Aug. 27th, 2013

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I had a cornea transplant yesterday.

I've talked before on this journal about the problems I have with my eyes. Keratoconus, misshapen corneas, the distortion and problems. My left eye has been useless and in need of a transplant since I was in college. My right eye now can no longer be corrected with glasses, so I wear a hard contact in it. It's like a daily miracle--I wake up and I can't see. Then I put in the contact and I can see again.

But my right eye has been working alone for a very long time. My left eye is very lazy, always wandering off, and my brain has gotten used to just using the right. Finally, this year, my church said they would help me meet my insurance deductible so I could get this transplant I've been needing. It's been a very long process--actually started in April. But yesterday was the fruition. I now have a new cornea in my left eye.

This morning the nurse took off the gauze at my first follow-up appointment, and already I could see better with my left eye than I've been able to see since I was a teenager. I saw her face, not just a big blur. When asked to look at the eye chart, I could make out the first two lines with my left eye, which was previously impossible. It was amazing, and my vision will improve a great deal as my eye heals. (My eye looks pretty awful right now, but that's okay.)

Because I'm a writer, I'm going to try to get down in words what the experience was like. It might be kind of gross or disturbing, though, so feel free to scroll along if that might bother you.

What's it like to get a cornea transplant including laser cutting. )

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