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I'm still very sad about losing my ratties. It hasn't been a week yet. I'm sad that I didn't have a good camera while they were alive, that I only have two short clips I took with my cell phone, only a few stills that I hadn't deleted. I wish I had footage of me hand-wrestling with Leo, or cuddling with Bartleby, or the two of them playing and snuggling and arguing with each other.

Leo loved to explore. His whiskers are short in this clip because not long before I recorded it he had been exploring on my dresser and stuck his face in a lit candle jar before I could stop him. His whiskers singed off but he wasn't otherwise hurt. He didn't even squeak in surprise, just pulled his head out and went back to running around and stealing my scrunchies. And Leo was my squeaker, much more vocal than Bartleby, always making a fuss when I grabbed him when he'd rather be running around, when I pinned him down and mussed up his fur, when I playfully pretended to take back a treat I offered him. Leo was a very independent little fellow and he was indignant every time his right to explore was curtailed.

I miss them both so much.


Jun. 13th, 2010 05:18 pm
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The folks at are pretty awesome. I got an answer to my question within hours of asking it. It helps to know what might have happened, and to feel more certain that there was little or nothing I could have done. At least I don't feel crippled with guilt anymore.

Cleaning out the cage is going to be so hard. I'm going to be putting it away for awhile. I don't want to get more pet rats until I have my own place again. At the same time, I want new pets right this instant, I miss hearing the scurry of little feet so much.

Everything reminds me of them. Ice cream, my pillow, the scratches on my neck from Leo's sharp little claws when he was climbing all over me yesterday. This is grief, I suppose. It sucks hardcore.

I don't want to put the cage away.


Jun. 12th, 2010 09:02 pm
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Leo just died. Same thing. I saw him four hours ago and he was fine. Went to check and he was dead in the corner of his cage. I have no idea what killed him, or Bartleby three days ago. They seemed FINE. Leo was sneezing a bit earlier this afternoon, but not that much. At least I held him for hours. At least he knew I loved him. Still, he died alone. I hate that. I hadn't even had him for a year. He couldn't have been more than a year old.

At least I can be reasonably certain this time that it wasn't my fault. They must have both caught some kind of sickness that didn't show any symptoms. Until it killed them.

Now all I have is my crotchety old cat.

I miss my rodents.

This week sucks.
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Bartleby is not the first pet I've lost, and he won't be the last. He's not even the first pet rat--I've lost two others to tumors and old age, and I mourned them both a great deal. But Bartleby was something special.

The very first day I bought him, I took the box he was in from the pet store to my car. I didn't want to wait to get home to meet him, to get to know him, so I sat there in the driver's seat to open the box and look in and say hello to my adorable new ratty. Bartleby looked up at me with his big brown eyes and immediately leaped from the box and dug his little claws into my collar, holding on as tight as he could. He was obviously freaked out by being grabbed out of his pet-store home and shut in a box and carried around, and he clung to me like a wee furry limpet. He was maybe a couple months old at the time, still little, still a baby. Right away, he was Bartleby. I snuggled him and took care of him and loved him with everything in me.

I took the picture above about a month ago--the date on it is 4/30--but it could have happened at any time in the short year and few months I had my Bartle-baby. He loved to be held. He loved to spend time with me. He got scared easily, especially by Leo, and he came to me for protection and comfort, clinging to my neck or crawling inside my shirt or just sitting as close to me as he could get. I was his human shelter and I loved being that for him.

This Tuesday night, the night before he died. I held him for hours. Sometimes I was watching TV and sometimes I was just sitting there, petting him. He snuggled in my lap and in my hands, limp with happiness, or climbed around exploring for a bit, always returning to me. He bruxed and boggled and showed his appreciation in every way that a sweet little rodent can. For hours.

And then he died yesterday afternoon sometime. I don't know why, I'm not sure what killed him, but I feel horribly responsible. And I miss him desperately.

He was my Bartle-baby and I loved him very, very much.
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Occasionally I follow a vid rec over to YouTube from LJ or whatever and see bunches of SPN vids that look cool but then get TOTALLY DISTRACTED BY ADORABLE RATTY VIDS.

I want to get my ratties a little chair where they can sit next to my computer and be with me all the time.


Feb. 14th, 2010 07:19 pm
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Happy V-Day from Maychorian and her snuggle rats!


A thousand gentle head skritchies from me to you. May your food bowl never empty and your sock nest always be the warmest and comfiest in the land.


