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I don't care what anyone says ever, Mitch and Cam are my favorite gay people on TV, forever and ever, amen. Kurt and Blaine can suck it.

I think I actually died a little from laughing. Oh, boys.
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Cultural background: In Kenya, "makmende" is an evolution of "make my day." It's come to mean kind of a wanna-be Clint Eastwood type, a braggart and punk, Chuck Norris without the awesomeness. So this music video is kind of the inner fantasy life of Makmende, it seems.

I've watched it several times now. :D It's pretty much ridiculously fantastic.


Apr. 18th, 2010 11:24 pm
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Um, anyone who has asked if they can friend me recently, the answer is yes. I'm sorry--my inbox is really full and I can't figure out what post it was on anymore. Everyone who so desires is completely welcome to follow my meanderings. I make no guarantee of quality, though.
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I am flummoxed by this awesomeness.

ETA: I wanna SamnDean icon with the quote "Our gun bill is REALLY HIGH."

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So I kicked the new year off to a good start by catching 140/140 possible mice in MouseHunt.

Also watching Shark Week on Netflix Instant.

Also mashed potatoes.

This pleases me.

Anybody have a favorite recipe for lemon poppyseed bread? We have lemons and poppyseeds. So therefore there must be bread.
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Soooo. I think my shopping is done. I think. Just have to wrap stuff now.

Holy crap, why do I have 1712 messages in my LJ inbox? I feel like that might be a historical date I should remember. Need to clean that out.

Cold pretty much gone but nose is still very drippy.

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate is quite tasty.

So are Jones Soda Carbonated Candies.

Why yes, I did buy both of those on my shopping expedition this afternoon. Also Steak N Shake's fruit smoothies are delectable. I like the raspberry. But I forgot to get more candy canes, and that was one of the things I specifically set out to buy! I iz a dummkopf.

Bartleby is very very very very very very VERY fond of Hershey's Hugs. He goes absolutely bonkers when he hears the bag crinkle and will not go away until I give him a nip. But then he runs around like his tail has been lit on fire and I feel bad for corrupting my innocent ratty with what is obviously the equivalent of crack cocaine.

I am trying to write at least two different stories and reading several others.

Eddie Izzard is hilarious. Watched The Definite Article with my sibs and we were all in stitches, except for the French part which none of us understood very well. Little sister C didn't even complain about the F word, which usually scandalizes her tremendously.

Also watching Psych lately, which is a great joy and joyness. Up-to-date on Criminal Minds, which just about broke me. Have Merlin finale ready, which looks cataclysmic. Also Doctor Who Waters of Mars, which is exciting. Crap, why am I not watching TV right now? O.o

Okay bye.
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[Poll #1501161]

I was somewhat high on Theraflu last night when I posted these tweets:

There is another problem in this house, and that is this: CANDY CANE MASSACRES.
about 22 hours ago from web
I keep buying mroe candy canes for the tree, and they keep disappearing. I have a short list of suspects: ALL OF MY SIBLINGS.
about 22 hours ago from web
Falalalala, Family, enjoy them for now, but your reign of terror over the candy canes will soon be at an end. THIS SHIT CANNOT STAND.
about 22 hours ago from web
I really wanted to try that cherry Jelly Belly candy cane myself, too. :((((((((
about 22 hours ago from web

Then the next morning there was this:

about 12 hours ago from web
In the harsh light of day, the candy canes I put on the tree last night look like they were placed by a drunk toddler.
about 12 hours ago from web

So obviously candy canes are VERY IMPORTANT in my life.

I checked my package tracking over at amazon and my new netbook has been delivered to my local post office!


No more power issues! No more broken screen! Longer battery life! And because I bought a wireless router recently, I'll be able to use it anywhere in the house!


No more being chained to this huge CRT monitor and wiggling the power cord around and holding it down with bricks to keep it in the socket! No more periodically ordering new power cords because the issue isn't the cord, it's the computer itself!


No more broken keys! No more weird shift key placement! No more accidentally typing double letters (I hope)! No more being afraid to even type on this thing because the slightest jostle could make the power cord come out!


Um, so yeah. In celebration, I think I'ma do a picture review of an older S5 eppy that I loved. Like perhaps 5.04, what with all the unmitigated awesome. Ooh! Or 5.03, with the ridiculous Cas cuteness. Ooh! Or 5.02, with awesome Jo and Ellen action. Ooh! Or 5.01, with Bobby being so very, very Bobby, because WOW. Or...

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Good grief, you guys, I turn away from the computer for a few hours and suddenly I have a phalanx of snowflake cookies on my profile! Thank you so much. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Also this little piece of hilarity:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, maychorian sent to me...
Twelve star wars drumming
Eleven ratties piping
Ten heroes a-leaping
Nine books baking
Eight scrubs a-crocheting
Seven bards a-reading
Six movies a-cooking
Five cri-i-i-iminal minds
Four stargate atlantis
Three jensen ackles
Two pushing daisies
...and a torchwood in a glee.
Get your own Twelve Days:

If I suddenly disappear from the internet, it's because my netbook has finally just died. I have to keep wiggling the power cord around to make the battery charge, and I'm pretty sure that soon it won't work at all. I have a new one on order from amazon, but it'll be a few days. In the meantime I'm trying to watch all the TV episodes that I have on this computer and haven't gotten to yet. Currently in the middle of a Criminal Minds marathon.

♥ again.

Head's Up

Nov. 26th, 2009 10:18 am
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Supernatural S4 is on sale on this weekend for 14.99. Looks like a bunch of other cool movies and tv shows are on sale, too.

