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I’m learning how to record and overdub and use reverb and things like that, so here is a folk song I like a lot sung in three-part harmony with me and myself.

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I am up late burning CDs to make presents for my siblings' Sunday School teachers. Because my mom asked me to. She wanted to give them all a copy of Three Wise Men and a Baby, but she went to the website to order some and they don't sell physical copies anymore, just downloads. So here I am, burning discs. I am about halfway through. (There are a lot of Sunday School teachers.) She realized all of sudden tonight that if we don't give them their gifts tomorrow, they won't get them before Christmas. She woke me up from my nap and everything. I love my mom, though, so I don't mind doing it. I find her glee over this kids' album kind of adorable, actually.

Remember I offered it last year? Here it is again. Three Wise Men and a Baby. It's a great album and I'd love all my friends to have a copy.

Sample Lyrics:

We're traveling from nation unto nation
We're following the path of yonder star
And one day we will reach our destination
(It'd go more quickly if we had a car.) (Binky!) (Sorry!)
Our trek has led through the scorching desert
Where mirages make us disbelieve our eyes
And the sun beats down so hard it makes your head hurt
It makes you wonder why they call us wise

We are the three wise men
As we travel 'cross the desert sand we sing
I'm Gaspar! I'm Melchior! I'm Binky!
Three wise men bearing presents for the king

I've been very busy lately. Big project at work they suddenly need me for, so my hours went from about ten hours a week to more like thirty, which is a big change and kind of exhausting, even though I like having money to buy Christmas presents. And then in the evenings I've been baking cookies and shopping and making other stuff. I'm even working on a gift for my flisties, so keep your eye out for that.

Earlier this evening my church did caroling, but I was so tired from working this morning and then meeting my RPG friends this afternoon that I stayed home and napped, even though I love caroling. There's always next year, I guess, but I'm sorry I missed it. Really needed the nap though. And then later I watched the Adipose episode of Doctor Who with [ profile] dickensgirl, so that was awesome. We agree that Donna is our favorite and always will be.

Oh, hey! Remember when I was going to sing you songs from my cell phone, but I never finished some of the requests? I used the tag "maychorian sings for your amusement"? Ask for a Christmas carol here, and I will try to post it by Christmas. This is not the promised pressie, just something silly.

♥ you all!
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This is such a long song, wow. For [ profile] dixiehellcat

(Is it wrong for me to think he kinda looks like Leonard Nimoy? I think it might be kinda wrong.)

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Gotta say, this does not sound very much like the actual group. But I loved learning this song and I love this group, which was new to me. Thank you, [ profile] unoshot! ♥

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This should really be accompanied by a guitar. I wrote it after my friend Aaron told me all about what being a 3.5 D&D bard was like. This was before I'd ever played one, mind you, and according to them this is perfect, so I'm haughtily proud of it. For my Padfoot, [ profile] limegreenjillo. There are no better versions for me to link to.

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Por exemple, this is me singing "River Driver" as performed by Great Big Sea. I think I messed up the second verse (didn't practice at ALL), but you get the idea.

Them doing it:

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