I is sad

Jan. 28th, 2010 11:59 pm
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My netbook power cord got broked. This is what I get for having pet rats and letting them run around my room, obviously, even though the nest they made in my sock drawer is incredibly adorable (AHAHAHA THEY KEEP STEALING MY MAXI PADS AND SCRUNCHIES TO PAD IT WITH), and next time of course I will try to do a better job of protecting my cords, possibly by wrapping them entirely in citrus, which my ratties hate. But. For now, I have six hours of battery power and that is IT.

I ordered a new cord and even went for expedited shipping, but it's definitely taking too long. ::shakes to make more tracking information fall out:: What, yes, I only ordered it a few hours ago. Shut up.

Anyway. This is sad, because I don't know when I'll be able to download the new SPN ep and watch it. I spent this evening killing undead devourer thingies and harpies with my mad awesome elf rogue, and that was amazing, but what will I do with the rest of my time? :(

At least I still have the Netflix queue on my teevee. But Supernatural isn't on it.

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Soooo. I think my shopping is done. I think. Just have to wrap stuff now.

Holy crap, why do I have 1712 messages in my LJ inbox? I feel like that might be a historical date I should remember. Need to clean that out.

Cold pretty much gone but nose is still very drippy.

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate is quite tasty.

So are Jones Soda Carbonated Candies.

Why yes, I did buy both of those on my shopping expedition this afternoon. Also Steak N Shake's fruit smoothies are delectable. I like the raspberry. But I forgot to get more candy canes, and that was one of the things I specifically set out to buy! I iz a dummkopf.

Bartleby is very very very very very very VERY fond of Hershey's Hugs. He goes absolutely bonkers when he hears the bag crinkle and will not go away until I give him a nip. But then he runs around like his tail has been lit on fire and I feel bad for corrupting my innocent ratty with what is obviously the equivalent of crack cocaine.

I am trying to write at least two different stories and reading several others.

Eddie Izzard is hilarious. Watched The Definite Article with my sibs and we were all in stitches, except for the French part which none of us understood very well. Little sister C didn't even complain about the F word, which usually scandalizes her tremendously.

Also watching Psych lately, which is a great joy and joyness. Up-to-date on Criminal Minds, which just about broke me. Have Merlin finale ready, which looks cataclysmic. Also Doctor Who Waters of Mars, which is exciting. Crap, why am I not watching TV right now? O.o

Okay bye.
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Adorable YouTube vid of some pet rats running around and having fun. The music is perfect and it's well put-together. This vid makes me very happy every time I watch it, which is often. These rats are definitely girls--very hyper and fun-loving. My boys prefer to cuddle and veg out. (Bartleby is sleeping on me as I type this.)

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I spent pretty much all of yesterday loading programs on my new netbook and futzing with some media files. (I'm going to learn how to vid, I swear.) This was fun for Bartleby and Leo, I guess, having me lazing around on my bed all day.

They have been super cuddly ever since it got cold out. (Yesterday it was 9 degrees when I briefly left the house, BRRR.) My bedroom is in the basement and it does have an outside window, but it also has a ceiling vent. If my parents are running the furnace, it can get really super warm in here. And if they aren't, it gets coooolllddd. So my ratties like to snuggle.

They come sit next to me as I work or watch TV, nose around in my blankets until they find a comfy spot, crawl inside my shirt to sit on my boobs. And whenever they find a good spot they just sit and brux and boggle and have the best time. They seem to enjoy me messing with them, too. I'll pick them up with one hand and squish them around and squeeze them and stick my hands underneath them and wiggle my fingers and start little wrestling matches. They are mostly very pliant and content to let me squish them. ♥ The past couple of nights they've been sleeping with me, too, curled up at my back or in the crook of my elbow, or even right under my chin. It's like having very small cats with razor-sharp teeth and bitty paws.

I'm hopeful that they're starting to get along better, too. Despite my most careful efforts, the various introductions never seemed to work with these two. They're cohabiting the same small bedroom fairly well now, but it took them awhile to work up to it. But when it's so cold, they both want to cuddle with me, so I guess they are learning to tolerate each other better. Yesterday they both sat on my back at the same time, right next to each other even, which was quite exciting. :D But they still get aggressive sometimes, though I haven't seen any biting or blood recently. Leo, who is bigger, will come alongside Bartleby and bump him repeatedly with his body, which is a bad sign, and Bartleby shrieks if Leo gets too close to his face. Annoying little brats.

