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Nov. 18th, 2011 05:49 pm
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Dear Lord, read this one.

The Way Back by [ profile] rainylemons

Because it's gen but it's all about love. Because it's Castiel working at Taco Bell to provide a home for an injured Dean and a traumatized Sam. Because there's a guitar and Hamburger Helper and Castiel makes a friend outside of the Winchesters and Bobby. Because Cas cries over chick flick movies. Because they're poor and barely getting by but there's still contentment in simplicity. Because they care about each other So Damn Much. Because of the ending. Because there's just so much love, love, love that it overflows in amazing ways. Because this is the ending I want for them and they'll probably never get it.


Oct. 27th, 2011 10:53 am
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So I'm being dragged back into fandom almost against my will. It's amazing how long I ignored you, SPN fandom. And here I am again, hat in hand. Reading and reading. Soon I will probably be writing again.

The Demiurge by [ profile] takadainmate
Teh whumpiest Cas whump ever to whump. I ♥ it unreasonably. Can be read as pre-slash, I saw it perfectly gen-ly. Goes AU after 6.20. A flannel fic if ever there was one. [ profile] strangeandcharm! You would like it!

The Chuck Writes Story: An Unauthorized Fandom Biography by [ profile] lettered
This is the story of how the Winchester Gospels came to be, written as a report for Fandom_Wank. IT. IS. AMAZING. My heart actually HURT for Chuck in the first part, and then it came around full circle and it was all about fandom and how we make things, and we make things our own, and it's zeitgeist and schadenfreude and wank and hurt and craziness and BUBBLES BUBBLES CHEESEBURGERS JOY. It made my head hurt in the best way. *lick lick lick*

Above & Below by [ profile] murron
This is how Dean and Castiel and unsouled!Sam went to Hell to retrieve Sam's soul. It's AU and it's what should have been, for real. Creepy and atmospheric and intriguing and classical. It's like reading literature, a fleshed-out myth. There is also sex of the Dean/Cas sort.

So. What have you been reading lately?

Fic Rec

Jul. 23rd, 2011 12:34 am
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Not Quickly Broken by [ profile] littlehollyleaf

Yeah. I want this for Season 7.
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O hay, gaiz! [ profile] sharp_teeth is back!

A gen-oriented, horror-themed comment meme
[Click on the image to go to the meme.]
Banner courtesy of [ profile] animotus

If you don't remember or don't know, this is a gen-oriented multi-fandom horror comment meme, and it is teh ossums! I would in particular like to direct your attention to this:

Watch for the Greenwitch by [ profile] fulselden
The offering to the Greenwitch always looks tangled and cold. Jane is cold, too.
ensemble - T Warning: bad things happen to Jane in this story, without her consent.

OMG, guys, The Dark Is Rising! ::flails:: BOOKS, not ineffectually awful kid-movie-abomination-thing. That series was such a cool part of my childhood. And this take on the Greenwitch stuff is awesome and awful in all the best ways. READ IT READ IT.

And if you are a writer or a reader, oh please, go look at the sixteen pages of prompts (and counting)! There are many, many fandoms, though it is somewhat skewed toward SPN, since the creators and many of the participants are active in that fandom.

::shoos you off:: Go have fun playing in the dark! Don't come back until you're at least a little bloody!

Fic Rec!

Oct. 7th, 2010 03:18 pm
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This story is awesome. Though it's Dean/Castiel, I could read it as slashy gen just fine. Fantastic team free will dynamic, and I loved the view of Castiel through Dean's eyes and vice versa. Interesting MotW, huddling for warmth, desperate measures to save the day... It's all good, baby. Set post-S5, but no S6 spoilers.

I Cleanse the Mirror by anonymous
Mid-summer in Colorado and it's been snowing for three weeks. Dean and Sam's investigation turns to survival as they are hunted by an ancient, malevolent creature who seeks nothing other than to take their lives. Especially Cas's.


