous merchant in a wealthy city. Vanya, unfortunately, was eaten by a porpoise before he got very far in his journey.

Being always surrounded by such strange folk, and constantly fed fairy-tales and sad stories by her various relations (grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews not-yet-born), Valenya grew up with a great love for the odd, the misfit, the forgotten. Even as a wee tiny girl, she was bold and outgoing, reaching up to tug on the tunic of a passing villager and motioning them to bend down so she could talk to them.

"Come, listen now," she would say. "I tell you a story. It make you sad, but when it finish, you vill be stronger."

Hilariously enough, she was always right. The villager would go on his or her way feeling much better and happier about their life, even though Valenya's tragic tales usually had them breaking down into tears before she was ten minutes in. (And mind you, these tales often lasted an hour or more. They are tales of Novagast, after all, and we all know how that goes.)

By the time Valenya was twenty-one, her parents had recognized that she was destined be a great bard. And so she set out into the world with her piece of bread, hunk of cheese, and hand-carved comb, a sad story on her lips and magic in her heart.

Pretty soon she figured out that she should also get a sword and some armor. I never said Valenya was stupid.

And thus her tale begins.
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This afternoon I got the sad, sad call that Josh and Gabe were not going to be at D&D tonight. Obviously, this ruined everything. Okay not really. I still went down to Huntington, with the plan to play geeky games or possibly watch movies. Thus follows some tweets:

Am at Jill & Aaron's. Unfortunately, w/o Josh & Gabe, it's devolved into "What do YOU want to do?" "We could..." "I don't wanna do that..." about 5 hours ago from web

As usual when it's just me and Jill, we start talking about fanfic and rule 34. Transformers fandom WEIRDS US OUT. about 5 hours ago from web

Also, pictures of DRAGONS HAVING SEX WITH CARS. They exist. Aaron is helpless to make us shut up. about 5 hours ago from web

Then Jill and I made a run to Walmart for ice cream and chocolate syrup, and then Chuckles finally showed up and we played an awesome game of Munchkin Cthulhu mixed with Star Munchkin, and it was awesome and I won. Then this:

Also talking about fanmixes while eating choco chip ice cream. Jill is into badnom, which i don't really get, but she says the mixes're good about 2 hours ago from web

AHHH LOL I MEANT BANDOM NOT BADNOM. I think that might be my favorite typo ever. about 2 hours ago from web

And then we watched an episode of Firefly (Our Mrs. Reynolds) and it was awesome and I had the geekiest most awesome night ever.

The End

(Did I also mention that I listened to SPN podfics on the way to and from Huntington? Yes, I am amazing in my geekery. ::preens::)
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I was driving a lot for work today, so I listened to the audio from Misha's panels at Asylum. And I think I figured it out. Misha Collins (at least while he's at a convention) is obviously channeling Strong Bad.

I mean, just listen to the answers he gives those questions! (I will be paraphrasing.)

Q: If you could go back to another time in your life, where would you go?
A: Oh, I want to return to the womb, but I can't get more than my head to fit in there.

Q: If you could ask Castiel one question, what would it be?
A: What question would I ask the character I play? That's like being in a box of mirrors. With a unicorn. And a pony. ... I would ask him what his favorite color is. ... I can't think of anything else.

Q: Why don't the angels change their clothes?
A: Well, obviously, they don't have opposable thumbs. They're like lizards.

Q: What superpower would you want?
A: I've always wanted to make turnips appear just by pointing and wiggling my fingers.

And that's just the highlights. You see? It's Strong Bad, in the form of an adorable, interesting man with the cutest little voice ever. Who also plays an awesome angel on my favorite TV show.

Plus there was the part where he assured the slashers that he wasn't judging them. ("I think slash is awesome! I can't wait to go home and write some of my own! Really, really I've done pervy things, too...")

::long, dreamy sigh:: I'm feeling less and less embarrassed about my fangirliness over this guy. It's just, well, undeniable.
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1. Ai yai yai...

So Monday night I play D&D with friends, yes? Well, I was sore, what with my elbows, and also my knees and sometimes my back. So on my way out the door I made a quick stop in the bathroom, rummaged around in the family box of medicine and found some painkillers and gulped a couple, then drove down to Josh's house to carpool to Huntington. About halfway there I started feeling kinda groggy, but didn't really think anything of it. I often get sleepy in late afternoon, but I perk up when we start playing. Well, not this time.MOAR. Also homeschool graduation and a new rattie )
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For some reason I feel very odd about the fact that I started my period today. Which is Easter Sunday. Perhaps it is because of all the talk about blood at church, you know, the propitiation of sin and sacrifice in our place and blah blah blah. I do believe that, honestly, but yeah, I feel weird about it right now because I'm on the rag. O.o Ironic, bizarre, something like that. But anyway.

