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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Coming Down on a Sunny Day Book 3 (Prologue and Chapter 1)
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Winchester Ensemble
Category: Gen, AU, Family
Rating: T/PG13
Warning: (skip) Language. Allusions to child abuse
Spoilers: S4, previous stories in 'verse.
Summary: John Winchester has four sons, but to an outside observer, he appears to have only three. Their mission is to stop the Apocalypse before it starts.
Word Count: ~6100 (this part)
 Author’s Note: Coming Down on a Sunny Day master list, and YouTube Playlist, from whence came the titles.

Castiel was trapped. He was surrounded by twisted white and gold, a typhoon of sensation wrapping him in coils of burning gold. )
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Where Angels Failed (Coming Down on a Sunny Day)
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Castiel, Dean, Sammy, Jimmy
Category: AU, Hurt/Comfort, Family, Gen
Rating: K+/PG
Spoilers: Previous stories in 'verse. This is set between Book 1 and the first interlude.
Summary: Castiel has an ear infection. It's really bad. Dean is eleven and he doesn't know what to do.
Word Count: 11,000
Author’s Note: So I was trying to write Book 4, but then an ear infection happened and I contracted the dumb. I would try to compose sentences and phrases like "ouch, that really hurts" kept inserting themselves into the text. So I gave up and wrote this. It was a very bad infection, reminding me strongly of a horrible one I had when I was sixteen. Therefore...try to follow my reasoning here...I gave it to Cas. Also because I'm a mean writer and I wanted a Dean. Somewhere toward the end I started feeling better and it got a bit more thinky, though not really any more coherent. It took me this long to edit it up worth sharing.

I hope you enjoy. I intend to post another part of Coming Down on a Sunny Day every Friday.

Dean let the door slam shut behind him and walked into the living room, shrugging his backpack off his shoulder with one casual move. )
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I've been writing a lot lately. Mostly original, because I want to re-form my life into the life I want--one where I can live off my writing. But I miss fanfiction, I miss Dean and Sam and Cas. Funny thing about writing is that once you get going, you don't run out--you just find more inside you.

So while I'm editing some original stuff, taking a break from writing that particular project, I'm trying to keep up the writing streak. So here's what's coming out.

It's not ready. At all. I'm thinking I'd actually like to treat it like a Big Bang, finish it, maybe find someone to do a little artwork, make a soundtrack--but yeah. I've missed fanfiction. So here's what just poured out of me, unedited, and maybe it looks like fun.

Coming Down again )
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Proving I can still write. Written right in the post entry box, no beta, hardly a proof-reading.

Title: In This Black Forest
Summary: No one cares that you're broken.
Spoilers: Season 7 Finale.

Cas is gone. He fluttered off. He doesn't like fighting. )
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Beer Bottle Grace
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby, leviathans, adorable little bits of Castiel
Category: Humor, AU, H/C
Rating: R for swearing and nasty imagery
Warning: (skip) Good Lord, but that boy has a potty mouth. Also some gore. Amputation warning because of leviathans.
Spoilers: Up to 7.10
Summary: In Which There Are Far Too Many Bitches for Dean, Sam Is a Genius Somehow, and Castiel Is Not Where He's Supposed to Be Because He's Dead or Something
Word Count: About 9500
Author’s Note: I started this at Christmas vacation, intending to have it up by New Year, or at least before hiatus ended, but that didn’t happen. Oh well. Apparently this is how I do fix-it fic.

It started that night they did couples therapy for those two scary evil witches with their bitchy faces and bitchy voices and bitchy bitch problems. )
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Crack the Sky
Subject: Castiel
Summary: Ties that bind. Cracks that form.
Song: "Hey Man" by Burlap to Cashmere
Spoilers: Through 7.02
Length: 2.44, 89MB
Download: mediafire .mp4
Watch: YouTube

I could write meta about Castiel and his story and what I'm trying to show in this video. I could write paragraphs and paragraphs. But, well, the video is my meta, for now. Perhaps I'll ramble about it later.

I've been wanting to make this video since I heard the line "Hey man, join our band" in this lovely, sweet, harsh song, and now I have, and I am quite pleased with that. That'll do for now.

Big, BIG thanks to [ profile] ash48 for the vid beta. Her notes made it much, much better, of that you can be sure.

Fic Rec

Nov. 18th, 2011 05:49 pm
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Dear Lord, read this one.

The Way Back by [ profile] rainylemons

Because it's gen but it's all about love. Because it's Castiel working at Taco Bell to provide a home for an injured Dean and a traumatized Sam. Because there's a guitar and Hamburger Helper and Castiel makes a friend outside of the Winchesters and Bobby. Because Cas cries over chick flick movies. Because they're poor and barely getting by but there's still contentment in simplicity. Because they care about each other So Damn Much. Because of the ending. Because there's just so much love, love, love that it overflows in amazing ways. Because this is the ending I want for them and they'll probably never get it.
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Truly fantastic SPN fanvid on the theme of water. It's pretty rare, but wonderful, when a video makes me have thinky thoughts. WATER. Spoilers through 7.02

Really, if you have a YouTube account you should just subscribe to this gal, ILoveThesePeople, so you can catch her videos as soon as she posts them. She has a lion's share of good ones. I've recced her vids here before and I'll probably keep doing it.