Jul. 1st, 2010 09:39 pm
My birthday was fantastic. On Sunday I played D&D with my friends and ate raspberry jello cake. On Monday you guys gave me like a thousand amazing fics and that continued for a bit, and that night Jill and I made new characters for a RPG called Hollow Earth and John gave me a sky lantern and we watched it fly away to the sky and that was awesome and beautiful. And on Tuesday I got a kitten. So yeah. Awesome twenty-seventh anniversary of being born. And I am SO gloating about my amazing friends, because LOOK WHAT YOU GUYS DID FOR ME. ::points below::

Besides fics, [ profile] just_ruth and [ profile] oatmeal_queen gave me V-gifts and [ profile] wynefred and [ profile] half_vulcan gave me graphics. (Also [ profile] davincis_girl down below, which you definitely should NOT miss.) And [ profile] dotfic wrote me a fic called Center of Balance for one my prompts on the Team Free Will schmoop meme, and ohhhhh it's amazing. ♥ ♥ ♥

You guys, you guys, I have the most awesome friends ever and I am gloating my butt off. I highly recommend every single thing on this list. READ THEM. You won't be sorry. I mean, just look at those names! It's like a Who's Who of fantastic writers! My flist is the best and I am totally taking credit for gathering you awesome people around me. You make my life so much better.

Still amnesty on all the remaining prompts. Forever amnesty. I will never be sorry to see one of those turn up somewhere.



Raised from the Depths by [ profile] authoressnebula Human!Castiel (grace drained, fallen, whatever) experiences almost drowning. Not fun!

Boys Gone Wild by [ profile] haruslex Team Free Will goes hiking to find some sort of artifact or something lost in the woods. Sam and Dean hate camping, as we all know, but Castiel seems to like the trees or the rocks or something. It's weird. Castiel is weird. Nice, though.

The Very Mature Adventures of Cas and Ruby (The 4-inch Edition) by [ profile] alocine_89 Crack! Castiel gets shrunk. Dean carries him around in his pocket. And he will never, ever admit that he kinda likes having a literal shoulder angel. (Bonus: It happens in S4 and Ruby gets shrunk, too, so Sam has a shoulder demon. And they slap fight.)

I...have no idea what this is. I'm up past my bedtime, okay by [ profile] haruslex Castiel has had enough of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking astral plane.

Boom Boom Fireworks by [ profile] gleeker13 Bobby has a backyard cookout for his boys. ♥

Motherfucking Snakes on an Astral Plane Part 2 by [ profile] maskedfangirl Castiel has had enough of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking astral plane.

Do Like a Dog by [ profile] trifletrot Weechester or Teenchester: Sam and Dean go swimming.

untitled by [ profile] sinnerforhire When Dean gets suddenly sick or injured in the middle of a training exercise, drill-sergeant John remembers to be a dad.

As Companion to Four Fingers by [ profile] roque_clasique Dean injures both of his thumbs and suddenly can't do a lot of things like open doors, do up buttons, hold a remote, and so on. At first he hates having to depend on Sam to do so much for him, but he eventually gets used to it.

To Forget the Din of the World by [ profile] ratherastory Castiel meets Missouri sometime in S4. She's way too smart to get her eyes burned up, and she's not scared to smack him on the head and tell him he's being an idiot for not following his conscience.

Important Decisions by [ profile] caffienekitty Jo and Ellen run into the boys on a hunt. Afterward, they unwind with movies and pizza in the motel.

The Stranger by [ profile] the_spice One reason John was so willing to fall on his sword in 2.1 was because he'd met Castiel and he knew someone would be looking after his boys.

Hamster House by [ profile] de_nugis Something with hamsters.

Sweet Tooth of the Lord by [ profile] elsewhere_kels Jelly beans! Also Twizzlers.

bubblegumisebilrawr by [ profile] mello_mcqueen John hates bubblegum. He hates it. From now on, that stuff is banned.

Taste the Rainbow by [ profile] lassiterfics 2010-06-28 07:41 pm (local) (link) Select
God mojoed Cas up just a leeetle too much when He rezzed him, and now Castiel makes flowers and candy appear everywhere he walks. It's more annoying than nice.


