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Supernatural, Stargate, Star Wars, and some things that don't start with "S." Also crossovers.

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Blanket permission slip from teacher: Feel free to make my stories into any sort of transformative work you like. I'm delighted to see my stories inspire art, podfics, commentary, unauthorized sequels, anything like that. I love the community aspect of fandom, how we can add to and expand on each other's work.
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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: Coming Down on a Sunny Day
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Winchester Ensemble
Category: Big Bang, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Gen-with-minor-het-in-second-half
Rating: PG-13
Warning: (skip) Allusions to child abuse that may be triggery, OC character death, minors in peril, somewhat pro-church/religion, scary imagery
Spoilers: Through S4 in general
Summary: In 2009, Castiel watches the Apocalypse end disastrously and makes a decision. In 1984, John Winchester suddenly finds himself with another little boy on his hands, one with dark, messy hair and sad blue eyes who won't leave John and his sons alone. And so Sam and Dean get a weirdo big brother. Because their lives aren't complicated enough.
Word Count: ~34,000
Author's Note: This is an AU of a previously written AU.

Book One Part 1 | Book One Part 2 | Interlude | Book Two Part 1 | Book Two Part 2

Art Master Post | Soundtrack | Notes & Acknowledgments
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Well, the poll results are pretty clear. So here's the [ profile] spn_30snapshots table for Rain Falling Down. And yeah, I think Elemental has lots of good prompts for an angel getting used to a human body. Maybe I'll use Paranormal State later in the series or something. (Yep, I'm pretty sure it's going to go that long.)

Whoo, I'm excited. Expect lots of 100-1000 word ficlets from me in the next while.

01. dark 06. tears 11. light 16. earth 21. air 26. water
02. smell 07. spirit 12. wind 17. dust 22. sweat 27. fire
03. touch 08. taste 13. dream 18. sight 23. sound 28. speak
04. listen 09. hunger 14. memory 19. blood 24. dirt 29. sun
05. moon 10. shadow 15. stars 20. thirst 25. yearn 30. breath
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This AU is being written in a series of connected one-shots, so each story should be readable alone. Characters will eventually include...well, everyone, really. Genre is mostly angst and hurt/comfort so far. Oh, and it's gen. I don't really write anything else.

Basic premise: Castiel goes back in time to stop the Apocalypse. Things go wrong. Things go VERY wrong.


Art by [ profile] sarcasticval

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Fandom: Supernatural
Title: The Lights of Home
Author: Maychorian
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel, John
Category: Gen, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Casefile, Big Bang
Rating: R/M
Warning: (skip) Sexual abuse of a child, minors in peril, imagery, violence, language Details here.
Spoilers: Through Season 4 in general
Summary: There are some memories that Dean doesn't want to remember, and some things that he hopes Sam has forgotten. But when Castiel calls the Winchesters to protect a seal in a small Indiana town where they once lived with their father, everything comes back. Sometimes even a sun-soaked childhood summer has shadows lurking underneath.
Word Count: ~31,000
Disclaimer: Tragically, they continue to not belong to me. :(

Prologue & Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 & Epilogue | Warnings & Notes

Soundtrack & Picspam

Art by [ profile] millylicious

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I appear to be vidding. So I thought I should go ahead and make a list. O.o

Still on a learning curve, so you know, don't expect much. )
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So, it started the Monday morning after Supernatural episode 4.10, "Heaven and Hell," had aired. I woke up with this little boy in my head, looking up at me with his big blue eyes, dark hair sticking up all over the place, staring serenely and calmly demanding that I write him. I complained to my flist about having this urge to write the crackiest crack that ever, ever cracked, was enabled by my so-called "friends," and posted the first chapter that afternoon. And then it became this.

The Original:

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Dude! I have a ’verse! Whoda thunk?

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