Okay, 'nother example? Cracky, cracky, hilarious, Dean/Cas example? This one.


Oct. 27th, 2011 10:53 am
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So I'm being dragged back into fandom almost against my will. It's amazing how long I ignored you, SPN fandom. And here I am again, hat in hand. Reading and reading. Soon I will probably be writing again.

The Demiurge by [ profile] takadainmate
Teh whumpiest Cas whump ever to whump. I ♥ it unreasonably. Can be read as pre-slash, I saw it perfectly gen-ly. Goes AU after 6.20. A flannel fic if ever there was one. [ profile] strangeandcharm! You would like it!

The Chuck Writes Story: An Unauthorized Fandom Biography by [ profile] lettered
This is the story of how the Winchester Gospels came to be, written as a report for Fandom_Wank. IT. IS. AMAZING. My heart actually HURT for Chuck in the first part, and then it came around full circle and it was all about fandom and how we make things, and we make things our own, and it's zeitgeist and schadenfreude and wank and hurt and craziness and BUBBLES BUBBLES CHEESEBURGERS JOY. It made my head hurt in the best way. *lick lick lick*

Above & Below by [ profile] murron
This is how Dean and Castiel and unsouled!Sam went to Hell to retrieve Sam's soul. It's AU and it's what should have been, for real. Creepy and atmospheric and intriguing and classical. It's like reading literature, a fleshed-out myth. There is also sex of the Dean/Cas sort.

So. What have you been reading lately?
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[ profile] tahirire shared this. It put the BIGGEST grin on my face, you have no idea. BOOYYYSSS.
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7.03 fix-it comment meme, because we missed out on so MUCH HC OMG.
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You've spoiled me for other fandoms. You're so big and beautiful and full of goodfic. I have very little patience for badfic now. I used to be able to read anything as long as there was cuddling in it somewhere. Now I can't. :( I've clicked out of so many fics lately.

Someone point me to the goodfic H50 hurt!Danny please.

Good Lord, I'm predictable...

Need arts

Oct. 5th, 2011 12:54 pm
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My work computer got reformated and reloaded and everything from scratch, so I'm looking for new desktop arts. For the longest time I've had this gorgeous steampunk Dean n Cas art by [ profile] oatmeal_queen as my work desktop, which has prompted a few interesting discussions with coworkers (including my dad, with whom I share an office). I still love that art, but a change might be nice. Any recs? I'd love something similarly awesome with Castiel and Dean (and even Sam, yes, I love him too), needs to be gen-ish because it's for work computer. Thank you!

Edit: My new work desktop is this artiness from this post, and yes I've also read the fic, and it's great.

So my dad's comment on seeing my new desktop? "Who's the Prince Charming?" and a joke about whether the IT guy who fixed my computer today put it there. LOL.
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Have written first sentence of Coming Down on a Sunny Day Book 3.

John Winchester had four sons, but when people asked, he said he had three.

Fic Rec

Jul. 23rd, 2011 12:34 am
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Not Quickly Broken by [ profile] littlehollyleaf

Yeah. I want this for Season 7.


Jul. 1st, 2011 01:04 am
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Last week, I recorded a podcast with my good friends Nick and Tim, and when I came back from a night of playing geeky games, I found that it's been posted!

Derailed Trains of Thought Episode 14

Their podcast, Derailed Trains of Thought, is all about stories, and they asked me to be a guest to talk about fandom. It was a really fun talk, extremely geeky. I talked about all my fandoms, but mostly Supernatural. The guys talked about Muppets and Lost and other stuff. Great fun. Give it a listen and let me know if you think I did it justice. I even read a little crossover commentfic at one point, if you want to check that out.

One thing I do want to clarify... At one point I said, in response to a question, that if you want to be a serious writer you have to be careful with fandom because of how involved in it you can get, to the point of neglecting your original work. I should have said "commercial writer," not "serious writer," because I know there are plenty of serious writers who don't want to write anything but fanfic, and there's nothing wrong with that. (I think I was pretty clear about that, in another part of the discussion.)

I've met so many truly fantastic writers through fandom, so many wonderful people, and I really wouldn't have it any other way. This interview was really off the cuff, just a talk between friends, and there are things I wish I could add and clarify, but I hope that my feelings of appreciation and love for fandom came across, anyway.