Untitled by [ profile] authoressnebula Five times Eliot protected Hardison.

Not-Quite-Chicken Soup For The Soul by [ profile] alocine_89 By now they should all be used to the weird things Parker says and does, but somehow they aren't. And she is NOT a good cook and Hardison will NOT lie to spare her feelings.

5 x Hugs by [ profile] mymuseandi Five times someone on the team got a hug.

Square Peg by [ profile] faithburke Okay, so they're not a normal family. Nate knows that. But sometimes he feels uncomfortably like a dad.

Iron Man:

Untitled by [ profile] limegreenjillo Shockingly, Tony notices for once that Pepper is having a hard day. He makes her a sandwich as only he can.

Prison Break:

A Gift From Above by [ profile] tahirire Michael has a bit of a breakdown and his cellie helps him.

Stargate: SG-1:

This Hallmark SG-1 moment is brought to you by Ancient Tech by [ profile] zoemathemata SG-1: Daniel and Sam get hit with some sort of alien technology that makes them overly emotional. Cue extreme discomfort from Teal'c and Jack and the Wonder Twins crying on each other's shoulders.

Star Wars:

untitled by [ profile] whistler_wren Young Master Obi-Wan takes brand-new Padawan Anakin on an excursion into the city for an afternoon. Lots of new things to see and experience for a boy from Tatooine, and Coruscant is big and bustling and amazing and pretty tiring after just a few hours. Obi-Wan starts to believe maybe he can have a relationship with this strange boy from the desert.

Criminal Minds:

Nobody needs to know by [ profile] faithburke Garcia writes fanfiction. She'll never tell.


SPN/Psych Sam & Shawn, post-case unshenanigans, PG by [ profile] lassiterfics ...So psychics are real, huh?

SPN/Glee Ghosts by [ profile] limegreenjillo Mercedes and Kurt prove that they are quite a bit fiercer than a ghost. Sam and Dean...don't have that much to do, actually.

SPN/Doctor Who: Allons-y by [ profile] bellatemple Dean and Donna both have spazzy companions who are ancient, knowledgeable, spiky-haired, and wear long trench coats. (They also both have self-esteem issues despite their complete awesomeness, poor woobies.) THEY SHOULD MEET SOMEHOW.

DEAN AND DONNA ART by [ profile] davincis_girl for the same prompt! :D
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I played a really weird RPG tonight called Paranoia, and boy, does it live up to its name. I'm tired but kind of wired by UNRELENTING SUSPICION. But, a few fannish things.

First off, Syndicated Sci-Fi Show by [ profile] claudiapriscus is an absolutely fantastic SG-1/SPN crossover. All of the characters are perfectly themselves and bounce off each other delightfully, the dialog is funny and fun to read, the plot is fast-paced and interesting, and it all works together very well. I love it to little teeny tiny pieces, and if you like both shows, or even just one, I think you will too.

Secondly, there should be a Zachariah fanvid to Hit 'Em Where It Hurts by the W's. I am so serious about this. It's fun and brutal and bouncy and petty and the lyrics, oh the lyrics!

lyrics )

And thirdly, yeah, I keep wanting to write a 5.22 coda, though I've been feeling too bruised to even read any of the dozens out there. I keep trying and quitting after a few sentences. Anytime I try to come up with something to write, though, all that comes to mind is:spoilers )

Well, that and a fic I want to write about the Novak family, especially Jimmy and Claire. But that can wait, maybe.

Oh, and big bang. Still polishing that. Have a few small scenes to write still. And the deadline is bearing down on me like a freight train.
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I'm sorry for not posting much lately except twitterspam. I've been sick for a week now and unwilling to do much of anything besides read fic and watch movies. I feel really bad for letting things go, though, especially [ profile] spngenlove. I keep thinking that I need to make a rec post today and then forgetting ALL DAY LONG. Fail. Massive fail. People are still reccing very cool stuff, though. I will try to get on top of it again.