But I think maybe they're learning to get along. VERY HOPEFUL FOR BETTER RATTY RELATIONS IN THE FUTURE. ::fingers crossed::
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Since Sebastian passed I've been spending a lot of time with Bartleby, who seems to appreciate it greatly. It's to the point that he'll just curl up in my lap while I'm watching TV and let me scratch his soft little tummy. He even falls asleep there, sometimes, all warm and fuzzy in my hand.

Last night I got some good footage and pics of him cuddling in my lap. (Yes, I wear a nightgown even though I'm in my twenties. Shut up.) They're just from my cell phone camera so they aren't awesome, but here they are.

Ratty cuteness! )

Hand Owie

Aug. 16th, 2009 08:05 pm
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I guess I should elaborate on what I meant when I said I got a strip of skin torn off my hand yesterday...

cut for icky pic )
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Me: *is holding a bowl with some traces of caramel sauce, Sebastian-rattie sitting on my shoulder*
Sebastian: *stares at interesting wall, turns in nervous circle with claws digging into tender girl skin. Does not sit still*
Me: Would you like some caramel, Sebastian-rattie? *tips bowl toward him*
Sebastian: *descends to lap, waddling like geriatric little fattie he is*
Me: *offers caramel bowl*
Sebastian: *sneezes*
Me: Sebastian! I just offered you a gift of caramel, and you sneezed! That is no way to respond to the gift of caramel! It is nothing to sneeze at!
Sebastian: *stares at interesting wall*
Me: Here, try it. *gets some caramel on finger and holds before pink rattie nose*
Sebastian: *noms*
Me: That's what I thought.
Sebastian: *stares at interesting wall, then lumbers away to harass Taffy-cat*
Taffy: *hisses, goes back to sleep*
Me: I miss my mice. They would just fall asleep on my shoulder and be all sweet and nice and cute. You have sharp claws, my rattie. And Taffy bites me all the frickin' time.
Sebastian: *ignores*
Taffy: *ignores*
Me: *sighs*
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Rant the First: WHY IS CASTIEL-POV SO HARD TO WRITE. Whyyyy??? You need to be more human, dude, so your brain makes more sense. You make me make this face. :-ddoisjl "Bitchass angel of the freakin' Lord," for sure.

Rant the Second: My Bartleby has become a biter. Why, little rat, why? DO MY HANDS TASTE LIKE CANDY? They are not candy! I'm pretty sure they should just taste like hands. THAT IS NOT DELICIOUS.

Rant the Third: Okay, I have more hours right now, which is cool, but why did it have to coincide with Big Bang? I WANT MORE TIME TO READ.

Rant the Fourth: Yeah, and these hours include a lot of walking pushing a kid in wheelchair. Which is cool, right? Free exercise. Sometimes two or three hours a day. I didn't change my eating patterns because I'm not down with that, but I thought maybe I would drop a few pounds anyway. NOPE. I'VE GAINED WEIGHT SINCE THIS STARTED. I do not understand.

Rant the Fifth: Related to Rant the Fourth. Blisters and sore feet, and now there's a hole in my left shoe, probably because of the funky way I walk, what with one leg being a little longer than the other and all.

Rant the Sixth: STOOPID TENDINITIS. I sincerely wish that you could change physical maladies into, like, a little gremlin that you can then grab and STRANGLE WITH YOUR BARE HANDS. It would be cool if you could do this with depression too. Sigh. (...Would that make a good crackfic?)

Rant the Seventh: STOOPID BROKEN A KEY. Seriously, keyboard, why you do this to me? I've only ever been nice to you. I don't even keysmash very often. RAZZLEFRAM.

Not a Rant: Oh, Misha Misha, you have us fangirls figured out, don't you? You know we are all about the crack and the hurt/comfort. Though I get why it freaks [ profile] strangeandcharm out a bit, because last night's antics freaked me out a bit too. I think it was the hunger strike and the leash bit that did it for me. You are crazy. And cute and funny and immensely huggable, but also crazy.
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Gosh, so many people died today, many of them named Dave. :(

I am lightly sunburned all over. This makes me think of Corran Horn, because I am weird like that.

Tonight was the final fight of the campaign I've been doing with my Thursday night group. HOLY EPIC BOSS BATTLE. It was fantastic. But I am sad that my friend Sean is going away for the summer, and then another buddy, Tim D., is going to graduate school in the fall. People are going awaaaaaay. It makes me sad.

Add Little Leo to the list of rats who have been in my underwear. This makes three.
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1. Ai yai yai...