(And if any of you want to do some art of Kermit and a pirate captain and send it to them, that would be great. :D)
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I'm DMing an RPG game tonight and I couldn't find lyrics for "Paradise" online, so that's blank for now. But seriously. Listen to it. It's perfect. (Edit: Fix'd.)

Consign Me Not to Darkness

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Consign Me Not to Darkness
Characters: Castiel and the Winchester family
Length: 13 songs, 50 min., 74 MB
Summary: It's been a dark couple of years, and it's getting darker.
Author's Note: A thousand thanks to [ profile] the0neru for the art. ♥

graphics, lyrics, download )
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So that Castiel fanmix I was working on? I listened to to it last night, and holy CRAP is it appropriate. I have ten songs right now, and they were picked weeks ago, me just making guesses as to what's been going on with Castiel this season, since we haven't really seen much of it. And after this episode, I see that I was pretty much right on, so good for me. ::sticks thumbs in suspenders, sticks out chest, smiles proudly::

Here's the first song, uploaded to for your listening pleasure, and I think the lyrics apply. Safe to Land by Jars of Clay

Did I mention that it seems like I find application to Supernatural in a TON of Jars songs? It's weird. This sounds so much like exactly what Castiel is trying to say to Dean, to both Winchester boys. Or should be saying, or will be saying in an episode or two (I hope, I hope, I hope).

Safe to Land

Getting tired from all this circling
Not much grace left on a broken wing
I feel the wind trying to push me down
It happens every time I get to town

I search for shelter near the mines we swept
I guess forgiveness hasn't happened yet
There are no words that I can say to you
To turn this careless sky from black to blue
So I'm asking you

Is it safe, is it safe to land?
'Cause I'm not going far on an empty heart
Is it safe, is it safe to land?
'Cause the long fall back to earth is the hardest part

I'm in no weather for apology
I need your runway lights to burn for me
And if you say that I can come around
I'll love you right, I won't let you down
I won't let you down
'Cause I'm coming home, if these wheels touch down

I'm coming home, i'm waking you up
In the middle of the night, I'm not giving up
I'm gonna stay, till we make it work
We're not going down even if it gets worse
We'll work it out, yeah, we'll work it out
I need your light, guide me in

Is it safe?
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I'm still not really a slash fan (go ahead and laugh...), but I've been watching this vid over and over again, even so. The song is perfect and the editing is mesmerizing. I guess it has 77k hits on YouTube for a reason.


Mar. 8th, 2011 10:03 am
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Dude, what is with all the spam on LJ lately? Almost every day it seems like I'm going to some old post and hitting SELECT SELECT DELETE AS SPAM. Cut it out, spammers. My site does not exist for your google optimization.

So I just watched the second to last White Collar episode and my heart just about burst with glee. THANKS FOR HITTING ALLLL OF MY BUTTONS, SHOW. Oh, Peter. Oh, Neal. Oh, El. Oh, MOZZIE. I ♥ them all, but especially Mozzie. He's so adorable with his little glasses and his fuzzy head and his, "Wait, WHAT?" and "I came on my own" and listening sympathetically to Neal being all wistful, oh, Moz, I would marry you if you were real.

Also I watched Girl, Interrupted yesterday for the time and was like WTF Misha, why always killers or sex hippies, eh? Until Castiel. WHOM I MISS. I am also caught up on Supernatural and there has not been even close to enough Castiel.

I did my federal taxes late last night because I was tired of worrying about it and just wanted to get it over with, and fortunately I'll be getting a nice refund this year, almost 500, which is like WHEW. Since a good chunk of my income last year was as an independent contractor without taxes withheld, I was afraid I would end up owing, but I'm still poor enough that I didn't, thankfully. My AGI was like 11k or something ridiculous like that. Seriously, guys, I'm tired of not making enough to live on without living in my parents' basement. I'm trying so hard to find something, to make it work, but I'm laid off from my "good job" at the moment (which isn't even full time, anyway), and everything else I try to find just isn't working. I wanted part-time work at a PetSmart, and I applied and got the first interview, and now I just keeping making phone call after phone call, "Have you made a decision, have you made a decision," and they're all "We'll call you back, we'll call you back," and they DON'T, and seriously, just tell me you don't want me so I can keep looking. It's just PART-TIME WORK AT A PETSMART, C'MON, WHY CAN'T I HAVE THAT.


I miss my rats so much lately. My heart hurts all the freaking time, thinking about them, and it's been going on for months. I want to get more, but I can't because I'm living in my parents' basement and my dad hates them like poison. I want to move out, but I can't because I'm not making enough money. I feel so trapped sometimes. And my eyes keep getting worse. Driving at night is, like, literally dangerous for me now, I think, but I keep doing it because what else am I gonna do? It's not like buses come out to little towns in the middle of Amish country, and if I didn't get to go visit my friends a couple of times a week I'd probably go nuts.

Wow, that went whiny fast. But, well, maybe you can see why I haven't been spending a lot of time on LJ lately.

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