And, if you haven't realized it, I do use my twitter basically as an insta-rec stream, sometimes. My YouTubes faves get automatically posted there, and occasionally I put other links up, too. For instance, [ profile] unoshot and [ profile] lassiterfics took one of my [ profile] sharp_teeth prompts and created AWESOME.

I also keep linking Axe Cop there, because I still can't get over how amazing it is, and I recently blathered about Hark! A Vagrant, too. Especially this comic, which reminds me of lot of [ profile] tracy_loo_who's Wee Baby Cas Things fic (also recommended), and also @IAmCastiel over on twitter, who seems rather taken with the small furry folk.

Oh, and this! Gorillaz is a virtual band with a very cool video style. It even has a bit of fandom, apparently. And someone made a music vid with Gorillaz clips to the Safety Dance. SO FREAKIN' META. I love it. I love it hard.

So, um, yes. That's what I've been doing lately.


Jan. 23rd, 2010 12:29 pm
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I posted some recs at [ profile] spngenlove today that I had been planning to make here. (Actually, I wanted to post 'em last night. Stoopid LJ maintenance.) But anyway, one of the recs I had been planning wouldn't work over there, not this week and maybe not ever, so here it is. I insist that you read this immediately.

Unicorn 'Verse by [ profile] sockkiah and [ profile] maskedfangirl

I don't even want to say very much about it because I don't want to spoil it for you. But okay, there's a unicorn in there. And Castiel shows up about halfway through and he and Dean have the most ridiculously adorable plan for saving the world. Candy is important, and so is cornbread, and Doritos. It's not precisely gen but it's not exactly slash, it's just...

It's crack, is what I'm saying. And it made me ROFL many times. So yeah. CHECK IT.
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[ profile] missyjack is asking for new crack recs to add to the page at the SuperWiki. Here's the list from her post:
* Body Swap
* Animal Transformation
* Time travel
* De-agification
* Cross dressing
* Amnesia
* Wing!fic esp involving Castiel
* Defies description - the whacked out and crazy.

This is the comment I left for her:

[ profile] tracy_loo_who has thematic Dean/Castiel recs here, and also on her delicious here.

Age-regressed Castiel:
Animal transformation:
Defies description:

If self-recs are okay, I have a few of my own. (These have also been recced by people elsewhere.)

Animal transformation:

(I haven't read a couple of those, as they were gleaned from other rec lists and are in my to-read file, but most of them I have, so I'm also here telling you to go read them now.)

But c'mon, you guys, there have to be more. The page hasn't been updated in a long, long time. Pretty please head over there and give her more? ::gives you puppy eyes:: I have a particular fondness for crack, especially Supernatural crack, since I first started reading it in this fandom. I'ma go check the tags at [ profile] spngenlove, anyway--I think there are some good ones recced there.
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So, I have this problem where sometimes I read things like [ profile] fandomsecrets and fandom_wank, even though this is not generally good for my sanity and general level of good cheer. I keep doing it because the adorable is FREAKIN' adorable (wouldn't have written "Stupid People" without that secret about Cas looking like a pet-begging-kitty), and the wank is so ridiculous that it makes me laugh sometimes. But then there are things sometimes, you know, where people whine about how batshit insane and wanky and misogynistic the SPN fandom is, and that makes me sad (even if sometimes they are sort of true sometimes).

Because, you guys, for real, there are people in this fandom who are amazing. Just...beyond amazing. Incredibly talented, sweet, generous... I mean, I could go on. And on and on and on.

In this particular instance, I'm talking about [ profile] authoressnebula. If you don't know this awesome fantastic person, you are missing out. MISSING OUT.

For several years now she's been writing ficlets for, like, a hundred people every Christmas. A HUNDRED PEOPLE YOU GUISE. I asked for holiday prompts last year from my flist and only got around to like six of them. (I still feel bad about that.) And she wrote 115. ::hands::

The community is [ profile] skynspace, and it is chock full of magic. I've only looked through a few of the Supernatural ficlets, but she wrote for bunches of other fandoms too.