So yes, I FINALLY ordered my Season 4 set. ::fist pump::
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Hello, new friends! There have been a few of you lately. I just wanted to make sure you knew about this:

Reading Spngenlove

[ profile] spngenlove is a rec community for gen fics. We also do member fanwork round-ups, insta-rec posts, and occasional commentfic memes, and members are free to start discussions, ask for beta help, etc. etc. We just recently passed 400 watchers, which is a great source of joy and joyness for me. This comm is my baby and I'm very proud of how well it's been received.

If you like Supernatural genfic, please feel free to check it out! Clicking the banner will take you there.
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Because of the iCarly crossover that was recced at [ profile] spngenlove awhile ago, I put iCarly on my Netflix instant queue and stuff. It's a goofy show, over the top in every way, sometimes embarassingly stupid and sometimes ridiculously hilarious. I don't even... AHAHAHAHA. Spencer is this guy, Carly's older brother on the show, and oh he makes me laugh. I LOVE HIS STUPID FACE. (He's twenty-six so it's okay.) In the last episode I watched with my little sister, H, he ended up in Canada because he fell asleep on the bus, but he was still excited because he brought back OMFG CANADIAN BACON, and then he opens it and it's just sliced ham and his face is so terribly betrayed, but then he holds the slice of ham cautiously next to his mouth, with great doubt, and slowly stuffs the whole thing in his mouth, and somehow he looks surprisingly happy again. And then the opening theme song started and I laughed my head off all the way through it. The moment, oh, it was truly indescribable. I don't think I'm expressing the hilarity of the moment at all, and I looked for clips online and THEY DON'T EXIST. D: (The ep was "iPromote" something, some kind of shoe, look it up if you can, that moment is so worth it.)

Anyway. I ♥ Spencer. I would quite like to be his BFF.

Speaking of Spencer, last week's Psych was amazing and I want to seek out fanfic because it definitely needs a coda (THERE WAS NO ONSCREEN HUG OMG WHY DO YOU HURT ME SO, SHOW?) but I am scared. I even thought about writing one, which is weird, cuz I've been pretty exclusively SPN for quite some time now.

In other good things, I bought these most amazing headphones on clearance at Meijer that make all my music sound better. They are Koss and I don't know what model they are but they cushion my ears in gigantic pillows of aural love. So I have been listening to my music a lot lately, and keep wanting to share stuff I love with you guys. Right now it's Flight of Conchords, I have the EP they had on iTunes, and I want to give you "If You're Into It" or "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room" or something, but I can't decide.

But here's As You Cry by The Hush Sound, and I DARE you not to tap your fingers or bob your head or something. I posted that on my twitter yesterday because I just couldn't help myself.

Also, I am writing crack today. This is possibly all related, I don't know.

Also, I found a good download site. No more waiting for torrents! \o/
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After I wrote my big bang and made a soundtrack and posted it and everything...I realized that even though the story was obsessed with candy (to the point that one of my favorite scenes was the one where Sam and Dean sit companionably on a hill and eat Dum-Dums), the soundtrack actually didn't have a SINGLE SONG about candy. This was a clearly a travesty, but at that point it was too late to fix it.

So here. Have a fanmix about candy, just for you. ♥ Lame-ass cover-art is also mine, so free to whomever.


download and track list )
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Just in case anyone missed it, I MADE A COMM. Incredibly, it already has more than 150 members and 190 watchers. Apparently we needed more appreciation for gen in this fandom.

Reading Spngenlove

Recs start tomorrow.
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So this was my dilemma. My Thursday D&D group is doing like a potluck, in which the lovely hosts are providing spaghetti bake and the rest of us are bringing salad and dessert or whatever. And I was all like, "Bread! I will bring some kind of bread! Mmmmmgah, I love bread! Bread bread bread! I'm all over this, let me handle it!"

And, well. Breadsticks = awesome. Cheese sticks =awesome. Breadsticks stuffed with cheese? OH LORDY MY MIND HAS JUST BEEN BLOWN. ::sqqqqzplah, brains on the wall, blood dripping from ruined skull::

But the problem. There are six of us. Cheesy breadsticks come in boxes of five. ONLY FIVE WTF BREAD COMPANY THAT'S NOT ENOUGH. I had to make sure that everyone would get an equal amount of cheesy bready goodness, because the perfectionist equal-rights lover in me could not have it any other way. (I swear, as a teeny girl buckling my shoes for church I always made sure that the little rod thingy was the same number of holes in on both sides SO IT WOULD BE FAIR TO MY SHOES.)

I fear I've bought way too much.

But then again, can you ever have too many cheesy breadsticks? I think not.

I think not.

Anyway, it's just a good thing that cheesy Texas toast comes in boxes of eight, that's all.
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Some random lady in McDonald's this morning bought my breakfast, just out of the blue. I just went up to the counter and said, "Two sausage burritos, please," and she hops over from where she was standing waiting for her order and said, "And I'd like to pay for that, please." I kind of gave a shocked, pleased gasp and smiled at her, and she quickly ran her card through the reader and jumped back over to get her food, and then she hurried out the door. I was so flabbergasted that I didn't even say thank you. I hope she could tell that I was grateful, anyway. It was just so sweet and strange and so very, very unexpected.

A random act of kindness? Do I just look that pathetic and beaten-down in general? Whatever it was, it brightened my day immeasurably. I'm kind of getting a little teary just thinking about it. It was a small act, but it meant so much to me.

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