So Monday night I play D&D with friends, yes? Well, I was sore, what with my elbows, and also my knees and sometimes my back. So on my way out the door I made a quick stop in the bathroom, rummaged around in the family box of medicine and found some painkillers and gulped a couple, then drove down to Josh's house to carpool to Huntington. About halfway there I started feeling kinda groggy, but didn't really think anything of it. I often get sleepy in late afternoon, but I perk up when we start playing. Well, not this time.MOAR. Also homeschool graduation and a new rattie )


May. 23rd, 2009 08:05 am
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1. Ah, so I totally lied about not doing anything with my new twitter account. I've been posting there every day. Random stuff, mostly, but I find it amusing. It's a good outlet for those little bursts of frustration or glee that don't merit an actual blog post. F'r instance:

about 10 hours ago from web

about 10 hours ago from web

I understand now why people like it.

2. Still pondering what to do in the next chapter of Mouths. It could go a number of ways. Also have at least two other stories that I want to write. But yeah, the computer problems have not gone away. Typing is still kind of a pain. I've just been watching a lot of TV on my computer, mostly. Criminal Minds, right now. How did I not know how awesome this show is?

3. Saw the new Terminator, and I desperately want a teen!Kyle of my own. As well as a Spencer Reid. (OMG, would that work as a crossover of any kind???)

4. Bartleby will NOT stop eating Taffy's cat food. Silly rat. I tried to shut him up in his cage (usually let him run around) and he figured a way out, and now he is just sitting there by the food bowl, eating and staring at me with his adorable face as if to say "HA HA YOU CAN'T STOP ME." And Taffy is just sitting there staring at him, of course, because she's a big wuss and was even afraid of my pet MICE, never mind my rats. Oh, pets.

5. When I got home from my morning job just now, had a short chat with my parents. My dad just finished reading the fourth Harry Potter book and he was trying to tell me about that scene where Mrs. Weasley was comforting Harry, being the closest thing he ever had to a mother, and my dad, aww, he was getting all choked up and wibbly and it was so sweet. Dad does NOT get emotional about fiction very often. But yes, I agree, Harry so richly deserves a family, and that part was lovely, and also with Bill and Charlie being like older brothers to him and him giving the gold to Fred and George and... Ah, cripes, I'm getting choked up now myself. Totally bawled when I read that the first time.

Despite the issues I have with HP, there's some really good stuff in there, and the value of relationships is one.
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Kris Kringle, but my little ratty sure is smart. And sneaky. And occasionally annoying.

Bartleby has completely settled in with me, now, has lost all vestiges of nervousness around me. In fact, he can be very demanding when he wants attention. And he's obviously figured out that when I put my headphones on and start staring at my computer screen, he's not going to get any attention for a little while, because I am absolutely focused on SamnDean and their current travails. And he's started chewing on my computer to make me stop. Not even kidding! Yesterday he actually bit through the cord of the headphones, so I bought some sturdier ones. Also, I finally figured out that he just wants some lovin', so I held him in my hands and scratched his belly for the majority of the time I was watching this episode.

It was a comfort, let me tell ya. WOW.

Oh, the Winchester curse... )
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Soooo, I know I haven't been posting much lately. Been feeling pretty icky, what with everything and all. I was going to post another 4.17 reaction post, you know, more actual thoughts on the episode instead of a brief squeefest about Dean's eyelashes, but I just didn't have the heart. Maybe I'll do one later, but basically what it boils down to is that I loved the episode right up until the big reveal. I loved it when it was Sam bringing his brother back to the light, so earnest and puppy-eyed and excited about hunting people and saving things, and I completely adored their utter cuteness, but the end felt like a cheap trick. Whatever.

I have happy news of happiness! My ratties! Yes, that's right, I said ratties. As in more than one. :D )
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My sweet Wallace rat is dead.

I realized that he was sick Friday night. It felt like he had tumors in his abdomen. He'd probably had them for a long time, but I didn't recognize it until it was too late. He was so very weak toward the end, wouldn't even eat anything. I spent the whole weekend trying to coax him to eat--peanut butter, yogurt, mushed up Cheerios, treats that he used to love. Of course I made a vet appointment for the earliest I could get this week, even though I knew I wouldn't really be able to afford it, but it didn't matter. When I checked him this morning he was gone.

I got him at a pet store, so I'm not sure how old he was, but I know that it wasn't more than a year or so. Some beloved pet ratties get much longer. But I know that I loved him and he loved me, and I enjoyed every moment I had with him. Sometimes that's all you can hope for.

Good-bye, honey.

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