AND OMG THE ONE SHE MADE FOR ME YOU GUYS IT MAKES ME GO ALL FLAILY LIKE THIS. (Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.) Here it is! The only way it could be a more perfect present for me is if it was a real life Castiel standing in my kitchen eating my cookies and making confused faces at me. Because, you know, that would be my perfect present. (And oh, I would feed him cookies. SO MANY COOKIES.)

So yeah. Go. Enjoy the fics. Bask in the glow of [ profile] authoressnebula's astounding talent and generosity and all-around awesomeness.

And then try to tell me that our fandom isn't insanely wonderful.

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You think this is hard? Trying being the Michael Sword - that's hard!

If the title doesn't sell you on it, I don't know what else to say. It's Sue. As Michael's Plan B. Spot-on, hilarious dialog.


Nov. 8th, 2009 09:31 pm
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So I watched 5.08 again just now and I took so many screenshots, OMG. I is having thoughts. Also many many many giggles.

And oh gosh, you guys, I love Castiel perhaps a little more than is strictly healthy. EEP. Somehow he just snuck his way into my little fangirl heart and curled up there. (Yes, like a kitten. OF COURSE like a kitten. What else would he be?) Oh Lordy. There will be more when I do my review, but goodness I do love him so and he's so gosh darn ALONE most of the time it kinda breaks my heart into tiny tiny pieces.

Speaking of: [ profile] ariadnes_string wrote the loveliest gen h/c coda with Dean and Cas for the ep and I insist that you read it right away: Where Ask Is Have, Where Seek Is Find. I was thinking of writing one myself because I wanted it SO BAD, but she beat me to it, yay.
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GUY GUYS GUYS! My gift got posted over at [ profile] spn_summergen and it's AMAZING.

One of my prompts asked for a Middleman crossover, but I totally, totally wasn't expecting to get one. It was more a case of, "Well, might as well ask, just in case. Can't hurt anything."


They also used another prompt that I was very, very fond of.

And it's just perfect, I tell you, PERFECT. The dialog and the banter and the boys and MM and Wendy...just perfect. I could hear the voices in every word. Plus the casefile is cool.

I squeed and clapped. A lot. Bet you will too.

Mmm, fic

Jul. 26th, 2009 04:03 pm
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I had been planning to work on my summergen story today, possibly some of my other writing projects, but instead I spent most of it reading one of the long-fic recs I had just posted over at [ profile] spngenlove.

Children of Man

It's so good. Omigoodness. Early Season 4 Dean-Sam-Castiel interaction, all perfectly in-character and perfectly believable. Whump, humor, intrigue. And the plot! Hoo boy, what a plot. That fic put me in my happy place SO HARD.

Remember awhile ago I complained about there not being enough long, gen stories about Castiel and the Winchesters? Turns out they were hiding out at the Pit, blast them.

I tried to review but the silly thing wouldn't let me. Said there was an error. I'll have to try again later.
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boring life stuff )

Oh and also, I haven't been reading as much lately as I would like to. My flist has been posting all kinds of goodies that I really, really want to read, and I will get to them, I will, I really want to. But in the meantime, there is one WIP that I am following with great eagerness, always delighted at every. single. update. I know I've gotten kind of a reputation in the SPN fandom for being a purveyor of all things cute and fluffy (which I don't mind, really, even though I tend to write all kinds of darkfic in my head), but srsly, you guys, this is better.

It's The Wellspring by [ profile] scourgeofeurope, a Dark Angel/Supernatural crossover in which Dean and Sam come across a tiny smartass in a barn happens, is the best explanation. I adore this fic with every bone in my body, including the tiny ones in my ears that have nothing to do with reading fanfiction.

So yeah, if you get sick of waiting for an update on Mouths? Go read that. It's worth it. And the fact of its WIPness is actually sort of a delight, because you know you have something awesome to look forward to, and she also updates pretty regularly, so you know, that's good.
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I clicked the "Castiel" tag in my delicious today and realized that almost everything I've been saving for him lately isn't fic. I'm not sure why that is, but I wanted to rec these anyway--they're all really cool.