I love you, Jesus. Thanks for dying for me and everything. That was cool of You.

Oh! And good news, too. I've been feeling kind of blah fannishly lately, just not finding anything that I was in the mood to read or something. Not sure what it is. But look! The fandom gods went and gave me a hurt/comfort meme to squee over! ♥

There's one prompt in particular already there that has hit all of my buttons like a Mack truck, so I will be writing something post-haste. But please, go and enjoy what's already there, and add your own! There can never be too much hurt/comfort. I truly believe that.

Happy Easter/Chocolate Day!
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I think Dean and Sam should swear in Latin. You guys need to get on this immediately. Possibly a good resource:

Yeah, this is peripherally connected to the last chapter of Mouths. And also a very long and involved discussion we're having right now at my Monday RPG night. It started off with talking about how everything is phallic, and then [ profile] limegreenjillo and I wondered what the female equivalent is for that word. (Turns out that "vagina" is already a Latin word, bee tee dub, if that was where you wanted to go with that.) And um, yeah. I may post more about this later, because it's hilarious.
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I'm, like, a thrifty ninja. Or a really lazy chick MacGyver. I'm very proud of this, and feel compelled to share. The story:

This morning I was driving to one of my clients' houses, you know, through all the lovely Fort Wayne traffic, about ten minutes from my destination. At a stoplight I happened to glance down at my shirt and noticed that a thread was hanging off one of the buttons. I decided to give it a tug, maybe snip it with my teeth.

This was a bad idea. If you ever see a thread hanging off your button and think, "Oh, I should pull on that," DON'T DO IT. Deny that ridiculous impulse! THE CAKE IS A LIE.

So yeah, I pulled on the thread, and the button popped right off. This was bad news. It wasn't like the button was way down low on the shirt so I could tuck it into my skirt or anything--it was right in front of my bosoms. My shirt had a gaping hole.

Instant panic. Ten minutes from work, no spare shirt or anything to cover up with besides my winter coat, BIG FAT HOLE IN FRONT OF BOSOMS. I began frantically casting about in my mind for what could possibly be in my car to fix it. No travel sewing kit (which I should totally start carrying around for these situations, for real), no safety pins, no paperclips, not even a bobby pin.

BUT! For months now I have had a twisty-tie holding the left side of my glasses together where the screw fell out. It's probably visible in that video I posted with Mini!Cas. That little blue bump? Yeah, twist-tie from a bread bag. Ignore how this points to my extreme laziness in never fixing my glasses for real. It was a very good thing I had that today.

While still at that same stoplight, I took off my glasses and unwound the twist-tie and snipped it roughly in half WITH MY TEETH. While continuing to drive, I stripped off the plastic, threaded it through the button, stuck the two ends of wire through my shirt where the button had been, twisted the wire together, and stuck the ends into the fabric so they wouldn't poke me. By the time I got to my client's house I was fine.

I felt UTTERLY BADASS. I am a car-driving, problem-solving, wire-snipping NINJA.


So yeah. That was my day. How was yours?
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You know what movies I like to watch when I'm feeling down or crappy? Kill Bill. Both volumes. So I just did that, and I feel better about the world. It may say something about me, that I prefer stylized violence as a pick-me-up instead of chick flicks or rom-coms.

But then, I also like to play the damage-dealers in D&D and similar games, which once led to me musing out loud in a rather soft, dreamy voice, "I like killing things. I guess I've always liked killing things." And now my friends quote me on that all the time, because they find it hilarious. I look so harmless, but I get positively giddy when I get to kill things. In games. When I get to kill things in games.

Played D&D last night as well as Left 4 Dead on the XBox, and I'm finally starting to get the hang of the two-joystick thing. Still makes me nervous, but I did enjoy shooting the zombies. Even though my character didn't make it in the end.

I looked more into doing freelance today, set myself up on a couple of websites, took the "editing skils" test at and scored in the top five percent, so that makes me feel good. It was a hard test, too, way harder than any grammar/writing test I took in school. I also have a couple of job leads from friends that I'll look into. And my former employers are giving me a little bit of severance pay so I have some time to find a new job, so I'm not quite so panicked now.

And now I want to write. I have one of my prompt fics half-finished, and my big bang is going well. I like writing, too, with or without killing things.
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Oh, gah, you guys, I am totally a hobbit. SO MANY of my stories revolve around food, or include food as major plot points, and I'm always worried about what the characters are going to eat for their next meal...

Either that or I'm Dean Winchester without the accompanying fixation on sex.

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