Cracks in the Wall by [ profile] jo_yumegari
This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the composition and the coloring, the way Castiel seems set apart, watching from a distance, curious and yearning. And the shadows!

Castiel chibi by [ profile] oatmeal_queen
askjowqlkds. He's so KY00T.

Good Boy by [ profile] mummyluvr314
Heh, and the one fic I did save is this one. Heaven breaks Dean more thoroughly than Hell ever could. An amazing, disturbing story.

All You Need Is Love by ohnoes! I've forgotten where I got this! If you know who this is, please tell me.
Characterization notes on Dean and Castiel, their connection and what they've taught each other. While I'm still not a shipper or slasher, I love all of this stuff.

Castiel macros by [ profile] aesc
His font's all biblical, goddam. I've recced this once before, at [ profile] spn_glee, but it deserves it again.

On the Head of a Pin Picspam by [ profile] tracy_loo_who
4.16 picspam of Dean and Cas moments. Beautiful and insightful. Again, not quite my perspective, but I really enjoyed this.

Sight by [ profile] aesc
GUH. This one slays me with beauty.
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LOL, I see that I am echoing [ profile] tahirire again, but I just had to rec this little comment fic off the h/c meme.

By [ profile] embroiderama: John gets a call from the school because one of his boys is sick/has passed out. Seriously, such a lovely story. It made me ache, but then it fixed it. I love daddy!John and angsty!wee!Dean.

SPN stuff

Mar. 20th, 2009 12:54 pm
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Okay, this might sound bitchy or whiny or whatever, but I would really appreciate it if people on my flist would hide their reactions to new episodes behind lj cuts. Due to my schedule, I usually can't see the episode till Friday, and I hate being accidentally spoiled, even for very small things. I like watching the story unfold with no idea at all of what's going to happen. It just makes it more enjoyable for me. This is not a rant against any one person or anything--there was just a LOT LOT LOT of stuff outside cuts this week that had me running away from my friends page covering my eyes and singing loudly to forget what I'd just seen. Which is sad, because I really enjoy refreshing my friends page every so often to see what's going on with people, and I would hate to have to put that off until I have time to watch the new episode. If this keeps up I'm going to have to avoid LJ completely from 10 o'clock to whenever on Friday or even Saturday, and I don't want to do that. :( Yes, I'm selfish.


Do you like Dean whumping? Do you like Sam whumping, though to a lesser extent? Do you like hilarious banter and brothers taking care of each other but not being girly? Do you like MotWs that you've never seen before? Do you like Dean being bitchy and/or menacing? Do you like Sam being smart and likable in a story set in S4? Do you like unhealthy amounts of C4?

Well, then, you'll like this: The Quiet Man. I like it very much.

Also, you should TOTALLY be reading [ profile] autumn_lilacs's "Our Father" 'verse. She just finished a really long, awesome futurefic full of family angst and scary, original monsters and amazing, strong, beautiful OFCs who I want to be BFFs with, every single one of them. (FOUR in this story, and each of them a treasure!) So yeah, run, don't walk.

Hmm, I need to do another author rec post soon.

♥ to you all, and Happy Friday!
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Okay, so I'm not doing all eight days consecutively. I don't have to and you can't make me, so there.

RL: Thursday gaming group, and yes, it was fun. Of course. Duh. We ate pizza and watched Jeopardy! (constantly yelling out the answers, competing to see which of us was the geekiest) and then we played a massive game of Munchkin, incorporating the original with five expansion packs, Munchkin-Fu, Munchkin: Impossible, and Munchkin Blender. Plus special Dungeon cards, which made it a whole lot more fun. For those not in the know, Munchkin is, basically, a roleplaying game without all that annoying roleplaying. It's awesome. (My review of the game at, with a somewhat more comprehensible explanation, is here.) Despite forgetting my evening antidepressant (and wow, I can REALLY TELL when I've gone a few hours over the limit), I felt quite good.

SPN: Bobby's Cooking Tips for Idjits. This has (deservedly) been linked by everyone and their mother, but hey, it made me genuinely happy.

::glees all over the place::

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